Bob and Brad the two most famousphysical therapists on the internet – Hi tribes, I’m BobSchrupp, occupational therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – You’re looking at the mostfamous physical therapists on the internet. – In our opinion, of course, Bob! – So we, Bob and Brad, followed one simple ruler and “weve lost” 20 pounds. It’s called the 5-to-1 regulation. – 20 pounds a piece? – 20 pounds a piece. – That’s 40 pounds total. – That’s 40 pounds, yup. Look back on our videos. -[ Brad] We used to wearthose billowy shirts, remember that? -[ Bob] Yeah, people used to complain about we didn’t have fitted shirts. -[ Brad] Yeah. -[ Bob] Well, we did thatfor a ground.( chuckling) It’s true, though. The 20 pounds, I don’t know about you, I feel with you, Brad, is that you lost a lotof it around the middle. –

Yeah.- I necessitate, that’s where I … – I gotta say, my pantsare all loose, so too, so it had to be more than just. Close enough. – Your buttock very. – Yeah( laugh ). – So by the way, if you’re brand-new to our path, delight take a second to subscribe to us.We furnish videos on how tostay healthful, fit, pain-free, and we upload every day. Also, going to see our website, And go to the giveaway section because this week we’re giving away a Sleepovation mat. Yeah, Sleepovation mattress! And two pillows! – Can’t high-five, Bob. – Nope, can’t high-five. Air-five. You can also find it on Facebook, it will be on Bob and Brad. It’ll be pinned to the top of the sheet, the contest, that is.Go to Twitter, Instagram, or Tiktok if you crave a 60 secondversion of our platform. – There you go. – So, the most important thing that Brad and I did we’re going to talk about the simple govern but the most important thing we did is we abridged the amountof our carbohydrates. Now, we’re not keto beings. I mean, we do eat carbs, yet.- Right. –

But we are only weakened the amount because we were, I don know about you Brad, but I was a carb fiend. I necessitate, I was, that’sthe main part of my nutrition was carbs. – You genuinely needed to define carbs because it’s really a broad thing because I really wasn’tclear before I started this. – Yeah, carbs are mainlysugars and starches and the body divulges it intoglucose which is a simple sugar. – Yeah, but we’re talking like, bread. – Like pasta and bread. – I had no idea those were sugars.- Right, right. – I fantasized sugar wastable carbohydrate, you are familiar with. – Exactly, good point. And so, I know one daughter that works for us, Pat Beckman, I probablyshouldn’t said here today that. – Oh, she’s gonna get you. – Pat B ., all she did is ate less bread. That’s all she did. And “shes lost”, oh, I pot shelost at least 20 pounds. – Yeah. – If not more. And for me it was a lot less pasta, and the right kind of pasta now. And that’s what that settle is about. – Oh yeah. –

And I wouldn’t hesitate, if there was candy in the office, you are familiar with I Wouldnt hesitate to take one there and one here. And I just stopped that. – Yeah. If there’s one little one there, and everything there is depends, well let’s go on. – All right. So mostly I also, I’m not a vegetarian either, but I chew more plant-based now. I believed to be do too, Brad, don’t you? – Oh yeah, more veggies.- More veggies, so I guessyou call that a flexitarian. So you’ll devour flesh, Ihad meat this weekend, but it’s only more occasional and when I eat the flesh, I try to eat the grass-fed organic. I’m not completely strict. So the rule is called the 5-to-1 regulate. So extremely when you buypackaged speck products you want to look for entire cereal, but the problem is the companieswill try to deceive you. They’ll call it multigrain, stone-ground, 100% wheat, cracked wheat, seven-grain, bran, all these things sound like they’re really good and like they’re whole wheat, but they may not be. – You can set any name or name on there you want as long as there is some … –

Some kernel of truth you might say. – Right, exactly. – So we got some products right here that we’re going to apply the rule to, but let’s depict the rule right here, Brad. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to go to the, what do you call that, was it the ingredients list? – Yeah.- So you go to the packageand you look on the side and you’ll participate the Nutrition Facts. That’s what we were looking for. And you’re going to look for two things. You’re going to look for grams of carbs, grams of carbohydrates. And you’re going to lookfor grams of dietary fiber. So you’re going to takethe grams of carbohydrates, that’s on the top character. Is that denominator, numerator? I don’t even remember anymore. You framed that on the top and you put the grams ofdietary fiber on the bottom.You partition it out and it should end up being five or less. So we’re going to give yousome real life precedents here. – Yeah, delivering that up. – So this is the pasta I started chewing instead of regular pasta. And this is called BarillaWhole Wheat Rotini, excellent generator of fiber. So 39 grams of carbs in a serve, 7 grams of dietary fiber. I fractioned it out, expirations up being 5.57. So a little bit high. – A little high-pitched. – But I’m sorry, this is the best that there is at my collect. – Sure, sure. – So if anybody else out there knows one that’s better I’m sureI could order online. – Right, yeah. – I’ll go ahead and do that, yeah. – Just fudge the math a little bit.Put this down like that, that’d be better. – Make that an eight. – Yeah, put an eight there. –

