Hi there and welcome back to Mommy Hates Cooking,today is all about the Ninja Foodi. I’m going to show you my top 10 recipes thatwe eat regularly and make in the Ninja Foodi. All of these recipes are made with the NinjaFoodi Multi-Cooker, which you can find a link for in the show notes. Let’s get started reviewing these recipes. Hi there and welcome back to Mommy Hates Cooking. Today I’m going to show you how to make thisNinja Foodi Mississippi Pot Roast, now this one will be one your whole family will love,trust me. Let’s get started! So for the pot roast, you will need the followingingredients, first you will need olive oil, 3lb beef chuck roast, 1/2 cup water and pepperoncinijuice, 4 pepperoncini peppers, 1 ranch seasoning pack and brown gravy packet, remember to usegluten-free if needed, and 1/4 cup unsalted butter.Now let’s get on to a quick tip that I havefor you, if you are using a Ninja Foodi, pour the olive oil in and use a brush to coat thepot of the Ninja Foodi. That’s a little bit easier than pouring itin and it gathers on the side. The next thing you will do is sear the meaton both sides for 2-3 minutes, use the saute function on high. This gets it nice and brown and ready to cook. Now once you have that done, go ahead andadd the water and the pepperoncini juice to the pot of the Ninja Foodi. This gives it the liquid it needs for thepressure cooker function. Now that’s done, you will add your ranch seasoningpacket, followed by the brown gravy packet. Remember to use a gluten free brown gravypacket if needed. Once that’s done, top it with peppers andthen add the butter right in the middle. Now that is complete, you have everythingin the pot of the Ninja Foodi, you will take the lid that comes separately with the NinjaFoodi and secure that on top of the pot of the Ninja Foodi.Once you have it secured, press the nozzleover to ‘seal’, then you will cook this on manual pressure, high for 60 minutes (1 hour),Once it completes cooking, you are going to go ahead and naturally release, do nothingfor 20 minutes, once that’s up, go ahead and move the nozzle to vent and then you willgo ahead and open the lid and have a great roast ready to serve. Now remember you can add a little bit of cornstarchto that leftover liquid and make a great gravy to top over the roast or mashed potatoes ifyou prefer. This roast will be delicious and it will bea favorite. Now remember the peppers are not spicy, morelike a bell pepper to bring it flavor not spice or heat. Grab the full recipe on MommyHatesCooking.com. Join me next time for another great recipe! {Music Playing}Today I’m gonna show you how to make these easy chicken fajitas in the ninja foodi orair fryer, they’re very easy to make and even better to eat so let’s get started. This isactually one of our favorites for dinner, they are so easy, um super quick, I love makingthese during the week and they are very good.So the first thing I’m gonna do is go overthe ingredients. Now all of this informationis going to be in the show notes below with the full recipe, so you can always check thereto go back and look over things that I’ve said, it’s all gonna be there. So the firstthing we’re gonna need are chicken thighs, now I highly recommend chicken thighs notchicken breast. The chicken breast does dryout or at least that’s what we’ve found when using it in the air fryer. The chicken thighsreally hold their texture and taste all of it.They just taste so good in the air fryer. So that’s our preferred chicken to use, nowyou can always test out chicken breast but you may wanna adjust the time just a bit. So once you have chicken thighs, we’re gonnaadd different colors of bell peppers, onion, and then taco or fajita seasoning. So youcan use your own seasoning, fajita or taco seasoning. I have some links to homemade versionsin the post and then also you can use just a store bought taco seasoning. I use McCormickgluten-free taco seasoning quite a bit, so we will typically use that one or I have ahomemade one that I can whip up real quick. So once you have all of that, we just buildit into the air fryer, so we put it all in our air fryer basket. So I’m gonna go aheadand get started.Now the first thing we’regonna do is use our olive oil spray and coat the air fryer basket. So I have my Pompeianspray today, which is my favorite, it works the best it really has the same oil like consistencyof olive oil, so it goes on really well. Alsoa spray bottle is a really good option too for olive oil but you always wanna have thaton hand whenever you are working with the air fryer. It’s a good oil to have handy. So first we’re gonna put in all these chickenthighs, I have sliced these up into long slices for fajitas, so I am just putting them righton into this air fryer basket.So now thatwe have those in, we’re going to add our peppers. So you’re just gonna wanna add, now, it mightlook like you have a lot here, which I have a few seeds left but I’m not gonna worry aboutthat. But they do shrink up in the air fryeras they cook so don’t worry about it if it looks like you have a lot. So I’m just gonnaadd these in, around here, just evenly on top we’re gonna stir it up here in just afew minutes. So once you have that in, addin your onion. I just have these in long slicestoo, so we’re just gonna add those in. Isn’tthat pretty? Even just looking at it, it’spretty because it’s