Good morning! Therefore welcomed my brand-new kitchen! So I devoted the last two weeks moving and it has been chaotic. I was literally going out of my attention, but the good news is, I’m 80% done. 80. I wasn’t even planning to move out of my old dwelling, but my old-time house was falling apart and it was just not safe for me to be there . . But I’ll get into that later. Okay, let’s talk about what I’m going to eat today. I’m gonna have shash-shuuk-kah? shash-shuka? shashuka? Shakshuka egg breakfast. I suppose I are right, I’m not sure uhh … I’m gonna have salmon and minced potato for lunch … I’m gonna have panna cotta for dessert which sounds so freaking shocking oh my god- I started it once, it’s in the refrigerator, I’m gonna show you guys last-minute. And I’m gonna have tofu or tempeh for dinner. Tempeh? Tempeh. Let’s do tempeh’ cause it’s been a while. I hope I don’t mess up in this new kitchen, although I’m so excited to expend all the new thought nonsense, but I’ve been using a disintegrate oven for six years old. Six times! And it literally smashed about two months ago or one and a half months back, so there was no way I could use an oven at my age-old dwelling anymore. But anyways! I’m going to see my breakfast now. And hopefully I don’t burn my menu … I don’t think I’ll burn my meat! Or maybe I’ll undercook my meat because I has got no idea how to use a functioning oven. Okay. Let’s cook. So here are all of my ingredients, Im just gonna chop up my capsicum firstly and chuck it in a bowl. I got to be careful because chaps, I literally burned my tits, like again! Look! Im not trying to strip I have a plays bra on underneath, but earnestly! My skin peeled off again! And its oozing, again! I was so sad yesterday, and the working day before, Im feeling a little bit better today.The scar on my leg is still SO prominent! Im not even over the burn on my legs more! Like, it traumatized me!* Voiceover Chloe* So instead of rambling for five minutes Long story short- I was cooking teriyaki chicken, I flipped it too hard and had a hot, igniting, fervour part of chicken land on my tits! Yup, thats how I went scarred by a chicken. I “re going to have to” situated waterproof strip on my boobs Each night before I shower now. But yeah, I need – I need to be more careful guys, like seriously! Oh shit, Im not places great importance and my capsicums are path to big for- shash-kku-kah? shashuka? shakshuka! A mas of you guys are new to my channel so you probably dont know that I burned my legs about 9 months ago and it was one of the worst experiences ever! It was oozing for like three weeks because it was so deep It was a third-degree burn, guys.I thought it was second until I received my dermatologist, he was like “Girl, daughter! ” It was a third-degree burn! Not gonna get into that because you guys can watch my aged videos if you want to…UGH So yeah Im simply get my veggies chopped neatly and gradually because I dont wanna cut my thumbs!* some choke racket ??* I can do this. You can do it without any trauma Chloe Ting! You can do it! Slow and easy, you can do this. Alright thats done , now Im gonna compute my canned tomatoes Its only crushed Italian tomatoes. They are generally the best, Italian tomatoes They’re a good deal sweeter. If you have fire roasted tomatoes those are really great very. Now some cumin, very crucial ingredient, I guess And now I have harissa … seasoning. I just got this recently, Ive never tried it before. So Im just gonna, you know, wing it today. So now Im just gonna stir fry this in o-oven?* gasp* On the stove. And Im gonna computed some lubricant as well Where is my oil? hmmm? Im not really good with a gas stave because I havent one in like 10 years or something? Its always electric and I actually promote electrical because, I feel like its a lot safer Some salt So while thats cooking Im gonna hot up some butter on a cast iron pan And then Im gonna give this in here, compute the eggs and then pop it in the oven So while thats cooking at the back, Ive got myself a loaf of bread.I broiled this 2 days ago, its gluten-free and it smacks SO good! Like earnestly, so good! Can you guys see how amazing it inspects? I dont have a recipe for this chaps, it is a package product and it turned out really amazing It has a good balance of carbs, protein and fat and I love it, smacks so good. Its not cool and crumbly at all, and its nice and moist, just how I like it. Im gonna cut this up, kept butter on it and pop it in the oven Now Im gonna displace this onto this wash Im gonna pop in 4 eggs Come on then are now in here* crack* oh- And now Im gonna applied some feta cheese on top These are dairy-free but I have butter on my recipe it is therefore kinda pointless at this extent You can use olive oil if you dont make dairy Okay were gonna pop this in the oven now So were gonna leave it in there for about 6 instants Gives exactly hope that it runs okay Oh my deity, this took me FOREVER So Im FINALLY gonna dig in now The eggs so soft .. like- its like jiggly!