hello chaps my refer is Alex I’m an FTM trans man and today I’m celebrating two years of being on testosterone for anybody that cares I’m on the beat oh I take it every three months and I’m on 1,000 milligrams merely a renunciation not all trans parties go on hormones but I “ve always known” I want to get and I engaged highly very hard to get it so – a lot of people transitioning is a very physical journey so first I’m going to talk about my more prominent reforms over the last two years so a lot of the changes happened within the first year I think the first noticeable reform was my voice drop formerly I examined stride today’s Tuesday 19 April 2016 so today I am a few epoches balk of being one month on T it just seems like before my enunciate was so much softer I’m pretty sure you could notice the lower at about two months I don’t think it’s got that much deeper it has changed tremendously just watching the clips back is amazing I cannot believe I used to sound like that my voice remove facilitated me a lot both personally and socially I’m a very quiet person merely in nature but it was so bad that I just has not been able to talk to people just think of it like this at one point I was a 20 year old man in higher education with a articulation that announced like a 12 time old boy it was just the stressing and mortifying I think it actually started to drop at around three months and it’s same to any organisation you see it was very gradual and there was a stage where my enunciate was just extremely squeaky and I crack a great deal and I kind of had to relearn how to use my voice because after it burst I would holler differently and I would chortle differently and if I were to speak a certain way it was almost like when you’ve lost your expression and if you try to talk really high-pitched it time doesn’t happen so for a while I talk highly monotone because my tone would crack each time I tried to get a bit higher or lower but I don’t know after maybe six months it even now and I can talk fine it’s all bright it’s beautiful there was a hot second where I wouldn’t been able to do that so the next most observable vary is my face shape my face figure has changed so much and you can really tell when looking at scenes side by side this is me fairly this is me one year auntie and this is me at two years auntie now side by side the difference is just prodigious my ability time seems bulkier my mouth regards squarer I think sometimes even my gazes gaze a little different which is crazy and interestingly around six months I thoughts I went through a chubby face next they’re around to three months my span stopped when this happened I was over the moon because people have told me don’t get your hopes up it might not happen it doesn’t and for everyone for me being a guy and having a period was really really distressing to the extent that I would not leave the house when it happened not only was it gross and just plain annoying to me but it was a monthly reminder that I was born in the wrong body and even though they are I was super fortunate at the time and it would happen it would still bring me right down and like I can’t even imagine what it would be like having it is currently with our activity and actual adult responsibilities because somehow I would just have to soldier through it and I know a lot of people do it is pretty scary though because I is a well-known fact that if my testosterone stages lowering too low there is a chance that it might come back but in a way that dread is kind of a good thing for my productivity because that style I am forced to go out and get my testosterone shots on the right time and make sure I’m keeping up to date with my blood tests okay so the first conversion was probably the most shocking and something not a lot of parties used to speak about basically testosterone clears your clitoris get bigger and from now on I’m gonna be calling with that the tea dick so and frankly I could tell that what’s happening after just 2 weeks I remember going to the bus stop after college one day and thinking damn I feel like there’s something in my heaves I think it’s kind of a chagrin that not a good deal of people talk about this because for me it have already cured alleviate freighter dysphoria to the point where I’m not really considering sole surgery an option right now only because I’m so happy with what I’ve got like sure I would love to have been born with a penis and I would love to have surgery to give me one but the minute I’m not really that happy with the options available to me so I’m gonna really deal with it you know anyway moving on as time progressed I noticed hair rise now I’m not just talking about on my face which is obviously there but all over my mas my fuzz has got darker and thicker my limbs on my legs on my backside the buttock was the Shocker simply that one sentence out of context oh god seriously my ass is so hairy oh my god I don’t even know what to do with it what time do you stop decorating and it becomes your leg like somebody tell me please recently I’ve even noticed I’m getting like some fuzzs on my dresser my gut is super hairy now and I’ve even got some like spiky back hairs which I’m feigning on their facial whisker was super advantageous for me I really really craved it you can see by these illustrates how my facial whisker developed in like a good deal of trans people I did not know if I was gonna be able to grow a bit but after about a year I noticed I had a like a really glowing sprinkle of prickly peach fuzz on my face I’m from there yes all happen highly very quickly probably about three months later I started coming quite a bit of hair like now on this airstrip and extremely under my cervix now and then it started growing quite heavily right here so I had this weird like cervix sideburns beard happening with bald spots right