– Right. So I’ve decided I need to do some racing. I haven’t done much for a while. I did one cross-countryrace last year in Sireston. That’s what about it. So I’m going to do the last round of the EWS this year in( sighs ). I’ve not done any EnduroRacing for quite a while. So I consider I’m going to need some assistance so I’ve come to Bristol.Come to BW Cycling andI’ve got a three-time Olympian, a Silvermedalist,( mumbles) a five meter National cross country champion, Oli Beckinsale to give me a hand and try to get me fit.( intense music)( mumbles) by Oli. I don’t know what we’re doing. I have done things like a VO2 max test and threshold tests in the past when I was a pro. And they’re cruel but one needs to wear a mask, I suspect. I’m getting my forgives out of the way. I’ve not been teaching. I unquestionably don’t have as much time as I used to have. I do a little of values. Go to the gym a little bit. But no where near as much time on the bicycle as I’d like. So, I’ve got my equipment. Check out all the old-time World Cup number number plates. There are some new ones in there.I recognize some of those myself. Okay, and here’s( mumbles) bike. So, now I am, Oli. I’m in your hands. Okay, so what I’m doingis getting converted. I’m just gonna talk abut what we can actually do today. – Today we’re doing a VO2 max test. A simple way of lookingat it is like we’re gonna ride an ever-steepening climb until Neil actually gets to his peak. And what we measuringis his aerobic capacity. So, it’s his ability to use oxygen as a oil generator for the workof his muscles. Okay. So it’s the kind of BlueRibbon fitness test for him. Okay. How that ties in with hisEWS. EWS, he’s got his short, sharp flares. He’s gonna be doingtwo days of scooting, two days of rule before. In his race, he’sgoing to be doing really intense anaerobic downhilleffort at the whole day. That’s only six to eight small sections. The remain of the time it’s all really hard, steady state exercise.He’s gonna need thataerobic fitness to get him, firstly, through the four dates. And secondly, so whenhe does the really hard downhill areas he’sstill going to be able to perform at his best. And allow him to use his technical skills, rather than only blagging the sections. So once Neil’s done the test, what we’re gonna have is a VO2 maximum for him. We “ve got to” get somereally good training zones. So, Neil’s gonna be short on time. He’s got a busy job, young lineage. Like a lot of other people, he’s probably only got three or fourhours to civilize for an event that’s actually gonna be really long in endurance.So, if he’s got somegood training zones, some good kick. He can get the best bangfor his horse and then achieve his goal.( heavy bass music)( bass melody) So, I’m warming up for the test now. I’m actually getting a little bit apprehensive thinking about what I’vegotta do for Finale. They’re really big eras. I thin` k you probably journey like 200 K for four periods. So 5,000 rhythms descending. So, a good deal of riding and I’ll see six or eight experience theatres whereI’ve got good science downhill fast. So, there’s work to be done. This fly’s pretty technological. Big mountains. Good-for-nothing super infuse asfar as I can recollect. Sort of long technological stagecoaches. Certainly physical. Muches of sprinting. And, of course, big liaisonsback on top of the hill.- Here we’re just startingthe exercise test now. You can see we’ve got1 60 watts on the kicker. We’re measuring his heart rate now. So he’s sitting here. 133, 134. That’s what we’d expect for a kind of steady regime. And we’re value here his VO2. So that’s milligrams of oxygen per kilogram per time. So that’s how you’re quantify that VO2. And you can see we’ve got oxygen consumption on the bottom now. As we increase, thatyellow cable, that VO2, we’ll see that VO2 rise. And then the heartrate as well. Once we go back through the numbers in the background whenthe test is done, we’ll have a good manifestation of Neil’s ability to burn fat as a gasoline root. There’s a pace reform when that happens. And we’ll get a good indication of his threshold power. So that will tell help impart us some really good, accurate rehearsal zones. Step now, in the capability, we’re take him up to 180. So certainly, after the test today we’ll have a good show let’s say of Neil’s current position of fitness.What we’re gonna do isput some good training in place. And then eventually comeback again and try and get that strength up withthe same heart rate and fitness status. An increase in VO2 we’ll see as well.( hard-boiled driving music) We’re gonna take it up a notch.( intense container thump and chant) Only prevent that cadence up. Don’t make it put too much.I know you’re not a spinner but we don’t want to see it cease. If you let that rhythm discontinue, the teach will time load on top of you. All claim? Focus on that cadence. Don’t make it discontinue. We’re going up once again to 340 watts. Let’s see if we can crack this one. That’s good. Keep that rhythm. But don’t let it slide. It won’t make it easier, all right? Let’s get this one done.( intense music) 20 seconds. See if you can clear this block. C’mon, mate. And then that block will all be up. C’mon. C’mon, mate. You can do this. Five, four, three, two one. Okay. You’re done. Keep spinning a sec.We’ll make the fighting wear off. Just deter spinning. Keep spinning.