so full of color.Nowthat we have all of that added, we’re just going to take this, here is my taco seasoning,and we’re gonna just sprinkle it right evenly around on top. So I’m using about 2 tbsp oryou can use the whole packet if you want. I’ve said before I’m not a big fan of spicyfood, so I try not to use quite so much or it’s a little too spicy for my taste. Um butonce we have it all in here, we’re gonna coat it again with another squirt of olive oilspray and then we’re gonna go ahead and close the lid.We’ve got it set here to 390 degreesfor 25 minutes on air crisp. So we’re gonnago ahead and start it and then about halfway through we’re gonna come in, stir it up, sothat we can make sure it’s all cooking okay. Okay so it’s now been going for about halfthe time. So I’m going to go ahead and stirthis up. Really stir it up and break apartthe chicken if it’s sticking and make sure it’s really coated with the taco seasoning. So it looks like it’s cooking pretty good,so we’re gonna keep it going for about 8 more minutes. So I cooked it a little more thanhalf since I have 8 minutes left. So we haveit nice and stirred up, now add a little splash of the olive oil spray again. Now it’s been25 minutes and our fajitas are all done. Nowdon’t those look good? So here is what theylook like, you can kinda see those I’m gonna plate them up here.So I put them on thisbig platter here with our tortillas. Now hereis my little thoughts on tortillas. So I usewhite corn tortillas, and I just use Mission White Corn Tortillas, I heat them up in theskillet while these are cooking with a little bit of the olive oil spray and heat them upon both sides to toast the white corn tortilla. They are the best way to eat tortillas inmy opinion. Um they taste so good with thesefajitas. I think they are better than flourtortillas when they are heated up like that. Now if they’re just right out of the bag Idon’t care for them that much, but when they are heated up, it just makes them taste sogood. So anyways, they are also gluten-freeso if you are wanting to make them gluten-free, the gluten-free option actually taste betterthan the flour option. So as you can see Ihave them all plated here, I like to have the chicken fajitas meat on one side and thetortillas on the other.So these are all warmedup and I’m just gonna take some of this fajita meat and fill it right up into the tortillaand then you have dinner, great served with rice or salsa whatever you want to put withit but that is how you make those chicken fajitas. Thanks so much for joining me todayto learn how to make Ninja Foodi Chicken Fajitas or Air Fryer Chicken Fajitas as always allof the show notes will include this recipe and anything I’ve mentioned today and thenyou can always find all of these recipes on MommyHatesCooking.com. Be sure to subscribeso that you don’t miss the next video. Thanksso much! Hi there and welcome back to Mommy Hates Cooking,today I’m going to show you have to make this Ninja Foodi Cheesy Broccoli Chicken &Rice, all right in one pot in the Ninja Foodi.Sothe ingredients you will need are 4 Boneless, Skinless Chicken Thighs, 1/4 Cup White Onion,Diced, 1 1/2 Cups Quick Cooking Rice, not cooked, 1 1/2 Cups Water, 2 Cups broccolior just a bag of frozen broccoli would work, 1 10oz can cream of chicken soup, 1 Tbsp sourcream, 1 Cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese and olive oil cooking spray. Spray the potof the Ninja Foodi with olive oil cooking spray then add cubed chicken thighs and theonion to the pot and saute it. Once the chickenis fully cooked you’ll either want to use a pan for the Ninja Foodi or you can use thepot of the Ninja Foodi.You’ll spray the panor the pot with the olive oil cooking spray and then we’re gonna layer it with the ingredients,so the first thing you’ll wanna add is the cooked chicken, next you’ll add in the broccoliright on top of the chicken it can be frozen, I like to just add the tops of the broccoli,not the stems, so you can trim it up a bit.Now you’ll add the uncooked rice right ontop of the broccoli and then pour the water right on top of the rice. Mix together thesour cream and cream of chicken soup, then spread this evenly over the entire dish. Nowit’s time to bake this so you can use if you’re using the pan, which goes with the Ninja Foodibut is separately purchased. You’ll put thaton the wire rack in the lowest setting and then bake that for 10 minutes at 350 degreesin the Ninja Foodi. Remember you can alsojust use the pot of the Ninja Foodi too if you need to. So after 10 minutes you’re gonnaopen up the lid of the Ninja Foodi, then take a spoon and carefully stir up the ingredientsin the dish, so you’re gonna mix it around so that the rice is fully under the water,once you do that take 1 cup of sharp cheddar cheese and carefully and evenly place it ontop of the dish. Be sure to be careful becauseit will be hot. Once you’ve done that go aheadand bake it again for 10 minutes at 350 degrees after baking carefully open it up and it shouldbe all nice and crispy on top.Now rememberyour chicken should already be cooked, so this baking at the end is just to get thatcheese nice and crisp. It’s best to let itcool for 5 minutes just to let it thicken up a bit then you can carefully remove itand serve it, I would suggest using the mitts though because remember it is going to behot when you’re