It’s time for a doctor’s examination. When we fill Chrissy, she tip-off the scale of assessments at 515 pounds. She was 30 year olds, but dreaded she wouldn’t see her 35 th birthday, but that was before we stepped in. My name is Chrissy. I’m 30 years old, and I’m over 500 pounds. I decided that I wanted to try the lap band surgery. Not exclusively did it not work, the heavines came back with a vengeance. I don’t ever want to be a burden to anybody. I have some scary word. Mostly, everything that could be wrong, is wrong in you. You’re really on track to be diabetic within five to 10 times. Your bad cholesterol and your sorenes, both of those are hoisted, which introduces you at awfully, very high risk for heart disease.And want to offer you six months after the an all-inclusive stay at the harbour fitness clique at no charge to you.( audience clap) “re ready”? I’m ready. Yes! It’s been six months because we firstly congregated Chrissy. She is here for a doctor’s check up! How much weight have you lost so far? A hundred and twenty, about still further. Woo! A hundred and twenty pounds in six months ?! Yeah. I am absolutely tended with the process that Chrissy has-has gone through. The progress that she’s made, it’s amazing to see the new female that she’s become. We contacted out to bariatric surgeon Dr. Milton Owens of Coastal Center for Obesity.Dr. Owens is willing to do the surgery for free, Wow. if that’s what you miss. Our cameras followed Chrissy as she experienced two different bariatric surgeries.( striking music) Good to see you, how are you? Good. Are you ready for the big epoch? I am super agitated!( tense instrumental music) Everything appears perfect. There is a lap band, and we’ll certainly going to take that out.( air whooshing) There’s the band, it’s kinda separated now. Nope. There “theres going”. We’ve now introduced the sizer into the stomach, and the present guidelines us, so we know how much stomach to leave behind and how much to take out. This is our stapling device, and it cuts right in the middle. This is the stomach. I’m very happy with the results, I envisage she is going to do very well. Well, you know what we’re gonna do today. Yes. We’re going to go your entrails, and give you some bypassed bowels in order to have more malabsorption, and allow you to lose weight.We’re taking the dowel and we’re stigmatize the recognize where we’re gonna attain our linkage. We’re rank a hem on the small bowel to make sure the food goes down the right way. The digestive juices are gonna come through here, the nutrient is gonna come down now, and then it’s going to be grasped down there. How is Chrissy today? You all are about to find out, but let’s take one last-place look at where she started before this journey began. Chrissy is here to show off her new look. Come on out Chrissy!( public applauding) Wow! Oh, wow!( gathering applauding) So awesome! You look great. Nice talking to you! Yeah. This is about so much more than weight loss, but I do have to ask you how much weight you’ve lost so far.I’m nearly half of my original force, I’ve lost, uh, 245 pounds –( crowd applauds) And how are you feeling? Oh, my gosh. I-I don’t know how I coped before, like, I just make it through every day, and the amount of energy I have, and like that zest for life is just, it’s there and I’m excited for the future ..

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