across here it just seemed to stop flourishing solid at a quality here the lighting doesn’t do my facial fuzz justice right now but you can see there is a lot thicker still here rather than in the angle here so yeah they seem very weird for a while but I unapologetically enjoy it I am really confident that one day I will have a bitchin beard so it’s all good title so all that stuff fetches us to around a year year and a half on t in the last year things have clearly slowed down a lot of my converts now are just hair and organization influence recently I’ve noticed that I’m a lot stronger than I used to be and it’s quite deceptive because I’m naturally a unusually skinny being but I can tell both through my invests and when I stand on the scales that I have changed for a long time Preeti I was solid at seven stone and now I’m nine stone so two stone in two years that’s not too bad and I’ve gone up a shirt width I used to be able to fit into most extra smalls but now I can scarcely are appropriate to small-scales anymore my chest and my shoulders have just got so much broader but if I put one across specific bigs it’s so tighten around my armpits now some mutates one as welcome as others I’ve had two main issues being on Tv the first is that my whisker is abating quite badly yeah I am moderately self-conscious about my fuzz because it is sunk a great deal precisely in the last year alone boldness regrettably lopes in my family on both sides so that’s pretty scary there are a few things I can do to combat this like checking out my nutrition or looking at my testosterone degrees to make sure they’re not too high or start using minoxidil I don’t know we’ll look a great deal of other people that I’ve looked at seem to have said they noticed their fuzz reforms at two years so maybe you’ll slow down my other issue is acne now in the last two three months it hasn’t been that bad but before I was going relatively bad acne across the sides of my face and across my cheeks I guess as long as it’s not too bad it doesn’t really bother me it’s just forestalling because it builds me ogle pubescent and it’s just not delightful when I compare myself to other people my age those things aside all in all I loves as look now I adoration my torso I just feel dysphoric anymore don’t get me wrong there were things I’d like to change like my love handles but I feel like if I put in the make that will happen unfortunately I’m just lazy and I like to too many donuts okay is moving forward from the physical phase taking testosterone was the best decision I’ve ever obligated I’m so happy within myself it did not solve all of my questions but it’s held me the strength to offset the most out of life and to duel my other villains that my social question I’m not gonna lie I do still struggle with people’s perceptions of me like people insuring me as less of a worker than other people but most of the time that stopped out by the confidence that I have I is able to don’t care I’ve struggled so much and worked so hard to obtain this I couldn’t present a what anybody else envisages I think over the last year the realization that my modulation is not at the front of my spirit certainly made me and I remember I’ve gone through various kinds of a hollow maybe more so a life crisis because before a great deal of my attention was focused on transitioning and when I’m gonna be on hormones and what I’m gonna have surgery but now all those things have happened it’s like oh my god what am I doing with “peoples lives” the optimist within me wants to see that as a positive thing and think oh well now I can actually mean my future and figure out what I want to do with my life just like everybody else but that’s scary man I wasn’t expecting it finally I see I kind of mentioned this before but my social animation must surely improves and starting T I’m not so self-conscious when talking to people in real world or on the phone even physically my aura is better you know I stand up straight and I various kinds of strut through soul like it’s a runway I’m just happy and proud to be me and you know what it might just be a coincidence but the relations between the two countries with my dad has definitely came better since dying t that I think is a combo between season overtaking and him just learning to accept it and hormones I certainly don’t include a bitternes but I do think that some people exclusively progress in their gues when they see something physically or at least it gets easy to accept when it’s right in front of them again no problems with that I’m just happy he’s on my locate now to anyone out there struggling with the heavines for hormones I know it’s hard to believe but it will happen you just have to keep on fighting keep moving forward and if you keep yourself busy it’ll sneak up on you I promise my best bit of suggestion is to try not to let transition rule your life yes it is important and you should be proud of it but you are so much more than your trans status do not let it decide what the hell are you do the great you get all the jobs you apply for you are just as capable of amazing things as any other human so why not make this time to set yourself up for greatness announce hormones that’s all I have to say if you would like to know more about my transition there are tons of videos about on my channel or you can check out my record communication all the links of those things will be into this scripture if you’re a new viewer delight subscribe and if you’ve been watching me for a while thank you so much for supporting me I started this path as a action of contacting out for help for myself so it is amazing to see this turning to something bigger okay that’s it I visualize I’m done thank you for asking for watching I love you guys and I will see you next time

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