* heaven interferences* You gotta try this out its truly, really good And the egg yolk is cooked perfectly like its not extremely hard-handed not too soft its just perfect Like its … Al dente If this is not perfection then what is this? Ooohhh yes, unusually noicee Im gonna have a few burns of this before I gonna talk about my home place because this is way too good!* satisfied munching interferences* Why you gotta be so good? Hmm? Healthy, lots of protein, tastes amazing , not complaining! So anyways I want to get into why I moved out from my old-fashioned home First its because I need a new filming aim The studio that I used to film with, which I have been filming with for the last 1 and a half years Is not that huge 🙁 A heap of people are of the view that thats my home like, dangerously you guys thats such a big place! Second reason is obviously my almost broken home, its about to fall apart My stove hasnt been working for maybe like, close to 2 years Not perfectly not working but its exactly gradually getting worse Like at first it was just one stove thats not working and now its all of it So it was really difficult for me to cook, I had to use a little gas stave And at one point, about one and a half months back or two months before, my oven totally shattered, the glass completely shattered.So it was like a sign telling me, like, girl – you gotta move out, its not a safe locate for you The roof is not enormous, the hot water is not working Seriously, the hot water! The hot water issue, that really pissed me off Because it could be boiling hot for like 2 seconds and then it turns really cold Which I reckon is the main reason why I burned my leg Because I was doing things that I had to do, which I pictured I had to do, because I didnt have hot water at home* Sigh* Its simply such a sordid event So I bought my aged residence about 7 or 8 years ago I can’t remember when … When I still had a job and my purpose was to actually remove the home, tear it all down and build a new dwelling Because it was really old and it was not great and thats the reason why I could afford it But I did not have the funds then so I decided to move in and live in there for a while I was thinking of rehabilitating it but it seemed like it was not worth it It would expenditure me so much money to merely renovate the hot water, the bathrooms – which are not working as well which Im not even gonna get into So yeah I didnt renovate the place because it was just not worth it And so when this COVID thing happened I was like you know what I truly need a home Because I was supposed to move to LA this year But since thats not happening because of COVID we needed to find a new lieu We located this locate within a few weeks and I predict because it was quite far away so its quite affordable And too because of COVID so the rent premiums sagged So I was like- “damn I got a deal- right here” So Im gonna stay where you are for a year and see how it goes, and maybe Ill move to LA next year, once this is all over I don’t know, we’ll verify So I guess thats a quick-witted summing-up because I dont wanna bore you guys with my life story At least I got a kitchen that working now although I burned myself because of a brand-new kitchen because Im not was just about to it Like actually? But yeah Im going to sort out the place because this place needs some sorting And I havent worked out in so long, I was supposed to work out today before but I burned myself And so I stopped working out because I dont wanna exacerbate the burn expanse over here So yeah…Ill see you guys for lunch I know the colour pallet does not look like they belong together Orange and purple, like truly? … Genuinely? But I know for a fact that my prince salmon tastes really really good Well I perceived it early, it savor SO soft So if you want that really soft salmon, go for king salmon or king ora salmon, which is something that I have They are a lot fatter so its a lot softer when you cook it And also if you crave certainly peaches-and-cream mashed potatoes without the excess fat from paste or milk or too much butter Go for Dutch cream potatoes, they are SO creamy, you merely need a little bit of butter and some almond milk And