pulling this out of the Foodi. Once it’s cooled it’s ready to serve and enjoy. Remember you can always make this gluten freetoo with gluten free cream of chicken soup, which is really easy to make yourself or youcan grab one at the store. Remember that youcan find all of these recipes and more at MommyHatesCooking.com and be sure to subscribeand like this video so that you don’t miss the next one. I’ll be back again with anotherdelicious recipe, thanks so much for joining in today. Hi there it’s Kristy Still with MommyHatesCooking.com. Today I’m back to show you one of the mostpopular Ninja Foodi Recipes that are on my website right now, it’s the One-Pot Meatloafwith Potatoes and Corn.So you can do thisall in the Ninja Foodi. It does have severalsteps so unlike a lot of my recipes that are really little prep time this one is goingto take you a little bit longer for prep, so count that into your cook time too thatyou know that this is going to take a little bit longer than maybe a 30 minute meal. Welike to do this one on the weekends whenever we’re really not in a hurry, I’m not runningfrom one activity to the next. So it’s a greatSunday afternoon, Sunday evening family meal. It’s actually our kids personal favorite,this meatloaf was originally meatballs. Arecipe that my aunt had sent me and really the secret is in the sauce.So I’m gonna showyou what that sauce recipe is here in a little bit. What I did was I took that recipe shesent me and over the years I’ve recreated it into a meatloaf that we really like usingthe sauce that goes on top of the meatballs that she had sent. That really makes thisrecipe. In saying that though, if you havea personal favorite meatloaf recipe that’s say in your family, you can always use thissame method and use the meatloaf recipe that you prefer. So right now I’m going to startby showing you how to get this meatloaf prepared and then we’re gonna move on to some othersteps. So right now I have as you can seethe meat in the bowl and then underneath it is the garlic salt and onion. So that’s alreadyin there. So that’s the first step. Now we’vegot 2 pounds of ground beef in here. I’m gonnago ahead and add to it, 2 eggs that have been beaten.So you’ll see those in here. Now thoseare in there, so now I’m going to go ahead and add in 2 cups of old fashioned oats. Inmy case I use gluten-free oats. You can alsouse crackers or breadcrumbs, but we prefer oats. And then I’m gonna add in some evaporatedmilk. This is 1/2 cup evaporated milk. Nowthat I’ve got all that in there, I’m going to combine it to form the meatloaf. Now Ifind it’s best to use my hands, it just works easier to do. So, of course, after we getdone we are gonna have to get our hands nice and clean {or wear gloves} but to make thisI just combine it all with my hands until I get the meatloaf formed. Once the meatloafis formed, we’re going to put it on a sheet of foil that has been sprayed with some oliveoil cooking spray to prepare to put into the Ninja Foodi. So the key here is when you arepreparing this make sure you get everything combined into one big loaf.So that’s thefirst thing you need to do. So we’re goingto keep doing this until all the oats, everything is mixed in. So you want this well mixed sothat your oats aren’t just covering the outside. You want them fully mixed into the meat. Soit does take a little bit to get all of this mixed together. So now that I have the meatloafall prepared in the bowl. I’m going to goahead and spray the foil with olive oil cooking spray. Just a little bit so it doesn’t stick.So now I’ve got my meatloaf and I am goingto just place it on this foil. I’ve alreadykinda formed the loaf while I was working it in the bowl. Now you need it to be a littlebit skinnier and long to fit in the Foodi. So you’re gonna have to work this to get itto fit right. Then we also want to put cornin next to it in the end, so the key is going to be how you shape it. Now worst comes toworse and say you made it too big and you can’t fit your corn in the Ninja Foodi, justuse your microwave for the corn, most of the corn you get can easily be heated in the microwave,so it’s not really that big of a deal.Youshould be able to fit it though in the Foodi but if you can’t just use the microwave andit will be fine. So we have our meatloaf allprepared here. Now, I’m going to wash my handsand get the Foodi setup to show you how to get it all in there. So now that we have ourmeatloaf done, I’ve gone ahead and wrapped it in foil and then the first thing I’m gonnado is put our potatoes in. So here is thepotatoes.I measured out 3 pounds of potatoes, I like to use the gold potatoes, you can alsouse the regular russet potatoes but um I would stick with gold or those because the red onestend to burn out and these are gonna be in here for a little while.Now, I’m gonna putthe put the rack in next. Now this you haveto work with to get this in with the potatoes in here (high setting) so you just kinda haveto move around your potatoes until you can get them in here which tends to be a littlebit tricky but eventually like that you’ll get it. So now I’ve got that in here. Andnow I’m gonna pour 1 cup of water over this. So that there is some water on here. Thatway you don’t get a burn notice for your potatoes. So now that I’ve got that in here, I’m gonnago ahead and put the meatloaf right on top. So we’re gonna put