Hey guys, so I recently connected Tiktok and yes, I know I’m really late to the game but I’ve been sort of addicted to it extremely watching foodvideos. So I’ve come across a couple of relatively healthful recipes that I thought would be enjoyable to try. Some of them are very viral videos and got a couple of them seem to be just like interesting recipes thatI thought would be fun to try today. So in today’s video, I’m gonna be trying them out to see ifthey’re really worth their salt. This is chocolate zucchini cake. Now it’s a recipe that I came acrossthat I only discovered super interesting, I always find it very cool when people try to introduced vegetablesinto desserts so I thought you know, I have to try this out especially for people who don’tlike eating veggies, this is quite a cool way to hide the fact that you’re eating your parks. Apparently, you can’t taste the zucchini at all. The first thing I have to do is shred some zucchini.This is a little arm workout I’m getting now. There’s so much effort. Is that how you shred? Am I doing it chasten? Think I’m gonna get judged a good deal from this video, this girl ah, tell youSingaporean girls don’t know how to cook one. I used to bake more frequently when I was a kid. I still remember those dates when I was younger and I didn’t really care about dieting, I’ll justput like one and a half beaker of carbohydrate inside my cupcakes, it’ll be fine.I anticipate the thing aboutbaking is that because there’s sugar and now I can see all the sugar like whatever goes into myfood, I feel so painful. Don’t want to eat once. Ignorance is bliss. Alright so now I’ve shreddedmy zucchini and now i’m going to wring the additional sweat out of them. I’m done wringing thezucchini out and I’m just going to set them aside. Actually all of this is such goodness you know, it’s like very potent zucchini juice. Oh actually it’s really nice I’ m actually very invited tojust imbibe it all the micronutrients of zucchini. It reeks really gone, it smells like grass powder. Yum. According to the Tiktok you’re supposed to measure the dry ingredients first.So we have flour, cocoa gunpowder, half a teaspoon of broiling pulverize, baking soda, and some salt. She likewise worked cinnamonand espresso pulverization but that’s completely optional so I left those out. So dry ingredients done, ontowet ingredients. Alright we have 2 eggs, carbohydrate. Sugar !! My heart always bleeds whenever I bake with carbohydrate because I know how much sugar is going into my menu and that alwaysdoesn’t sit well with me so if I were not to follow this recipe to a tea, I would mostdefinitely be trimming my sugar by half. I don’t want to see. That’s why I don’t like broiling! That’s why i don’t like! I know how much sugar goes inside the food, even worse! Very bad! Okaycontinue. She exploited sour ointment but she also said that you can use yogurt and I opted for a low-fatyogurt option over here to draw my menu a little bit healthier.It’s a little salvation because you justadded ton of carbohydrate inside. In her recipe she used sunflower oil but I personally think that’s justreally bad for you so over here I’m squandering extra innocent olive oil. You are also welcome to use avocado oilif you have that at home, or my personal favourite coconut oil but I know a lot of people do likecoconut petroleum. But whatever healthier plant-based oils “youve had”. And the last thing you crave is addsome vanilla extract. Now we have to whisk our ingredients all together. Add the soaking ingredientsto the dry ingredients. Then we’re going to wipe the cool and dry ingredients together. Obviouslythis would be a lot easier if you had a mixer but at the same time, you know you can also get a goodarm workout in, burn some calories because we’re about to down it! Alright I think this is prettywell mingled, I’m gonna fold in the zucchini now.Actually you know adding zucchini to this cakebatter is going to keep it truly moist and I’m just like adding the zucchini in and I already seethat from that particularly thick compatibility “were having”, it’s starting to break down almost andbecome this lighter more gooey quality. Mmm chocolate and zucchini, who knew. My chocolatezucchini batter is all combined now and I’m gonna leant it in a baking tin. She likewise lent chocolatechips in her recipe but I think it’s already so chocolatey so i’m gonna leave it out. Okayso you can bake in the oven but i’m going to use an airfryer over here, so it’s 180 severities for 28 hours. Okay and now we wait. You can go and do a 28 minute workout beforethis. Do some push-ups, some boards, some jumping jacks, doodly-squats, and then you will feel a bit morewell deserved when you devour your zucchini patty. 