hello and welcome to my weekly video blog and today on a oral talks menopause i’m going to be talking about why times the menopause realise you feel so bad if you like my gratuities and advice then delight subscribe and remember to make the buzzer icon so you can be notified of all my new videos it’s certainly genuine that the menopause can take its toll on us both emotionally and physically and the problem is a lot of the evidences we knowledge are common ones but there can be quite a few all happening together and if we end up suffering certain feelings indications and a small amount of physical symptoms then that can exactly compound everything it can put more pressure on our organization and our brain and we are able to really end up struggling a little bit more on a daily basis so i thought today i would go through some common emotional and physical menopause evidences that can affect other areas of our life as well so the prime physical evidences well we know that hot reddens and nights where they’re the number one symptom for the majority of women but the problem is that they can then cause other symptoms to to get worse more because if we’re if we’re suffering from hot evens we’re in a lot of trepidation and there’s a lot of embarrassment so both physical and psychological darkness where it’s very often will keep us awake and that will affect our sleep and this is one of the main evidences here in the menopause is poor sleep for whatever reason you only need one night of bad sleep and that can have vast repercussions on both your physical and emotional stamina on the next day and that can then make any other manifestations that you are experiencing feel worse as well the problem is in the menopause that is not just one night i speak to so many women and they are struggling with sleep for weeks and weeks and months and months sometimes and this can have a huge effect on every single area of our life we have fatigue and a lot of women tell me that the wearines it feels almost as if they’re recovering from a bad dose of the flu they feel achy precisely no vitality no exuberance to do anything and only coming out of bed and getting up can be really really difficult to to get along with we know too that you can feel just tired every day not inevitably fatigue but you can just have very little energy and this is because all the changes that are going on if you think about all the hormonal and physical alterations that are going on sometimes our mass time can’t cope with all the extra work that we’re expecting it to do here we have aches and anguishes now for some maidens throbs and agonies can come and disappear well things like headaches it can be muscle aches and aches time appearing out of nowhere it can be breast pain that can happen roughly on on a monthly basis and these can be difficult enough to deal with but we can also get joint ache and this is something we discovered is a very very common menopause indications and a huge number of women will suffer seam aching at some time and of course if you’ve got joint pain that is going to affect other areas too it’s going to affect your sleep because you’re going to be too uncomfortable or sore it can also spawn you feel very down very low because you can’t do things like usage or you you might not be able to move about as much as you done before the feelings controversies again psychological concerns sometimes i am aware for me i find they truly drained me of energy probably more than the physical symptoms that i experienced and we know that if you are um under a lot of feelings pressure that can compound our physical troubles too if we’re tired if we run down with all the emotional issues that are going on then it can make it much more difficult for us to cope physically feelings evidences the main ones in the menopause will be things like um you “youre feeling” low-pitched climate climate wavers nervousnes wrath irritability and impatience and being witty and very frequently a lot of women tell me that they get so they feel so guilty because of their climate fluctuates and maybe being a bit snappy with family and working friends they is guilty subsequentlies that then puts greater pressure on them and they start to feel more guilty and that only compounds everything so a great deal of these symptoms it can they can end up triggering at what we would call a vicious cycle of indications feeling topics then symptoms get worse and so on so what can you do in these situations i’ve affixed a number of blogs on all of these issues on their own so if you need to go into them in more depth then simply check our video library but certainly in the main the main things here ladens of spray dehydration will originate every single symptom worse especially if you’re getting evens and sweats because that will compound the dehydration look at your nutrition there is so much research now into the fact that a good nutrition toys a huge part in how well you can go through the menopause and it’s a good idea every now and again just go over your diet and i’m the same as everybody i like to eat healthily but over hour if i’m busy if i’m scurried and that incentive to eat healthily can can um disappear and you know i can find myself eating things or drinking things that that are not very good for me and that will then make things worse extremely so having a wee check of your food on a regular basis just to make sure that you’re doing the right things can sometimes make a huge difference here rehearsal 2 practice develops happy hormones happy endorphins that can lift your humor doesn’t “ve got to be” major rehearsal and you know even 15 hours rehearsal a day a brisk walk outside in some fresh air can promote your feeling for quite a while subsequentlies um also look at sleep really important if your sleep is getting perturbed then this really does actually need to be fixed and our founder alfred vogel said that sleep was our best medicine so it’s something “weve been” do need to fix if we’re not sleeping particularly well look at your bvats because they’re great for strengthening and supporting your nervous system magnesium for just about everything is it’s one of the very best supplements you can take if you merely want to take one thing going through the menopause and remember vitamin d2 because vitamin d will help to support your joints it will help to support your your humor as well so it’s a really important one especially during the dark winter months and last but not least remember that relaxation it’s really important only to allow your body to re-energize and to recharge your artilleries so i hope you experienced this one supportive if any of you have any gratuities that you have found have helped you then delight discuss the matter because i know other people would would love to to know so until then i’ll see you next week for another edition of a vogel talks menopause

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