Don’t you agree that weight loss hasbecome a rather complicated issue? There are so many different diets outthere and it’s confusing. You don’t know what to follow and you get conflictingadvice. So let’s simplify it today and let’s back it up with discipline. I’m goingto share nine science-backed gratuities that have helped me lose weight and keep itoff. No short term specifies. No cults and no myths. If you’re interested, keep watching. Hello hello! Welcome back to the wholehappy life. My name is Ria. Before we dive into today’s video, I wanted to saya few things and too share my personal weight loss journey only to set thecontext of this video.Now while all of the tips-off in this video areevidence-based, they may not work for everybody because we’re all a little bitdifferent. So you have to experiment and determine what works for you. Now that beingsaid – if you’ve tried everything in your power to lose weight and it’s just notbudging and you’re doing all the right things – it’s time to see a doctor.Itcould be a hormonal controversy and it’s a good idea to get a diagnosis so you knowwhat you’re dealing with and you can change your coming. Now let’s move onto my weight loss story. I’m going to keep this brief and I’m not going to gointo too much detail because this is not a changeover video – I just wanted toprovide a little bit of context. So at my heaviest I was 160 pounds, which is 40 pounds heavier than I am today. It’s actually quite significant on my framebecause I don’t have a very wide frame. So that 160 pounds was not onlyoverweight, it actually looked like quite a bit on me. I would love to show youpictures from the time I was 160 pounds but unfortunately I don’t have any. I wasextremely self-conscious. I did not make beings make pictures of me and this waswell before the time when we had cell phone cameras so there weren’t reallythat countless slides made anyway.But I goes to show you visualizes from along theway. Now I did not lose all my excess weight in one go. I actually lost it inphases. In the first stage I croaked from 160 pounds to 140 pounds and I did thismainly by reducing excess sugar and also increasing the amount of excerciseI did. And then I bided around 140 pounds 135 ish for quite some time. Forthe majority of my twenties. Now 140 pounds 135 was actually a normal weightaccording to the BMI but the problem is just because you’re a regular weightdoesn’t mean you’re a health force. While my load was okay, my torso fatpercentage was truly high and that increased my gamble of things likehypertension, congestive heart failure, diabetes and that is why I decided to tackle theexcess form overweight in my early 30 s.Because to me it’s not just about aesthetics, it’s also about your long-term health. My mother passed away from diabetes and Idid not want to follow in her steps. I wanted to do whatever I could in mypower to reduce my probability and one highway of doing that was to reduce my person paunch andlose that excess weight. A fortune of parties tell you that it’s really difficult tolose the weight after you’ve turned 30. That’s really not the case.I’m turning 36 this year and I lost the majority of this excess person flab in thelast few years, so it clearly is possible. You simply need to remember twothings – consistency and lifestyle alters. Whatever you do – you need to do itconsistently and what it is you do – you need to make it a long-term change.Because if it’s a short-term change, you’ll lose the weight and then you’llregain it. Because so many people go on diets and then they recapture the load. Youcan’t do a nutrition – you have to make it a lifestyle change.That is the biggest tipI can provide you guys – just make it a lifestyle change. The first tip is to cutback on added sugar. Now I’m talking about contributed sugar and not natural sugarfound in whole fruits and vegetables. I’m talking about sugar like grey carbohydrate, high-pitched fructose corn syrup, maple syrup, sugar, fruit juice, as well as coconut sugar. These are all supplemented carbohydrates. Now at myheaviest, I was having at least 75 grams of lent sugar a epoch, if not more! I washaving ginger ale, cookies, sugars, all of that nonsense. Now I’m having less than 10 grams of supplemented sugar a era and some eras it’s zero. But I do like dark chocolate, so I will give myself that allowance. I will have dark chocolate but I won’thave added sugar on a regular basis and not big sums because I know my bodydoes not react well to it.So why is that added carbohydrate is such a problem? Studies showthat people who consume a lot of contributed sugar are at a higher risk of obesityand they also have a higher likelihood of diabetes and congestive heart failure. So itdefinitely is not something you want to consume a lot of. If you’re brand-new andyou’re a novice, what can you do to reduce your supplemented sugar? There’s a lotthat you could do and I actually have two videos on supplemented