Hi there, my appoint is Dr. Dominic Rowleyand I’m the medical conductor of LetsGetChecked. I’m here today to discusswith you the concept of unexpected heavines addition So many of my patients come to mecomplaining of unexpected heavines income. So, what does this represent? Well I belief theanswer is in that sentence. It’s weight gain that you did not expect to gainbecause you have not been eating or sucking any additional quantities and youhaven’t decreased your exercise vastly so “youve been” weren’texpecting to put one across this weight.So, what causes unexpected force gainwell forbid the very obvious cause for our female cases whichwould be pregnancy, two very common conditions that to be translated into unexpectedweight income would be first of all having an underactive thyroid gland orhypothyroidism. The thyroid gland is a gland based merely here in your neckand it’s a really important gland to control the metabolism of the body so itreleases a hormone called thyroxine and this quicken cells to burn up energy soit’s kind of what we like to refer to as the metabolic powerhouse of the body soif you have two little thyroxine or your thyroid gland is underactive you may beprone to gaining weight accidentally. Another condition that we routinely seeleading to unexpected load gain is a condition called PCOS or polycysticovarian disorder and in short this is really where you have an unwarranted andmale hormones leading to, amongst other evidences, unexpected heavines addition. If you feel you may be suffering fromunexpected value addition and you can’t figure out an self-evident ground for it, delight log on to our website LetsGetChecked.com speak with one ofour nannies who’d be happy to advise you about the next steps to take or ofcourse see your family physician for further tests.If you are suffering from any othersymptoms that can be associated with having an underactive thyroid gland forexample low-grade feeling or feeling or surely you feel tired all the time, delight check out some of our other videos where I’ll go into greater detailabout those conditions ..

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