Then I’m good. – Just a little misprint. – So how about, you know, I kind of gone away from popcorn, I envisaged popcorn was bad for you, but all natural popcorn. So let’s look at it here. 22 grams of carbs, 6grams of dietary fiber. – Oh wow! – 3.66, really well below the five. – So are you look back unnatural popcorn? – I didn’t, I should’ve. But you have to watch out, you are familiar with, if you put too much, I use NoSalt so it doesn’t grow the sodium. And I try to watch, I puta little butter on it. – Yeah! There’s always a little cheating in being. You gotta spice things up a bit, you know what I’m saying. – So let’s look at Cheerios. This used to be a staplein our kinfolk now. 100% entire cereal oats, you know it’s heart health, they’ve got the heart even on there.- Oh wow, well you can’tgo wrong with that then. – That’s right. – Well, how could you? – Well, let’s see. – Let’s check it out.- Let’s take a look. So it’s got 20 grams of carbs but simply 3 grams of dietary fiber. Certainly not very much. So it aims up being 6.66. And so that’s startingto push it a little. – Does that. 66 repeat on forever? Is it one of those multitudes? – I think it is infinity so. 666 is the sign of the ogre, by the way. – Well then you really should not. – You shouldn’t eat it. No, it’s not the most difficult, and Brad you were asking me have I ensure some thatare like, a lot worse? And I’ve seen, yeah, I’ve seen that at like 2 grams of fiberto 20 grams of carbs so the rate was 10. And I’m sure there’s a lot of things that are much higher. – Sure. – The other thing with Cheerios, it had 140 milligrams of sodium very. – Isn’t it amazing little cool things and they got salt in them like that? – I know, I know. – I mean everyone feedstheir kids Cheerios. Liz, do you guys do Cheerios to your children? It’s like, I construed thatmovie with John Travolta, he was feeding that kid Cheerios, it’s like, everyone does it. – Yeah, you are familiar with, it isn’t the worst. It is by far, in fact, the ones for teenagers it’s probably the very best, it’s better than CocoaPuffs or Lucky Charms. – They’re made with sugarand a little bit of fiber. – Yeah,( mumbles ). But I got this fraction by the way from the book “How Not toDie” by Dr. Michael Greger. I’m a big fan of his handiwork. He’s also got a website,, I believe.And you can get all this stuff for free. He’s got huge videos on it. So you can check that out too. So, any other advice, Brad, for losing load? You know, it’s interesting, you know, both Brad and I workout a lot. But we worked out before too. – Oh yeah. – So that wasn’t the factor.

I worked out just as much before. Truly, weight lossdoes occur at the table and not really in thegym as much as you think. – And I don’t know about the studies, but I think in general, as you age, it even is more so. I would workout as I get older … – And it wouldn’t move the needle. – Yeah, yeah, it would be like, I entail, I don’t eat pasta, I time don’t care about it. But eats, ice cream, you know, apparently that’s a big one, but I really like ice cream. Oh my God. – Well I make, the thing is, I’m sorry I know we’re draggingthis on a little bit, Brad, but I think what I’ve procure is I wasn’t hungry at all.I’m eating this substance and I’m not hungry. I eat as much as I want to eat and I just watched the pounds. At one point, this startedabout two or three years ago, I was like wondering, do Ihave cancer or something? I intend, why am I losing heavines like this? And it was just, I had changed this and I know some peopledon’t want to hear that, but it’s worked for my partner too.And it use extremely when she started disappearing more plant-based. And it’s just like, she’s said now she’s down into a assortment where she hasn’t been for 10, 15 years. – What about potatoes? – Potatoes has a lot of starches and I imagine too, you’d have to look it up. – Everything I’ve read, they say they don’t like potatoes we are therefore do yams. – Yeah, yams are good. – Right. And I like them better anyways, but I ever time kinda wondered, well if other parties are doing potatoes. – I yam what I yam. All freedom, retain Brad and I can correct just about anything…- Except for– A broken heart. – But we’re working on that. – That’s just centre healthy nonsense. – Well that’s right! It’ll be incorporated into one of the chapters ..


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