– Hey guys and welcome back. I’m happy to be kicking off the brand-new year with a brand-new what I eat in a day video and this one is all Whole3 0 recipes. While I’m not a fan of rigiddiets, I am a fan of Whole3 0 and that’s because it’s really not a diet. You’re not curb calories and you’re not prioritizing weight loss. It’s essentially a 30 period menu challenge where you eliminate particular nutrients that may cause digestiveor other state matters, and you learn how your individual figure responds to those menus. I’ll talk more aboutthis throughout the video but first, I think we need to start with a little drone footageagain don’t you think? And let me tell you, it was a foggy and chilly morning along the coast.( uplifting music) I’ve been up I’ve been down I’ve been taking chancesthat I never took before All the route up On the highest mountain I acquired the place whereI can stop the aged key And when you is currently considering the scope What you see is what you get A twinkle and a diamond And the rapid sunset Oh, oh I didn’t know what I was doing wrong All the things are going on Oh, oh I didn’t know it could be these action plans Just let it go and carry on – I did my first-everWhole3 0 a couple of years ago and it was reallyeducational on how my person is in response to particular ingredients.For instance, dairydefinitely effects acne for me. Now, today, I do eat some dairy but I’m also aware of whatmay happen if I go overboard and that’s the allure of Whole3 0, only learning how foodsmay prompt your vitality, mental purity, hormones, cravings, and for me, certain autoimmune symptoms. I snacked jolly clean the majority of cases but I’m likewise human and have a tendency to let too much sugarcreep back into my diet. So doing a Whole3 0 is a greatway to get back on track and retain how considerably better I feel when I’m not eating quantities of carbohydrate. For breakfast this morning, I’m spanking up an easybreakfast scramble. I establish these all thetime on Instagram Stories and precisely toss in whatever’s in my fridge.If this is your first Whole3 0, I can’t stress enough how important meal prep is to obligating your life easier. This morning, I justneed a couple tablespoons of diced red onion but I’mdicing up the whole red onion so I can easily use it in otherrecipes throughout the week. I have several banquet prepvideos on my channel and while they’re not all Whole3 0, you can still get heapsof thoughts from them. After saving a little bit of the maroon onion for my egg scramble, I’ll alsoslice up some cherry-red tomatoes and wipe two to three eggs, depending on how hungry I am. I’ll sprinkle a littleolive oil into a saute pan on medium heat and lent some minced garlic. Then, toss in my veggies and a couple handfuls of babe spinach. Now, I get asked all thetime how I cook scrambles in a stainless steel panbecause yes, the eggs do fasten, but I don’t own any nonstick pans. Old-school nonstick was quitetoxic with PFOAs and PTFEs, which is mainly is Teflon. And while today’s nonstick is better, I’ve had my All-Clad set for over 20 times and it’s enormously durable.So I’ll see you how Iclean it in a second. After a minute or two, your spinach will shrivel down and thenyou can add your eggs. Let them cook for a couple of minutes, then contributed them to your layer. Usually, I’d add somesliced avocado to the side but since I’m havingavocado with lunch today, I’ll merely computed a disperse of microgreens because you can neverhave too many greens. And that’s my easy andhealthy breakfast recipe. But before I experience this, I’llplace my wash in the submerge, squirt a little dish soap, andadd hot water to let it robbed.( uplifting music) All right, to bathe thestainless steel pan, I simply use hot waterand a scrubber leech. Now, most websites will sayto not use a scrubber rinse as it can dull the surfacebut I’m not concerned with maintaining the mirror finish. I’d rather my cookwarebe well use and clean and this is how mostrestaurants do it as well.And picture, as easy as it looks. For a mid-morning snack, I’m savor some celery with almond butter andit’s made even easier, as I’ve already mealprepped my celery husks and performed my almond butter. If you’re brand-new to my canal, I do have a separate video on how to make almondbutter in your Vitamix and I’ll link that here. My tip when it comes to snacks on Whole3 0 is to portion out what you’ll eat because if I were to exactly immerse the celery straight-shooting into the jar of almond butter, I can guarantee I’dprobably eat far too much.To give this snack a little boost, I’m adding a sprinkleof chia grains on top, though you could also supplemented raisins or baked cranberries as well.