carbohydrate that I wouldsuggest that you watch because they’re very detailed but for now I want to giveyou two basic tips-off. One is to reduce the amount of processed food you snacked. Focuson whole nutrients and the reason for this is whole meat don’t have any addedsugar. So if the majority of your nutrition is whole nutrients you’re automatically cuttingdown on supplemented carbohydrate. Now if you do decide to eat some of the heavily processedfoods, predicted the labels because that’s the best way that you can tell if there’stoo much included sugar in something or not.The second thing I would say is toreduce the amount of sugar that you’re having in the form of liquids becauseit’s so easy to overdo. It’s so easy to have multiple glasses of liquor. It’s soeasy to have multiple glasses of Cola. Reduce all of that because that is sugarthat your person is not need. You don’t feel full from it and that’s why you cankeep boozing and that’s their own problems I had. So emphatically cut back on the liquidcalories. The second tip is to cut down on refined carbohydrates and finelymilled carbohydrates. So carbs get a really bad rap when it comes to weightloss. Everyone thinks that they need to completely cut down the carbs andeliminate them and while that can certainly work for certain people, Idon’t think it’s necessary. I have eaten quite a bit of carbs throughout myweight loss but it’s about eating the privilege carbs and in the right amounts andin a balanced way. Now what type of carbs are not recommended? Refinedcarbohydrates.These are carbs that can conjure yourblood sugar very quickly. They don’t have much fiber and they’re essentiallyextremely processed.These are carbs that are really not that good for your health.What are examples of refined carbohydrates? There are things likecrackers, cookies, cakes, most store-bought bread, fruit juice, breakfast cereal, snacks that have any sort of refined flour in them.Basically, the majority ofprocessed foods. If you’re going to have carbs, “its a good idea” to get them fromwhole food beginnings. Carbs from entire foods such as whole results, wholevegetables, entire nuts and lentils … those are not associated heavines increase. It reallyis the refined carbohydrates – those are the carbs that we need to limit. Numberthree: devour enough fiber and fairly fruits and vegetables. Now when it comes toweight loss, I anticipate one of the most important things is to eat in a waywhere you’re fuller for longer, so you’re not mindlessly snacking throughout theday and one lane to do this is to get enough fiber, especially soluble fiber. Ifyou look at the studies, people who have more soluble fiber tend to be a lowerweight. If you’re interested in a roster of meat that have quite a bit of solublefiber, I will employ a roll in the specific characteristics but I just wanted to giveyou a few examples.So things like oats, flax seeds, chickpeas, Brussels germinates -these have quite a bit of fiber and they will obstruct you full and fulfilled forquite some time. Now, in addition to eating a lot of fiber from these kindsof menus in general, I would recommend increasing your fruit and veggie intake.Moreso the veggies, that the outcome. I try to eat at least half a plateful offruits and veggies for the majority of my banquets. Not with every single meal, butwith majority of my meals and that has helped quite a bit in losing the weightand maintaining it off. Number four: eat fairly protein throughout the day. So wetalked about snacking fairly fiber and that was to keep you fuller for longer.Well it’s the same with protein.If you gobble fairly protein throughout the day, you will stay fuller for longer and that will really help manage the itches andall that mindless snacking. What are you able do? You can have a quarter illustration ofprotein with every single meal. This is a general recommendation and I’ve beendoing this and I find this very effective. Because by havinga one-fourth layer of protein with every meal, I’m getting my protein throughoutthe day, I’m stabilizing my blood sugar and I’m not eating all these extrasnacks these sugary snacks because I don’t really want to anymore.Now when itcomes to the amount of protein that’s enough for you, everyone’s a little bitdifferent so I would suggest looking in the description. I have a link there andit will help you figure out the optimal sum of protein for you. 5 is to tothoroughly and ingest slowly. In today’s fast-paced life, we’re all eating highly, very quickly and the problem with snacking promptly is that it’s very easy toovereat and get extra calories. Now while I don’t believe in calorie counting toa T – calories do count. They are important. You don’t want to overeat, peculiarly when you’re trying to lose weight and there are studies that showthat people who eat rapidly tend to be a higher weight and it’s probably becauseit’s very easy to overeat.So I hint gobbling gradually, ruminating your foodthoroughly and