Hello sweeties potatoes welcome back i’ve been starting off every morning drinking something warm i like heating up liquid at night making a cup of tea and when the ocean cools down i’ll position it in my thermos so i can have it fresh in the morning not too hot and not too cold and i peculiarly like sucking something warm before i suck something cold really to not appall my organisation if you guys have been following my canal for a while you’ve known that i become matcha lattes like there’s no tomorrow and because i’ve establish so much matcha lattes i supposed why not switch it up a little today make it something fizzy make it something coldnes here i’m computing a natural sweetener from the base this is a ginger pear base that duets really really well with matcha because it has a hint of spice and it’s like merely sweet fairly without being too extremely sweetened i’m lending a tangerine flavored lacroix to this fizzy matcha but you can use any type of carbonated or seltzer category

water supplement in the matcha and voila “i shouldve been” poured it a lot slower so we can get that three bed segregation but i’m learning this is my first one there’ll be many more to come wow wow this savours stunning oh my goodness so that was a quick matcha break between calls after this call it’s time to form some breakfast we’re gonna be making abba toast japanese inspired avo toast oh yeah oh yeah nice and crispy and then this is how i like cutting my shoulders i like cubing them and then scooping them out with a spoon oh yeah no oval left behind oh all right so so far this is a awfully standard abbot toast but here’s where we’re gonna get inventive i’ve been very into a japanese food blog announced exactly one cookbook and she consumes furukake and sesame oil instead of olive oil on her avo toast as well as spicy mayo so for the mayo i’m consuming cupid tart as well as sriracha and guys game changer 10 sees last-minute i is to be able to experience some breakfast last-place nighttime i dine this exact same thing with pumpernickel bread and it just was so overpowering that i couldn’t even experience the avo or like any of the flavorings that i put on top milk meat let’s go show the way to go when i eat i really like having a variety of menus so that’s when we could eat out “i m loving” tapas or just like meat that you can share with friends like saying a bunch of things and having a little piece of everything and if you guys like feeing different things as well or like

having different spices and different experiences even though the main ingredients are more or less the same seasoning can make a big difference just finished eating the avo toast i’m still a little hungry so i’m gonna make anato omelette let’s go in my previous what i often dine in a daytime video we talked about how my relation with menu has evolved over the years and how now i’m all about instinctive eating so this is part of intuitive eating i had a somewhat late breakfast i’m gonna call it brunch and i wasn’t that full so i decided i’m gonna feed a little bit more i generally like to eat three meals a day and i typically do but some epoches if i’m not feeling that hungry peculiarly when my hormones are fluctuating the report contains weeks where i’m ravenous and i eat everything and there are weeks where i don’t want to eat anything so the key takeaway here is just to listen to your figure and feed it what it needs so here’s a little epic flunk but hey it’s okay you know we’re human things transgress and simply “ve been trying to” made it back where it belongs even if it’s a little misplaced and this specific natto recipe i got it from raymie

from instagram and i’ll too relation her blog post down below i’m gonna join all these recipes down below i don’t have a knife knife it needs to be washed so i’m gonna abuse a butter pierce okay that didn’t look as great as i thought it would but here it is hey here’s a little rejection i think it’s very needed i personally adoration natto i love the taste of it i like how it savor with the dashi broth i just think it’s really good and it’s really healthy for you but at the same time i know it’s a extremely acquired smell so really be informed if you were to try it or if you do be brought to an end trying you just know that it might not smack the best and i know there are a lot of people out there who don’t really regard the taste so merely putting it out there still yummy nonetheless[ Music] hydrate friends gonna make a smoothie[ Music] probably not the best knife to use for this but since we’re already here committing to it[ Music] here’s a mid-afternoon

snack i love drinking my commons and i think merely making a smoothie is a really great way to assimilate a great deal of nutrients and fruits and veggies at once i’m trying a smoothie with celery for the first time because it’s just like the rape nowadays you choose cellar but since i don’t have a juicer let’s make a smoothie and yes light-green smoothies perform me really excited it’s a bit grainy but not bad clean up clean up okay squeeze a bit of lemon in there tomorrow today i definitely sounds like a like an ad campaign skin care tomorrow today beautiful flawless jerseys back to work because i had a really late brunch and i just had a huge smoothie i opted for two bigger dinners today as opposed to three smaller banquets so right after another sprint of work it’s dinner period for dinner i demanded something comforting and soupy and hot so we’re gonna be making a milfui nabe nape help and here’s the doshi broth that we’re going to be pouring into the napa cabbage and the pork belly again this recipe is from time one cookbook so i’ll link it down below does she[ Music][ Music] okay i’m not sure if you guys can tell but i haven’t been in the most cookie fix climate in a really really long time i think for the past year or year and a half i’ve just been cooking here there are still mostly devouring out and i can definitely feel the effects on my

body i’ve been a lot more tired i’ve been a lot more listles which is one of the many reasons why i was re-inspired to start cooking again but as with all things i really do believe there’s seasons in your life just like there are seasons where you’re more inclined to do one thing over another i think cooking is definitely one of those things and i’m just very glad i’m re-entering a season in my life where i’m fully enjoying cooking trying new recipes and just learning in a different capacity and being able to get creative in something like cooking in the previous video i talked about how i had a really really undesirable rapport with food particularly during my high school and college years after watching films like fork over knives and journals like meat inc i just decided i want to be vegetarian again because of more like ethical related intellects it wasn’t until a few years after that which is why i realized the true motive like the true reason why i didn’t want to eat meat or why i was cutting out food groups like carbs was predominantly because i wanted to look a certain way was because i wanted to be skinny and maintain my representation and when i recognized this i just told myself okay you obviously have like a huge attachment to your illusion to how you gaze so what if you let that all go and precisely eat intuitively and assure where that makes you because i was operating from a infinite of deprivation

and like extreme limiting and control of my nutrition this whole journey and this whole process was very needed for me and it probably facilitated save my life and kept me alive all that to say we’re all on our own individual beautiful journeys what works for some people may not work for you and what works for you may not work for other people so just remember to stay true to yourself get to know yourself cherish yourself and treat your torso good plow yourself good and love yourself and here’s the consequence hello are you super disclosed here’s a sink thankfully i was cleaning as i was going so this is and now we have this with that thanks very much to hellofresh for sponsor this video on days that i’m working last-minute it’s nice coming home to fresh pre-measured ingredients and recipe cards to easily whip up a yummy dinner in less than 30 minutes hellofresh offerings an display of recipes to choose from each week which is massively helpful when i’m in a recipe epoch and out of inspiration you can easily change your menu penchants like low calorie vegetarian and family friendly recipes or your transmission epoches and hop-skip a week whenever you need pre-portioned parts also implies less prep era and less food waste it’s delicious it helps you save term it’s flexible you can eat more sustainably hellofresh has donated over 2.5 million dinners to benevolence in 2019 and this year is stepping up their food subscriptions amid the coronavirus crisis if you’d like to try hellofresh you can use my system 80 ruby nuts high to get a total of 80 off including free ship on your first chest with acquire go to hellofresh.com to redeem and more[ Music] details[ Music] thank you so much for watching this video next video will be a false self-care nighttime routine based off of traditional chinese medicine sending you all so much better cherish here’s a articulate grip i hope you’ve all been doing well taking good care of yourself and all those around you and with that i love you guys take care bye


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