Translator: Andrea McDonoughReviewer: Jessica Ruby Olive lubricant is 100% fatty; there’s nothing else in it. Pancake mix, on the other hand, is only about 11% solid. And, hitherto, olive oil is good for you, and pancake mixture is not. Why is that? As it turns out, the quantities of overweight we devour doesn’t blow our weight or our cholesterol or our hazard of heart disease nearly as much as what kind of fatty we dine. But let’s back up: What is solid? If we were to zoom in on a salmon, which is a fatty fish, past the parts, past the tissues, into the cells, we would see that the stuff we announce fat is actually made up of molecules announced triglycerides, and they are not all alike. Here’s one example. Those three carbons on the left, that’s glycerol. Now, you can think of that as the backbone that holds the rest of the molecule together.The three long orders on the right are announced fatty acids, and it’s subtle differences in the structures of these orders that determine whether a fat is, let’s say, solid or liquid; whether the government has departs rancid promptly; and, most importantly, how good or how bad it is for you. Let’s take a look at some of these differences. One is portion. Fatty acids can be short or long. Another, more important difference is the type of bond between the carbon atoms. Some fatty battery-acids have only single bonds.Others have both single and doubled ligaments. Fatty battery-acids with only single bonds are called saturated, and those with one or more doubled alliances are called unsaturated. Now, most unsaturated overweights are good for you, while saturated fatties are bad for you in excess. For saturated flabs, the narration pretty much ends there but not for unsaturated obesities. The double bonds in these molecules have a kind of weird property; they’re strict. So, that wants there are two ways to arrange every doubled ligament. The first is like this, where both hydrogens are on same line-up and both carbons are on the same side. The second route is like this. Now the hydrogens and carbons are on opposite sides of the double bond.Now, even though both of these molecules are made up of accurately the same building blocks, then there two completely different substances, and they react completely differently inside of us. The configuration on the left is called CIS, which you’ve probably never heard of. The one of the right is called TRANS, and you probably have heard of trans fatties before. They don’t go rancid, they’re more stable during deep frying, and they can change the texture of nutrients in ways that other overweights simply can’t. They’re also terrible for your state, by far worse than saturated solid, even though technically they’re a type of unsaturated overweight. Now, I is a well-known fact that seems crazy, but your organization doesn’t care what a molecule looks like on paper. All that matters is the 3-D influence where the molecule fits, where it doesn’t, and what pathways it intrudes with.So, how do you know if a meat has trans overweight in it? Well, the only sure way to know is if you read the words, “partially hydrogenated” in the ingredients list. Don’t let nutrition names or advertising gull you. The FDA permits manufacturers to claim that their makes contain “0” grams of trans fatty even if they actually have up to half a gram per serving. But there are no hard and fast regulates about how small a suffice can be, and, that aims, you’ll have to rely on control those key words, partially hydrogenated, because that’s how trans fattens are determine, by partially hydrogenating unsaturated solids. So, let’s go back to our olive oil and pancake combination from before. Olive petroleum is 100% fatten. Pancake mix is only 11% fat.But olive oil is mostly unsaturated solid, and it “havent been” trans fat at all. On the other hand, more than half the solid in pancake combination is either saturated or trans fat. And, so, even though olive oil has 10 occasions as much fat as hotcake mixture, it’s healthy for you, whereas pancake mingle is not. Now, I’m not trying to pick on pancake mix. There are a lot of nutrients with this type of solid profile.The point is this: It’s not how much fatty you eat, it’s what kind of solid. And what makes a particular fattened healthy or harmful is its condition ..

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