that right in here. Scootit over, make sure it’s nice and secure and wrapped in foil. Mainly to avoid any meatdropping into the potatoes. You may have towork with it a little bit to get it to fit right. Don’t worry too much about the cornright now because we’re gonna do that last.So just make sure this fits for right now. Just get a little room on the side which iswhere the corn will go. So now that’s alltucked in there. Alright so now it’s timeto put the lid on we’re gonna use the pressure cooker lid that comes with the Ninja Foodi. So this is a separate lid. So you’re gonnago ahead and secure the lid.Make sure it’sset to ‘seal’. So the nozzle of the lid needsto be on ‘seal’. Once it’s on seal we’re goingto have it pressure cook on high pressure for 25 minutes. Now remember too, sorry, remembertoo that it’s going to take some time to build up the pressure so you need to account forthat as well. So even though it’s 25 minutes,it’s probably gonna take like 40 minutes. So we’re gonna go ahead and get that started. While that’s cooking I’m going to show youhow to get the sauce ready to put on the meatloaf once it comes out.The Ninja Foodi is on andthe meatloaf is cooking and the potatoes so I’m gonna show you real quick how to do thesauce. The sauce is very simple and I’m gonnado it right here in the saucepan, so one day I called my mom and we have running jokesin because she really, really hates to cook. She didn’t really like cooking at all whenwe were kids and now all of the sudden I’ve got her hooked on the Ninja Foodi, so she’salways calling me about recipes, which is really funny because that did not happen whenwe were kids. So anyways I called her oneday and she said hey I just put that sauce in the microwave, which is very much my momshe loves to use the microwave, but that’s actually not a bad ideas especially when you’recooking this recipe because then you don’t even have to mess with the stove.The keyto the sauce is that you want the sugar to dissolve. So you can heat it up in the microwavefor like 30 seconds, stir it up, see if your sugar is dissolved and if it is, great it’sdone, if not just put it in for a few more seconds. The microwave is an easy shortcutif you want to skip the stove completely, um I still like to do it on the stovetop,that’s just how I prefer, so that’s what I’m going to show you. So as you can see here,I’ve got my pan, I’m just using a little saucepan, I’m going to cook it on low. So I’m warmingit up, the first thing you’re going to put in here is ketchup. So I have a cup of ketchup,you’re gonna see all that go in here. Now,you may have some sauce left, I put it ketchup in here but I’m letting the saucepan warmup just a bit, So the next thing to add is packed brown sugar, So then you’ve got onion,I’ve got chopped onion here, if you don’t have onion you can also use onion powder,so the next thing I’m going to add is liquid smoke, which gives it the smokey flavor.Ijust eyeballed it, but it’s about 1/2 a TSP. Now it’s starting to bubble up on me. So I’mgoing to start stirring this. So we’re justgonna lightly stir it because I just want to get that sugar to dissolve. That’s reallyall we are going for here. While this is cookingup here, I’m going to add just a dash of garlic powder. Just for a little more flavor. ThenI’m going to keep stirring it until the sugar dissolves. Now this only takes maybe a minuteto do, that’s why if it’s in the microwave it’s real quick.And we’re just gonna getthe sauce made, now this is what I feel like really makes the meatloaf. If you don’t addthis sauce, I don’t feel like the meatloaf has a lot of flavor. But most of the flavoris coming from the sauce. So in the past I’vehad comments where oh we used marinara sauce, well then the meatloaf didn’t have much flavorwell that’s because the meatloaf that I’m posting on this recipe, the flavor comes fromthe sauce. So now I have it all done, I’vereleased the steam, and removed the lid. Thatpart has already been done. So the meatloafat this point is cooked. But it needs to broilsome which is what we’re about to do. Thefirst thing we need to do is lift this meatloaf out, now this part you need to do very carefullywith your mitts. We’re just gonna lift itout and I’m gonna sit it here next to me. Now I’m going to get a bowl for the potatoes.So as you can see the potatoes are all cooked,now I’m gonna take this pot out and just dump the potatoes right into this bowl that I havein front of me and I lost one. So sometimesthey burn a little bit on the bottom, that usually can be avoid with the water. So Iput in about a cup. Rarely do I have themburn, but if they do just scrape them off and put them in the pot, you’ll still haveplenty. If this happens it’s only like one. They normally will come out fine as long asyou have enough water in there. So now I havethe meatloaf on the rack, what I’ve done is carefully lift this off, now check the rackbecause it may be hot and you still need the mitts.Mine wasn’t hot, so I just flippedit around. So basically you’ve got this meatloafand originally, you have it sitting like this with the rack the highest point. So now youtake the meatloaf off and just gonna flip the rack over to the lowest point. So we’vegot the meatloaf in here now I’m gonna put this is in the pot, you can see where my potatoesleft their mark a little bit. So now I’vegot this at the lowest