being very attentive about what you’re eating. And anothersuggestion I would represent is to try not to eat family style where you’re puttingeverything out on the table. It’s so easy to have second helping and that secondhelping is not helpful when you’re trying to lose weight. So plate up yourmeal in your kitchen, produce it to the table and enjoy it, but try not to havesecond promotes if you’re trying to lose weight.Number six: get enough sleep. When it comes to losing value, everyone talksabout food. Everyone talks about rehearsal, but no one talks about sleep but thefact of its consideration of this matter is – sleep is so important for weight loss.If you’restruggling with weight loss and you’ve been doing everything else privilege, have alook at your sleep. There’s actually research studies from 2008 – a major review thatfound that a short sleep duration increased the likelihood of obesity inadults by 55%. That is actually quite a bit, so my suggestion is to focus on goodsleep. Make sure that you’re getting at least seven hours a night. If you wantsome tips on how to sleep better, I do have a video on it.Number seven: trail your progress. Now I’m not telling you to track your weightevery single day or your measurings every day. That can be a bit much buttracking your progress can be a very helpful thing when it comes to achievingyour goals.According to the American Psychological Association, people whotrack their progress are more likely to achieve their goals. So what can you do? I would suggest moving your load as well as your measurements because yourweight alone is not a very good gauge of your progress. Weight plus measurements.Track it every single week. If you can do that and you can see progress, you’regoing to be more motivated.And let’s say you don’t see progress, at least you knowthat there is something that’s not working right and you can make a fewchanges. Number eight: reduce your stress. Now when it comes to stress, everyone’s a little different. Some parties lose weight under stress and some peoplegain it. I happen to be someone who incomes weight when they’re stressed and I can’tlose weight when I’m emphasized. Now if you’re someone who is struggling withyour load, you’ve tried diet and exert, have a look at your stresslevels. Sometimes, when we produce too much cortisol, which is the stresshormone, we can actually have a very hard time losing weight, peculiarly the weightaround the abdominal area.That is associated with high stress ranks. So mysuggestion to you is to figure out a nature to reduce your stress. You can’teliminate it absolutely, you can figure out a lane to cope it. I like to domeditation. I’ve talked about this countless, many times but too forms of self-care.If you’re interested in learning more about the forms of self-care than Ienjoy, I do have a video on it. Number nine is to move more. When it comes toweight loss, we all know diet and exercise go hand-in-hand.Exercise isimportant – I did quite a bit of aerobic exert in the form of brisk wander aswell as some fortitude rehearsal but beyond that there’s something known asNEAT and people who do more NEAT tend to be a lower heavines. So what’s NEAT? NEAT isnon-exercise activity thermogenesis. A terribly sciency period but basically it’s allthe calories you’re burning while not exercising, dining or sleeping. So theseare things like cooking in the kitchen, cleaning your auto, cleaning your houseand walking to the bus stop. All of these activities are not really exercisebut they’re still activities that burn calories and they make sense, especially ifyou’re doing them daily and are doing them consistently.So in general, I wouldsuggest increasing your NEAT if you can and that nature you’ll be able to lose theweight faster than time focusing on exercise alone. All of these tips-off mayseem very simple and basic, but that is because they are. A pile of weight loss isquite simple unless you have a hormonal question, then you require a slightlydifferent path. But for the best part I lost majority of my load with thesetips. 90% of my weight with these tips. With the simple things. With thefoundation. It’s all about consistency and making these things a lifestylechange and that is where most people struggle. Now, if you’re interested inlearning some of the second thing that I did to lose weight, some of the add-ons, some of the economically more advanced techniques, I can create a separate video on that. Justlet me know in the comments below. But for now, I therefore recommended that if you’re abeginner and you’re just starting, focus on the foundation.The foundation reallyis diet, employ, sleep and stressmanagement. If you can tackle these, you will definitely start to see some results.Anyway, I hope that members can enjoyed this video. If you did, please do consider subscribingand do give it a thumbs up and I will see you in the next video. Bye !.

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