hi I’m Merle and today I’m gonna tell you why I start zero-waste tasty videos savory has a huge presence on the internet so I feel a little responsible for the content that we put out there and I think we should be cognizant of our impact on the world we get into habits when it comes to cooking and we get them everywhere from our grandmother our papa TV you called it I want it to encourage people to think differently about how they cook maybe get a little Carissa try something new I contemplate the word zero-waste comes with a very high built-in expectation but think of it more as as close to zero as you can get some trash and day-to-day life is just unavoidable but as soon as you start conjecture sustainably it’ll spread to other areas of your life and the people around you will start to catch on to that’s how you can create change I’m not as concerned with food waste as I am “re saying it” plastic because it’s organic and can naturally decompose when composted you can get certainly artistic with the ways you use extra parts of veggies the stalks of broccoli and cauliflower are jam compressed with nutrients and the pinnacles of leeks are full of flavor challenge yourself it could be fun and maybe you’ll discover a brand-new recipe that you perfectly enjoy I’m not the only one who’s done sustainable content ari has is being done wonderful material for years and I’m sure you all know light has done some really cool zero waste challenges like who doesn’t cherish ray sorry that I’m not really at home you probably know that you don’t always use every single part of the vegetable this video is inspired by something I do at home myself I restrain a little bin in my freezer where I rally any menu scraps that I create throughout the week every week or two I getting enough scraps so that I can make a fresh batch of vegetable inventory if you’re not buying your own vegetable capital you’re saving coin you’re reduction back on over packaged goods and you can control the flavor one of the number-one comments I heard in this video was people saying to make sure you wash your vegetables so it’s not like a junk soup vegetable broth like yes clearly wash your vegetables even if you’re not originating vegetable inventory you are able to bath any fresh raise that you get and formerly you have your veggie stock make sure to compost your scraps to be a hundred percent garbage free my brother Nathan is the one who told me that this was even possible in the first place so I owe this success to him thanks Nate after that video proved to be success I was like okay so there’s an audience here how can I take food scraps and form them work for beings even more let’s regrow some veggies this video is another good example of encouraging people to use their food scraps instead of throwing them away in similar to the veggie stock video you actually get free food from doing this one of the top mentions I noticed was that people were saying they wish they had more area in their home or their suites or that they had a yard so that they could actually regrow their own food of course most of us can’t germinate all of our menu at home but you can grow some of it the whole point of this video is that you don’t need a yard if you have one opening with just a little bit of light you can probably grow most of these things in this video the menu we ingest trips from all over the country and in some cases all over the world to get to us how delightful would it be if you had just a few things growing in your very own kitchen a lot of parties “ve been told” they kill every embed they own and you know what I’ve killed floras too it happens it’s part of the process some of them are gonna bite the dust but in the end it’s so worth it scallions change like weeds severely if you exactly clip off the bottoms and leant them in a little bit of water those babies will be budding in no time if you try to grow scallions and nothing happens you are able to move out of your apartment because it’s probably haunted understand better how much food waste we raised was becoming me feel a little bit hopeless and I dislike that so I was like this is what I’m gonna do show people 10 easy ways to help the environment and period to epoch living plastic is a huge part of this plastic bags plastic bottles plus cover utensils straws everywhere only around 9% of plastics are recycled so if you’re thinking it’s fine to buy overly packed goods because you’re gonna recycle it and you’re better off just not using the plastic at all fortunately there are a number of reusable alternatives to all of those things pick the nasty raise exactly do it it savours the same other parties are a lot less likely to pick it and then it’s gonna go to waste utilize your freezer “if youre having” fresh cause that you think is just about to go bad toss it in the freezer you’ll devote it a much longer shelf life another really easy way to make your raise last longer is to store it correctly tomatoes and seasonings are two things that I am ever pulling out of my friends refrigerators make sure you look up what things should go in the refrigerator and what things don’t need to go in the fridge this to further improve both the shelf-life and the savor of your cause I recognise that starting zero garbage or even merely reducing waste is a privilege in itself it’s not something that’s available for everyone and regrettably exceedingly packed and very processed foods have often been the cheaper options getting fresh develop can get expensive so all you can do is the best you can do eventually I think it’s time we start to talk about composting okay composting may not be the sexiest thing in the world but bear with me it’s very very simple I’m gonna break it down for you the composting outcome is the case when you mix nitrogen rich debris with carbon rich waste basically green stuff and brown stuff after a few months the compost will break down into really nutrient-rich soil that you can use in your home flowers in your garden-variety or give away to friends and neighbours the compost bin that I use at home is a small counter top one and it has a carbon filter in the lid so you can’t stink anything if you don’t feel like having a compost bin on your counter you can always only freeze your food scraps and decline them off at the nearest compost receptacle over time landfills create anaerobic environments for breaking down matter these oxygen little environments break down organic matter you methane inducing bacteria that methane is then released into our environment contributing to global warming so when you compost at home or when you put your meat scraps off at a composting facility you’re ensuring that your personal squander doesn’t contribute to greenhouse gases and instead is impossible to recycled back into the earth I understand better how overwhelming it can feel when you think about the nation of environmental matters composting is a really easy way to do your area see if you can bring the practice of composting to your work or your school or your dwelling that little convert will make a big difference and it’s an easy way to become more waste free and environmentally friendly in your period to day man I genuinely believe that most people are good and that they want to do good but you can’t expect parties to turn their lives upside down exactly because you say they should or I say they should a more constructive way to get your point across is to state the problem offer easy and friendly answers and make it clear what people have to gain from doing it if you do that and you don’t give up you can perfectly make a change make sure you subscribe to good full for more sustained tips and recipes and ways to try to save this planet

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