point. Now I’m goingto scoot this over as much as possible. Then,we’re gonna put our corn, right on the side.Now the corn will take a minute to fit, butwhat I’ve done is I go ahead and put it in foil and I just squeeze it in there to fitit. Now I’m going to open up the meatloaflike this and I’m going to go ahead and coat it with my sauce that I did earlier, so I’vegot my sauce and we’re just going to coat that really well, you want to be sure thatit’s fully coated, so I’m pouring this on here and then I just brush it on.And it justneed to be fully coated, I use almost all the sauce to do this. I want it full of flavor. So we’ve got that on here and just rubbingit in letting it run down here. It’s stillcovered in foil so it’s not going to drop to the bottom. I’ve got all my sauce on here. Now we’re just gonna broil this. So I am justgoing to move this over a little bit. I’vegot my corn, my meatloaf, all of it right here. So let’s get that on broil, so I’vegot it on broil and I’m going to reset the time here to 5 minutes. So I did the broilingfor 5 minutes, so now I’m opening this up to stir up the corn. Just to be sure it allis cooking nicely.Now while the other isbroiling, we can go ahead and do these potatoes. So I use a manual potato masher just becauseI prefer the hand masher, you can do an electric one too. I just mash them up with the handmasher as much as I can, so we’re just mashing them up, they are usually pretty easy to mashcause they’re nice and soft from the pressure cooker. So I’ve almost got these mashed thenwe are going to add a little bit of milk or cream, you can use 1/2 and 1/2, you can usecream, fat free milk, whichever you prefer.So I have these all mashed. Now I’m goingto add my milk in and now I’m going to add sour cream. Just a little bit to give it someflavor. I’m going to add in my butter, nowthe butter should melt pretty quickly because you have hot potatoes basically. Then, I’mgoing to add some garlic salt to taste. Ieyeball this because I’ve made these enough to know how much I need but you are more thanwelcome to measure that out. Start with 1/4tsp and move up from there.So now we arejust going to mix these together. It’s goingto take a few minutes to mix them, this is the point where I think oh a hand held mixerwould be nice but for some reason I really like that manual potato masher. Just feelslike it works better to me. So we have thoseall mashed and they’ll be ready to serve with our corn and our meatloaf as soon as it getsdone. Now you can see the meatloaf is done,the corn is done, so we’re just gonna get this out of the foodi and get it ready toserve for dinner.Okay so this is usuallyhow we serve this for dinner, this can be served family style, so you can just put themashed potatoes in, your corn, and then we have the meatloaf cut here and as you cansee this looks delicious. It gets like a candiedtop with the sauce, so it just coats right on top, I also like to add parsley on toptoo just makes it prettier. So you have allof your dinner ready to go and your family is going to love it. So that is how you makethe One Pot Ninja Foodi Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, and Corn. So I have my meatloaf, mashed potatoes,corn, and they are all ready to go. Now thisrecipe is a little more tricky than the other ones, it might take you a little bit longerthe first time you do it but after you make this a few times, you’ll realize it’s actuallyreally simple and it won’t take you nearly as long.We love how it comes out and againlike I said we love the sauce on the meatloaf so that’s our favorite part, but feel freeto use your own meatloaf recipe if you want and have a family favorite and just use thismethod, it’ll work. So anyways I want to thankyou again for joining in, you can find this recipe and more on MommyHatesCooking.com. I’ll also put anything I used or mentionedin the show notes below. I hope you tune innext time for the next recipe. Thanks again! Welcome back to Mommy Hates Cooking, todayI’m going to show you how to make this Beef Taco Soup in your Ninja Foodi or Instant Pot,you can do it in either one. It’s deliciousand easy to make in minutes.Let’s get started! Hi there, it’s Kristy Still with Mommy HatesCooking today I’m back to show you how to make Ninja Foodi Taco Soup, now this can actuallybe made in your pressure cooker or instant pot and also your slow cooker too, so thereis a variety of ways you can make this. Sowe’re gonna get started with this one today, now remember before I go any further everythingI mention I say including the recipe will be in the show notes below…every recipeyou could imagine for the Ninja Foodi, that I’ve done anyway, is on MommyHatesCooking.com,so you can find all of those there as well. So the first thing you’re gonna need for thistaco soup is your meat, so we are actually going to brown ground beef in the Ninja Foodi. So I’m going to go ahead and set this to sauteand I think I got it on there and high. Sonow I can just start browning this here in the foodi, right in the pot.Now if you havean Instant Pot, you can do the exact same thing with the Instant Pot too. So eitherway, so now here is another little variation you can do with this recipe. If you don’twant to do ground beef and you want chicken, we actually do this quite a bit with chicken. For chicken you would use a rotisserie chickenand