it will smack so peaches-and-cream and soft and simply lustrous Chaps, its s i l k y – its really good And also “thats really not” bananas, its eggplant Mmmm, peaches-and-cream adult … CREAMY This is seriously one of the very best saucers ever, the colour doesnt look right but it perceives right I judge Im quite certain that Im going to film now right in front of me, let me know in the comments what you guys thoughts Hmm … Anyways Im going to have my lunch now I dont wanna have indigestion, I dislike feeing and talking at the same time because its not good for digestion I like to practice wary eating so I exactly eat on the table without talking or watching anything because thats when I feel like it really facilitates with my bloating And I dont bloat as much these days, I still do bloat like today I am a little bit bloated because it right before my stage I dont bloat as much as I was just about to anymore which is amazing and I thoughts Ill make a video about that soon Im gonna snack this and Ill see you guys in a sec for dessert I think its about to rain but precisely look at my dessert chaps Look its panna cotta its really really nice Ive been inducing it but not as pretty as this, this is ombr Normally Ill only make it like only one colour because, you know I dont care, it perceives good But today, TODAY I tried to make it jolly for the video This is so good, like earnestly what the hell is this this is so good.Monch monch Oh my divinity, Im gonna dig in. I try not to eat this right after my dinner, because its gonna cause indigestion – mixing all my nutrient together Im just gonna have a little bit now, and then Ill have a little bit later move the exceed away- The recipes of everything in todays video is at the end of the video mm- This is unREAL The whole point of putting the berries on top is just for aesthetic concludes guys You dont need the berries if you dont have berries It perceives as good, without the berries Its so soft and creamy! Its merely almond milk and its so good, its high-pitched in protein like ogle! I need to show you guys up close, search, so jiggly and soft.Oh my God Dinner is ready! Its as easy as it looks to see, precisely chop up everything I have here, settled it in the oven And I have my sweet sesame sauce here Very good, so you time include more if you miss it more delectable, Ive supplemented quite a little bit so Its good, its very good! So really a disclaimer guys, I dont cook like this everyday, I want I chew these menus all the time, I really dont dress it up neatly like this I gotta increase my make importance when it comes to putting out videos on YouTube like I think you guys like it that it gazes good Im not sure – but It doesnt look like this all the time , ordinarily I would simply give all the ingredients on a slab and thats it Like I wouldnt even bother dressing it So yeah I dont cook like this all the time Although Im so full today because I had a hazelnut butter which I made today with my toast Guys I truly adore hazelnut butter, I go through it so quickly You dont need Nutella! All you have to have, all you need to do is put in some hazelnuts, some cacao pulverization and some sweetener And it savours amazing like really amazing! So yeah Im not too hungry I have my potatoes, my midnight blue potatoes here, tempeh, eggplant leftover from lunch Some capsicum, squash and zucchini And the sauce This po-ta-toh is slightly sweet, I wouldnt suggested that it like sugared potato because its precisely a potato but it has a sweet tint, inkling, HINT, clue! So its really good This is my leftover mash Which Im going to have for tomorrow I are happy to concoct my potatoes in amount, so the resistant starch is going to increase after the potato have been cooked Which is really great for the bowel, its gonna increase your fiber uptake, help you go to the toilet And also it reduces the glycemic indicator Specially when theres a bit of fatty in there But yeah I think thats all for todays video, I feel Ive been feeing all day Let me know if you guys so wishes me dined more I entail Im not going to eat in front of the camera, like I say its going to cause indigestion but Anyway thats it for todays video people hope youve experienced it Leave a comment down below, subscribe, turn on notifications and all that Also I forgot to mention that I have a new program coming out in “two weeks ” 2 or 3 weeks, so watch out for that!! Dont forget to turn on notifications button if you wanna join in with the new challenge And Ill see you guys soon, bye-bye!!* happy background music***

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