( uplifting music) If this is your firstWhole3 0 and you feel cravings strike throughout the day, the first thing I’d recommend is to makesure you’re hydrated. I imbibe a ton of plain water but then will likewise have anherbal tea here there are still. Some of my favorites arechamomile with lavender, peppermint, and lemon-ginger. Tea time is also usuallya work break for me, though today I expended it asking a knot of your mentions on mywebsite and YouTube channel and unwinding on my sofarather than at my table. Of track, I’d rather be on my patio but it was just very darncold outside for that today.For lunch, I’m keeping things really easy and hammering up sometuna-stuffed avocados. I make a lot of dinners from scratch but I think it’s important to remember that you can definitely useWhole3 0-compliant canned goods to start your lifeeasier, like canned tuna. Two firebrands I regularly grab for tuna include Safe Catch and Wild Planet. Both of these are high-quality tunas and I too wanna pointout that the albacore tuna I’m eating today isn’t in liquid or petroleum, it’s just straight-up tuna, so you don’t need to exhaust the pot. The liquid in the jaris from the tuna steak and as you can see here, it’s a solid, fresh slouse of tuna andnot mushy, cheap tuna, which does make it a bit more difficult to get out of the cans sometimes. Once both jars are emptied into my container, I’ll use a forking to break up the tuna and budge it together with the liquid to add the sweat back to the tuna.Next, I’ll contribute a 1/4 cup of mayonnaise and I’m employ my homemade mayonnaise. If you’ve never cause mayo at home, watch my separate video for itbecause it’s incredibly easy and once you make it yourself, you’ll never buy it from the place again. Then I’ll contribute a half atablespoon of Dijon mustard and this firebrand is Whole3 0 compliant, a marry tablespoons of red onion, and one stalk of celery. This comes together reallyfast because my red onion is already diced for the week and my celery is already cleaned. So I precisely have to slice anddice one stalk of celery, which is two halves that I have in my pot. I receive a lot of questionson the storage receptacles and pots that I use, so as a reminder, I do have a separate video onthat and you can always find all of such products I use onthe supermarket page on my website. Lastly, I’ll chop up one totwo tablespoons of fresh herbs and today I’m exercising parsley and chives but dill too pairsreally well with the tuna, so feel free to use an assortment.This is a great tuna saladrecipe to eat on its own but today I’m enjoyingit stuffed in an avocado. The health obesities obstruct mefull and the creaminess of the avocado paired with the savory tuna is utterly delicious. So all I have to do isslice an avocado in half and hope that it’s aperfectly light-green avocado, which this one is, remove the pit and pile on some of the tuna salad. I’ll too sprinkle alittle black pepper on top.( uplifting music) Because I’m one person, I’ve also got leftover tuna salad for a couple of days now, so I’ll accumulation that in the fridgeand then go enjoy my lunch. Most of you know that I workfrom dwelling and while I adore it, I’ve found that my posture and flexibility has been coming quitebad because I’m idea over my laptop all day long.So I’ve been meeting moreof a concerted effort to take extend smashes in the afternoon and already, I’m feeling so much better. There are some wonderfulchannels on YouTube for yoga and stretchingbut I witnessed this one from Yoga With Adriene that has pulls for text-neck, whichis exactly what I need. I’ve realized that much ofthis what I dine in a daytime video is also meal prep for the week but that’s just becausethat’s how I rightfully eat. I is often used to cook in bulkso I can experience leftovers all week long and to behonest, to do less dishes. You guys know I cherish hummus and today, for an afternoon snack, I’mmaking a new hummus recipe and this one is low carb, paleo, and Whole3 0-compliant and that’s because it’scauliflower hummus. So I’ll preheat my ovento 400 grades Fahrenheit and slice my head of cauliflower in half, then quarterss, and removethe florets from the straw. Once all of the florets are removed, I’ll contributed them to a expanse pan, sprinkle a little olive oil or avocado lubricant on top, and give them a toss got to make sure everything is coated.Then I’ll roast these for about 20 minutes or until they’re just startingto get a little color. While the cauliflower is cooking, I’ll compute all of the otheringredients to my Vitamix and that includes twotablespoons of olive oil, two tablespoons of spray, and a 1/4 cup of tahini. And since I didn’t haveany of my homemade tahini already formed, I only grabbedthis one from the supermarket. I’ll likewise add the liquid of onelemon, one clove of garlic, a 1/4 teaspoon salt, a1/ 4 teaspoon soil cumin, and a tinge of sand coriander. When the cauliflower is done, I’ll scoop that into my Vitamix as well, then blend everything togetheruntil it’s nice and creamy. This recipe is similar tomy traditional hummus recipe and certainly only swapscauliflower for chickpeas but I will say that even withonly