shred it up, so you wouldn’t have to do any pre-cooking if it’s a cooked rotisseriechicken. So you’d actually skip this stepand move right on to adding in the ingredients and cooking it on in the Ninja Foodi or theInstant Pot. Now if you’re going to use yourslow cooker, you can do this the same way, you would slow cook on low for 8 hours, butdefinitely be sure your meat is cooked before you put it in. So either use cooked chickenor cooked ground beef and then move on with the other steps. So we are going to go aheadand let this brown.It’s warming up here,it’s always a good idea to turn on the Ninja Foodi a little before, lets it warm up justa little bit. Now the other ingredients thatyou’re gonna use for this soup are going to be a cup of water, some black beans, so youcan drain the black beans and I usually use canned black beans and then drain them. Youcan use chilies, corn, diced tomatoes, taco seasoning and then beef broth.So we’re gonnamix that all into this Ninja Foodi or you can put it into your Instant Pot and youronly gonna have to cook it on high for 4 minutes, so you will need to add in your cook timeabout 5-10 minutes of the pressure building in the Ninja Foodi or the Instant Pot butafter that it’s 4 minutes and it’s done. It’ssuper quick and easy to make it’s one we like to make during the weeknights because I canget it on the table quickly and I like that I can do it all right inside the pot, I don’thave to use more dishes having to cook it on the stove. So it’s just nice to just doit right in the instant pot or the Ninja Foodi and then move along with your life after dinner. So I do have this all nice and brown now,you can see the steam coming off of it. Soanother suggestion here or a tip for you whenever you are cooking this, I would suggest leanground beef um that way you don’t have so much oil and don’t have to drain it and youcan just leave it all in the pot.Now if youuse 80% lean, you may have to drain it and return it. Um another thing, you can alsouse turkey in this soup too, so really you can kinda choose what protein you wanna usein it. So now that we have the ground beefin here, it’s all cooked and ready to go. I’m gonna go ahead and start adding in allof the ingredients. So I am gonna add in 1cup of water, see that here, kinda cuts the steam for me, and then I’m gonna go aheadand add in my chilies and you can just add this in any order. It’s not a big deal. Sothen I’m gonna add in corn, now I have frozen corn here, you can use frozen or fresh eitherone, I’ve done it both ways, we just tend to always have frozen corn on hand.So thenI’ve got some tomatoes so these are diced tomatoes that I’m adding in here. And thenhere are my black beans, I’m gonna put those in, you can use canned or you can soak somebeans, whatever you want to do. And then I’vegot my beef broth, that I’m pouring in this is gonna be kinda the base, help with thebase of the soup. And then I’m gonna startstirring this up a little bit. So you cansee it’s nice and soupy and it’ll end up with more by the time you’re done.This usuallyfeeds about 6. So now that I have that stirredup, I’m going to add in my taco seasoning. You can use package or homemade either way. I usually use McCormick gluten-free taco seasoningand sometimes I’ll use half the packet just cause my kids don’t really care for the spicinessof the whole packet but this time I’m gonna use the whole packet. So I’m just gonna mixthat all together here. So now it’s all stirredup, it already looks good and we haven’t even warmed it up yet. So this is the fun partbecause it only takes 4 minutes to cook this. Now to cook this you’re gonna need the NinjaFoodi Pressure Cooker lid, so this is the lid that comes separate, if you’re using theinstant pot it’s just your instant pot lid.So we’re gonna go ahead and put it on hereand secure it. You want to make sure it’sset to seal, so we’ve got that sealed. NowI’m gonna turn it on here and get the function set to pressure, so it’s on high, we’re gonnakeep it on high and I need to change this to 4 minutes. So I’m gonna change this to4 minutes and it will take closer to 15 minutes cause it has to build up the steam (pressure),so we’re gonna go ahead and start that. Andthen as soon as the 4 minutes is up, we need to do a quick release of the steam, so we’regonna quickly release it and then we’ll have our soup all ready to serve.Okay so thisis just about to go off and then we’re going to quick release the steam, so now it’s wentoff, I’m going to quick release the steam. Open the nozzle. It’s gonna steam up prettygood here. Alright, so we have all the steamout and I’m just going to open this up, so it’s gonna steam up my camera really goodagain. It look fabulous. Now a friend of ourstaught us a trick several years ago with taco soup.First, I’m gonna top it with some cheeseto serve it. But we used to actually servethis with corn chips or fritos and then she introduced us to doritos with taco soup andwe haven’t ever been able to go back to corn chips, well I guess these are corn chips,but we like the nacho cheese not the fritos. So I just serve it with some doritos righton the side and then you have your soup and this is also freezer friendly. So you canactually take the soup, let it cool completely, put it in a freezer safe storage bag or containerand then you can freeze it in your freezer. Once you’re ready