hi guys welcome back to my channel my refer is Swati Dhunna if you are watching me for the first time then delight agree i establish “what my child ingests in a day” video every month also i meet category vlogs so be the part of this family and today i is likely to be sharing “what my child gobbles in a day” as my daughter is 2 now& you can try these recipes from 18 -2 four months babes even though they are your newborn is elder than that you can definitely try these baby recipes i came up with 3 main meals and one healthful dessert as every kid enjoys dessert but will create a health version before that a great deal of you guys asked about my baby’s cutlery, food platefuls etc so recently i just came across this label the government has kindly transmitted these material for today’s video the government has the cutest containers ever its their famed bamboo bowl it came with a spoon the best part is the suction power formerly you sit this on your table, its not gonna move as this is the biggest complain ever this is the second plate which is my fav its a partitioned sheet as we always try to serve different dinners at the same time again with the best suction and this is their recent launch it is a fractioned container with evaluation so that you can keep an eye on the quantity and i is likely to be dishing all the banquets in these today so check their website out in the description so i give her 15 oz milk 2 times per day, 250 ml during period, 200 ml at night as per ocean is approved she can have it whenever she requires i am making this healthy pancake lend 3 tbsp of gram flour add one egg, or you can skip this pace now add salt and pepper and concoction well now add little water and make a smooth batter we are using onion, coriander and bottle gourd as minors detest this vegetable and this is the best option to serve it so smack it firstly, make sure its not embittered add all the veggies in the smash mix it well and now pour the smash i always serve outcomes in her breakfast simmer a potato and now i am shredding some cottage cheese add cooked lettuce peas and potato desegregate it well you can add any cool categories of your preference but i will add salt and pepper and mixture well to structure some patty it will turn out so luscious you just have to shallow fry it with 1 tbsp oil i am making a fresh salad for her expend iceberg lettuce i am adding ranch to it and i will serve this with the cottage cheese patty likewise low salted chips i am only supplementing 3 chips and she will enjoy it so lets make a healthy snack “i know i m” squandering 2 tbsp ghee as its really good for the body i am adding almond paste to it i have soaked almonds overnight, rind the surface and mixed it its nearly 1 beaker almond after cooking it for a few cases mins i am adding coconut pulverize to this mixture mix it well after 10 mins its nearly cooked supplement 1 bowl of milk i will cook it for another 5 mins “i know i m” exerting 1 tbsp milkmaid instead sugar cook it for 5 more mins formerly it will be thicker in consistency( 3 containers of halwa was made from 1 bowl of almond) we are cooking pasta for the dinner “i know i m” applying a beaker of pasta since the pasta is simmering, i am chopping veggies i will end up employing half tomato chop the veggies pasta is cooked, in a pan add all the veggies in 1 tbsp petroleum concoct the veggies until corny contribute salt, pepper and tumeric contribute the boiled pasta, concoct it for few more mins i will lend 1/2 tsp of ketchup to it and mingle it well act the pasta with any evaporated vegetable you can use any veggie, i used brocolli subscribe to my channel for more recipe will see you next months with a brand-new meat video

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