( soft soothing music) Okay, so in brief, Donny’s done his test today and we’ve all kind of calmed down now. And we’ve managed to look through the research results. And this is basically the test we’ve done. So, this is the climb going up. And this is his power. So we started off at 160 watts, so super continuous. And as we’ve increased, we’ve added 20 watts per hour and he peaked at 340. So that’s the dimensions of the his power, okay. What’s going on further down. There’s a couple of key points. 220 watts. That’s at aerobic cornerstone object, so AB, and that’s where he’s going from nice and chill to just starting to put his foot on the gas. We talk about kind of going up the forest street backpack. That’s the one we need to try to raise up a little bit. Next, when we get to anaerobic threshold. That’s that really hard climb where you start to get the tingling legs and lactate building up.Once you go past that part, you’re blagging it and you can’t make love for too long. So what we need to do is when he’s doing his training or an EWS event, trying to cruise between now, roughly. And then was just trying to not depart excess, other than the hasten areas, this level now. So, this is where you’re gonna try and ride between. So you’re going a little faster as you are eligible to but you can stop that going all day. The key we’re going to try and do with training over the next months is try and get this to rise. So he does another measure. He comes back. Smashes it. Maybe 370 watts, for example. What we need to do is not just get these to go up, but trying to get them to go along. So he can do work and still cruise without going into the red. You get a higher power for a longer during the day. That’s what we’re going to try to achieve. – Neil It’s been a couple of periods now since I became that day with Oli and I feel really good.Super motivating. I always guess I bid I’d done more of that when I was scooting as a pro. Getting measured and actually coming some train means. He’s got a really good setup there. I actually investigated Laurie Green in the downstairs working out in the gym. So there’s a lot ofreally top pro goes that actually use this type of training to get ready for their seasons. So, looking at the results. So, my VO2 max, which is just a good sort of indicator of my overall fitness, that’s now 54. Compare that to my VO2 max three years ago when I was still racing pro. That was 69. So I’ve sagged quite a lot. I don’t think it’s unexpected. For speciman, I know that I’ve not been qualifying anything like I used to.It’s a little more haphazardnow when I do it. I is an attempt ride at leasta couple of hours a week. It’s definitely harder now. I don’t journey, unquestionably, as much as I used to. I know it was like I still razz a great deal, but I’ve got clas commitments. Undoubtedly, doing this job makes up a great deal of my duration. So now I do need to find the time to train for Finale. Going to the other outcomes, my threshold is now. My threshold power, I “re saying”, is now 270 watts. Again, that used to be 310 watts when I was a pro. I last get tested four years ago for that one. So, it’s descent quite considerably, but Oli’s payed me a good notion of the sort of training I it is necessary do.So, a lot of training in the low-toned zones. So, like Oli said, I need to work on that. Burning fat. So I can do that for longer. So I don’t get super tired and burn all my carbs when it comes to the EWS Finale. So I it is necessary do lots of training in the lower region and training to get my threshold up, as well.So, zones two and zones four. So Oli’s gonna give me a practise contrive so I can work on that and hopefuly get round Finale. As to what else I need to work on, I fantasize certainly it’s a occurrence of skills, as well. I don’t razz as much as I used to. So, I need to get on my artery bike. Do those lower teachings( sighs ). I need to expend a good sum of era on a mountain bike to make sure I can razz those places and be as fast as possible.So at the moment my grooming genuinely, like I said, it’s haphazard. It sort of consists of an hour or two on the turbo tutor on( sighs) in a few weeks. I “ve been trying to” razz cross-country the weekends. When I work with Oli I’m going to set the bar a little bit higher. I’m going to try to do three hour sessions in a week around run. So I’m going to try to do a fasted trip one morning and then a couple of turbo discussions and then I need a three-hour ride a weekend either on a artery bike on on a cross-country bike.( sighs) and there’s two things. So my aerobic basi so I can burn overweight for longer and then certainly is currently working on my threshold power.Like Oli said, at the moment if I tried to journey those places or even the communications, I’m gonna get above that aerobic region and I’m gonna start burning my carbs more quick and I’m never gonna last-place a daytime. So I know I’ve got a couple of large-scale dates coming in Finale. I’ve got time to prepare. So, let’s get to it. There’ll be more videos following up on this one soon. I’ve got like a discipline program coming from Oli. I’ll let you know how I get along with. I’ve got some strength meters and software, like instruct peaks. I’ll reveal you how I’m going to try to achieve those teaching objectives. I’ve also got a really cool bike coming after the hasten in Finale. So I’ll let you know when I can about that. So keep your eyes rind on Channel. And if you want to se an age-old video I did on a motorcycle training for Enduro when I was fit, click up there.Give thumbs up if you like this style of bloggy video following me trying to race the EWS. Don’t forget to hit that agree button ..

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