to serve it, you just warmit right back up in the pot, you can put it on the slow cooker function warm back up oryou can even pressure cook it for a couple of minutes and warm it back up. Here I haveit plated in a bowl and it’s got cheese on top, doritos, and it’s delicious, piping hotand ready to eat.This is perfect on a winterday or even in the fall too whenever it’s nice and chilly outside. Thank you so muchfor joining me today learning how to make Ninja Foodi Taco Soup or Instant Pot TacoSoup. I hope that you enjoy this recipe, asalways you can find it below in the show notes along with anything else I mentioned. I’lllink down there as well. I also share recipesevery other day on MommyHatesCooking.com, and I’ve been doing that for almost 10 yearsnow so you’re gonna find plenty of recipes there too. So you are gonna find recipes theretoo if you are in need of some new ones. Besure to subscribe so that you don’t miss the next video I’ll be sharing with you. Thanksso much for joining in. Hi there and welcome back to Mommy Hates Cooking. Today I’m going to show you how to make NinjaFoodi Chicken Drumsticks with Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans. This is all going to be madein one-pot.Super easy and delicious! So let’sget started! So this dinner is actually aone-dish dinner, ready in 30 minutes. Youare going to need these ingredients, 6 chicken drumsticks, 2 medium-sized sweet potatoes,1 bag of frozen green beans, I actually really like the Aldi brand for these, olive oil spray,rosemary, and garlic salt. That’s all yourgonna need to get this dinner ready. So thenext thing you’re gonna need to do is slice the sweet potato but before you do that, it’sa good idea to go ahead and turn the Ninja Foodi on to air crisp at 390 degrees justfor about 5 minutes this will get it to start preheating, that way the cook time is notquite so long. Then, we’re gonna get startedon slicing those sweet potatoes. Now it’stime to slice the sweet potatoes. First you’regoing to cut them in half, then you’re going to take each half and cut them again in half,which is making it quartered, then slice them up into small pieces and then we’re gonnamove on to the next step. Go ahead and grabthose green beans so we can get them ready, so now that you have your green beans readygo ahead and spray the pot of the Ninja Foodi with olive oil spray, add in your green beansand sweet potatoes with a little bit of rosemary and garlic salt then coat them again witholive oil spray so they are nice and coated.Now this is where it gets a little tricky,go ahead and grab that wire rack that comes with the Ninja Foodi, make sure it’s set onthe highest position then you’re going to have to work it in there a bit to get it inthere. Once you have that done, we’ll setthe chicken drumsticks on top, coat the drumsticks with olive oil and seasoning.Now Air Crisp390 degrees and 25 minutes. Be sure to flipthem over halfway through cook time to get them well cooked on both sides. At this pointyou can also add more olive oil spray and seasoning to the other side if you preferas well. {music playing} Get them to 165 degreesinternal temperature, when you’re done remember to stir up those veggies to get them wellcoated in the olive oil, remember they’re going to be crispy, then it’s time to serveup dinner in just under 30 minutes. Quicktip whenever you get done and pull the chicken out, stir up those vegetables, add some oliveoil spray to them, if they’re not done yet to your liking, cook for another 5 minutes. Remember these aren’t going to be steamedvegetables, think oven baked or roasted, that’s the taste and texture we’re going for here. That’s it’s you’ve made a delicious dinner,aren’t you proud of yourself? I sure am andI’m ready for dinner. Remember to like thisvideo plus subscribe so that you don’t miss any upcoming videos and recipes and rememberthat all of these recipes can be found right on my website at MommyHatesCooking.com andI have years worth of recipes for you there and not just for the Ninja Foodi but I havethem for all sorts of methods, so be sure to head over and check it out.Thanks so muchfor joining in today to see how to make Ninja Foodi Chicken Drumsticks with Sweet Potatoesand Green Beans. Welcome back to Mommy Hates Cooking, todayI’m going to show you how to make Ninja Foodi Baby Back Ribs. I can tell you these are probablygonna be the best ribs that you’ve ever had, just trust me on that. Let’s get started. Hey this is Kristy Still with Mommy HatesCooking. Today I’m gonna show you how to makeNinja Foodi Baby Back Ribs, now the first thing I’m gonna tell you is that everythingI mention here along with this recipe is in the show notes below or you can find it onMommyHatesCooking.com.So today to make thebaby back ribs, we’re going to use the air crisp function and the pressure cooker functionwith this lid on the Ninja Foodi. So we’regonna start actually with the pressure cooker function first. So in order to do that you’regoing to want your air fryer basket or the air crisp basket that comes with the Foodi. Go ahead and put that in the pot, here isthe pot of the Ninja Foodi. So you’ve gotall of that in here. Then, you’re gonna take1/2 cup water and you’re gonna pour it right in. So you need this water for the steam toget the steam building. So now we have gotbaby back ribs, so I’ve found that baby back