3, 2, 1! There you have it, chocolate zucchini cake.Okay so I’m gonna cut a slice and look whatthe composition looks like from the inside. I desire how the top is just it soundscrispy but inside it feels truly moist. I don’t know if you guys can seebut look how gooey “its on” the inside! It’s almost like a molten lava cake youcan see the gooeyness on the inside and I have a little piece of dark-green at thecorner here. Now I’m gonna do a taste test The texture of this is so moist on the inside andI think that comes from the zucchini itself, it has a lot of spray content so when it’s baked insidethis cake, it becomes very moist and yummy. I think if you didn’t “ve been told” the zucchini, I wouldhave no idea at all because I couldn’t taste the zucchini but when you burn down on this cakethere is this crunchiness that you experience and I are of the view that precisely adds to the overall textureof the patty which I truly affection because I cherish a patty with a lot of different textures. This isa recipe I would highly recommend and definitely try out again.Perhaps I would not add as muchsugar. This is kale microchips and I’m so excited to try it because I personally adore kale. In her Tiktokrecipe, she squanders ranch flavouring but I personally do not like ranch so I am expending japanese seasoninginstead. The first step is to separate the kale from the branch. I have personally represented kale chipsbefore but I’ve never lent like olive oil or anything like that to it i’ve just literallyput like kale inside the airfryer. When I meet her Tiktok recipe I thought that this wassomething that I certainly wanted to feature.Add oil and add my own seasoning. I separated everythingfrom the stems and now I’m going to season it. Some olive oil. I’m just set enough just tocoat them but not too much. Salt and pepper. I don’t generally settled a good deal of salt on my menu so only alittle bit. Lastly some japanese spice, this one merely demonstrates it a little bit of kicking. You canbe as generous as you miss with this. And the last thing you want to do is just toss it evenly. Alright, I’m going to add this to the airfryer but if you don’t have an airfryer you can also use anoven. Now we’re gonna airfry the kale for 3 to 4 minutes at 160 degrees.Alright it’s donewe’re going to take a look at the kale chips! Alright so here are air fried kalechips and I love how they’ve all kind of shrunken because they’ve been dehydrated, it lookscrispy, I can’t wait to taste test this. Ooo so crispy! Just listen to the crunch. I think this is a great snack, it’sa cross between popcorn and seaweed whereby you get that crunch from that air-friedcharred bits but then you too have that delightful salty aftertaste that you are able to get from seaweed. Kaleis also only such a nutrient-dense vegetable so having this is just really greatfor you, has all the fibre and what I love about this is that you can controlthe ingredients that go into your snack, you know they don’t add any kind of preservatives, they don’t add any sugars or all those bads that are able to find on the back of a potatochip pouch and it’s an astonishing healthier alternative to your regular potato chips.I love the japaneseseasoning that I included because it gives that additional knock but if you don’t like spicy aftertaste thenyou can always add things like garlic pulverize, you can add Italian herbs and whatever you want it’sa super versatile recipe. Plus it’s just super easy to acquire, really positioned it all together and put inthe airfryer and you can do this with broccoli, I think that would be really savory. Most recommend. I’m gonna try some baked oats now , now this was viral on Tiktok for quite some time, and I justreally like scrolling through and realizing the different kind of oat recipes because I am a hugeoat eater and I would like to see how they’re done in different ways.A way that I personally liketo have my oats is actually the savoury lane so I love to offset oatmeal porridge and framed some likeasian flavors in it, that’s one of my all-time favourite recipes, it’s like a hug in the belly. We’ve also got a collection of healthy recipes on the No Sweat app that are delicious, easy tomake so principal on over there to check it out. But for this recipe of baked oats, it’s supposed tobe like a patty so I’m really excited to try it out and let you guys know what I see. For thisrecipe you can use a lot of different kinds of fruits, I think that apple would make a really goodsubstitute as well but for this recipe “were having” bananas and chocolate microchips. The only thing thatI’m changing up that I’m expending plant-based milk.I’m abusing pistachio milk over here and that’s justbecause I am lactose confidential. Alright so the oats will go in firstly, followed by the bananas, milk. For sugar you are eligible to placed nonetheless much you miss. I simply settled a little drizzle, like maybe one tablespoon. Now we have to blend it all together. All