one clove of garlic, the garlic spice is quite abit stronger in this version and that’s because caulifloweris so neutral in flavor so if you’re sensitive to garlic, you could also saute the garlic or exploit garlic pulverize fora more neutral flavor.Now, I’m not going to eatthis entire quantity of hummus but I concluded I’d showyou how I garnish it if I’m dish it for a horde. I’ll scoop it into a bowl, rain a little olive oil on top, and spray some sunflower seeds. Then I’ll chop up a tablespoonor so of fresh parsley and add that on top, alongwith some cracked black pepper. And this cauliflower hummusis always a stumble at gatherings. Because I have my celery pre-sliced, that builds for the perfectdevice to scoop out the hummus but I’ll regularly use carrotsor sliced cucumber as well and then of course, I’ll employed the leftovers into one of my glasslock storage containers to enjoy this hummus throughout the week.( uplifting music) For dinner, I’m gonnamake a Whole3 0 creamy chicken-broccoli casseroleand this is so darn good. It’s got a cheesy-likeflavor without any cheese but we’ll get to that in a few seconds. First, we need to makesome shredded chicken, so I’ll lend a marry tablespoonsof olive oil to a wash and about one and a halfpounds of chicken breasts.I’ll disperse these with salt and pepper and cook on one side for five minutes, then flip them over, adda goblet of chicken broth, and included the lid and letthem continue cooking for about seven to ten minutes or until they’re cooked through. I remember shredded chicken made this way has so much more flavor thanstraight poached chicken. While the chicken is cooking, I’ll stimulate my vegan alfredo sauce. This is a reader favoriterecipe on my website and it’s perfect for this casserole. I’ve already soaked onecup of cashews overnight so I’ll bathe those andadd them to my Vitamix, along with 3/4 cup ofwater, two garlic cloves, a 1/2 a tablespoon of lemon liquor, a 1/2 a cup of diced yellow onion, and two tablespoons of nutritional yeast, which is the secret ingredient that sacrifices it that cheesy flavor.I’ll too add one teaspoon of salt, a 1/4 teaspoon bone-dry rosemary, and a 1/4 teaspoon blackpepper, and then blend it all together untilit’s nice and peaches-and-cream. Now, I know that cheese-like replacings, like a vegan nacho immerse are notsomething Whole3 0 patronizes, but I did request Melissa HartwigUrban about this recipe and she said it was fine in this context. The chicken and broccoliare the star of this dish and the vegan alfredo saucejust retains it all together. Now for the amusing role, which is how I shred four chicken hearts in about 15 seconds. And when I shared thison Instagram Stories a few weeks ago, you guys were stunned. So all you have to do is add the chicken to your stand mixer anduse the paddle attachment. Lock the tilt leader on your mixer, so it doesn’t bounceup and turn it on low-pitched. In 15 seconds, you’ll haveperfectly shredded chicken. I need to add someveggies to this casserole so I’ll slice up ten cremini sprouts and dice about a 1/2 a bowl of yellow onion and I once had theonion diced in the fridge.I’ll add a couple tablespoonsof olive oil to a wash and saute the sprouts andonions for about three minutes. While the mushrooms are cooking down, I’ll remove the floretsoff two heads of broccoli, though I’m use three today, as one of mine was a bit smaller. Then I’ll contribute these to my go and saute for another three minutesor until the broccoli is crisp, tender, and shining lettuce. After I’ve preheated my ovento 400 magnitudes Fahrenheit, all I have left to do isassemble my casserole. So I’ll place the shredded chicken on the bottom of a casserole dish and layer the broccoliand mushrooms on top.The vegan alfredo sauce is quite thick so I’ll thin that downwith a bowl of chicken broth and then pour it on top of everything and this will coagulate backup while it’s cooking. I like to make sureeverything is well-coated, so I simply smush it downa bit with the spatula and then cook this for 20 to 25 instants. When the casserole comes out of the oven, the sauce should be bubblingand somewhat coagulated. I’ve made this recipe severaltimes over the last two months and I is and remains not tired of it.It’s creamy, replenishing, flavorful, and it becomes for the best leftovers, as I think it has evenmore flavor the next day.( uplifting music) I hope you guys enjoyedseeing what I eat in a daytime and perhaps got a few newWhole3 0 recipe feelings. I have more Whole3 0 recipes on my website, along with a Whole3 0 shopping list and a berth with Whole3 0-compliant snacks, so make sure to checkall of that out as well. If you’d like to see morewhat I dine in a day videos in the future, make sure togive this video a thumbs up, reached that subscribe button, and let me know in the comments below. And I will see you again, in next week’s video ..

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