coalesced up, I’m gonna spew it into a microwave safe dish. Simply sprinkle some chocolate chips. And there you have it! Now I “re going to have to” microwave this for 1 to 3 minutes. Alright I precisely took it out of the microwave, I actually had to microwave it for anextra minute because it wasn’t ready by the 3 instant trace. So I suspect will vary depending on the powerlevel of your microwave, you want to adjust it accordingly. Alright I’m gonna do a bit tastetest. It looks like a big cookie. It’s gooey. If you like undercooked patty, which Iactually do, then you will like this. I think this is a nice in between for peoplewho don’t want their oats very liquidy but for likewise people who don’t want that cake texture. Iwould love to try this with different fruits and i think that this makes a great dessert.I thinkinstead of cake which “ve got a lot” of butter, sugar, and flour, this stimulates for healthier dessert. Pastachips , now this has more than 24 million views on Tiktok and I want to see what the hype is allabout. She actually made this using regular pasta but I want to try it out with wholemeal pasta and receiving if that is a good alternative instead. The first thing you want to do is to boil yourpasta. Alright the pasta is done, I’m going to stop the heat. It’s time to season the pasta nowso according to the Tiktok, we’re going to use some olive oil some Italian herbs and I’m goingto add some parmesan.I quite like parmesan so I’m going to be quite charitable with this. Somesalt and pepper. And we’re done! And concoction it all together. Now this goes into the airfryer at 180 positions for about 10 times and check halfway through. Over now I have the pasta microchips freshout of the airfryer and in the video she actually concludes her own sauce but I’ve decided to do thestore-bought ones and I’m gonna duo it with tzatziki trough, which is cucumber, I cherish it becauseit’s really refreshing and you can also pair it with baba ganoush, tomato sauce or whateversauce you want.Okay so I’m gonna try it out! I really like this it reminds me of a pretzel ora breadstick and it merely pairs really nicely with a sauce. It’s crunchy, it’s delicious. I think thisis a healthier alternative instead of using your regular you know potato chips or corn chippings. Youcan try pasta chippings. I don’t know if i’ll do this pasta chip recipe again though because I lovepasta in its full blessing but I think this is a very fun and interesting alternative for youto have a snack when you’re having a movie or having a little party at home. We come to the endof the incident. Thinking back on all the recipes that I tried, I think overall my favourite recipe hasto be the chocolate zucchini cake because I think it’s such an cunning thing to add zucchinito cake to really maintain the humidity of it.Definitely something that I would do again and I recommend that you guys try out. I’m personally not is someone who concocts a lot but when I understand Tiktokvideos that excite me and that seek aesthetic and interesting, I’m really compelled to want to tryit out. I was just really brand-new to Tiktok, I recollect I only started about two weeks ago but if you guys want tofollow me over there for tips and manoeuvres or even some recipes that i affix over there, then do giveme a little follow. I hope you guys have enjoyed this little cooking video and that I’ve maybeinspired some of you to start healthful cook at home and if you’re looking for a more structuredworkout program or more asian provoked healthful recipes, then go and download the No Sweat app.Withthe No Sweat app you’ll get personalised exercisings that are tailored to your fitness destinations. You’ll getone-on-one fitness analysis from me and yes, I do personally respond to each and every singleone of you on the app. If you have any specific questions about your food or workout routine then you can speak to me through this aspect. You too get access to live schmoozes and workoutsand even exclusive invites to our meet and greet seminars. The app is completely free to download, it comes with a one week free visitation program.And once you’re done with your contest week, youcan sign up for a one year three month or one month plan. And if you sign up for the oneyear body, we’ll likewise give you a rectified of No Sweat resistance bandings for free! You canalso check out our merch storage for more useful complements for your home exercisings so headon over there to support us and check it out. If you like this video, please retain to give ita thumbs up, sound the subscribe button and punched the little bell so you never miss a notification everytime we post a new video. Or you can download the Clicknetwork app to watch our videos over there. I’ll see you guys in the next one, take care, bye !.

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