ribs tend to work the best and I cut theminto 4 sections because I need them to easily fit in the basket. So the first thing I’mgonna do is spray the basket with some olive oil cooking spray and then we’re gonna getthese ribs to fit in the basket.So we’rejust gonna go ahead and put these in here and I just kinda work them around so thatthey fit well. Now we actually have a prettybig smoker to smoke ribs and these actually, in my opinion, taste better putting them inthe Foodi then they do smoking them cause they fall right off the bone. So now as youcan see I have the ribs in the Foodi and we are gonna take just about, here is the bbqsauce, about 1/2 cup of bbq sauce into a little dish with a brush. And we are just going tobrush it all over these ribs, so you want it pretty well coated in here, so I’m gonnabrush it over each one and we will do more BBQ sauce later as well, but right now it’sall about getting these lathered. Now I’dbe pretty – I don’t skimp on the BBQ sauce, let’s just say that. You wanna get lots ofsauce in here, you want it on all the sides, so I kinda tip em over to get it.I find it’seasier to put the sauce on once you get them in here, just so that you don’t have it allover the place, but it really is up to you. So if you want to sauce them before you putthem on in here that’s fine too. So wheneverthese come out, they’re gonna be so tender that they just fall right off the bone. NowI’m not a big fan of chewing the meat off the bone when I eat ribs, so maybe that’swhy I like these so much.I don’t have toeven mess with the bone, they fall off the bone. So we will just continue getting thesenice and coated, I’m almost done with my sauce. I’m gonna get this other side here of this. So I would say about 1/2 cup to a cup of saucehere, I usually reserve some for after so I’ll put a little bowl with 1/2 cup saucefor now, cause once they cook we’ll wanna use a different cup of sauce so that you don’tmix the raw meat residue basically. So wehave got those nice and coated and now we are gonna get our lid for the pressure cooker.So now you wanna use this pressure cookerlid, which is the lid that comes with the Foodi. So it’s not the one that’s attached,so we are gonna go ahead and secure it on to the Foodi and we are gonna make sure thatthe nozzle is turned to seal for pressure cooking and then we’re gonna get this pressurecooker ready to cook. I have it set alreadyit’s gonna cook on high for 35 minutes. SoI’m gonna go ahead and start it. Now keepin mind whenever you pressure cook it has to build the pressure so this can take anywherefrom 5 minutes to 15 minutes, so you wanna keep that in mind with your cook time.Soonce it builds pressure we’re going to release the steam and then we’re gonna use the otherlid. So I’m gonna come back on and show youthat here in just a second but first we’re gonna let this build for about 5-15 minutesof pressure and then cook for 35 minutes. So our timer just went off and now we aregoing to go ahead and release the steam, so we’re gonna turn this to vent and then we’rejust gonna release all the steam for a little while. Now I have the lid open and you cansee the ribs are done pressure cooking so they look really good and they already looksuper tender but we are going to now use some more bbq sauce and coat these again beforewe air fryer them. So right now, they lookgood but they don’t have that like crispy outer layer, so that’s what we’re about toget by using the air fryer.This gives it- the air fryer – gives it more of that like it’s been smoked flavor and texture so youhave to be careful whenever you are doing the bbq sauce at this point because they arereally tender so they’re already falling off the bone. So we are just gonna add some moresauce here and then we’re gonna put it on air crisp so you don’t have to pull it outof here or anything. We’re gonna air crispit for 15 minutes at 390 degrees and then they will be ready to serve and they willjust fall right off those bones. So we haveit all nice and coated I used about another 1/2 cup of sauce here, then you can add somemore sauce if you want when they are all done too. Just getting these all coated here. Alright,so I think I have them pretty well coated, shut this lid the lid that goes on top ofthe Ninja Foodi and then we’re gonna turn this function to, you can hit the functionbutton to air crisp and it’s already at 390 so I’m just gonna change the time to 15 minutesand we’re gonna let it cook now for 15 minutes and then I’ll show it to you all ready toeat.So we are done cooking here and as youcan see these look amazing in here, so they also if you can see this kinda have this charrededge and that gives it, that smoked like texture, so they’re gonna feel like they’ve been smokedwhen they really haven’t. So we’re gonna carefullybring these out and plate them. Now I liketo use a half sheet pan, so this is a half-sized sheet pan with some parchment on it and servethem that way. I actually went to a bbq restaurantthat did that and I thought that was such a great idea for bbq food. So I really enjoyserving them like that, so we are just gonna put them all out here and then we’re gonnaadd a little bit more sauce right on top of em here and trust me you will never eat ribsany other way again because these are just delicious. Okay so I have them plated nowon the sheet pan, so I’m just gonna drizzle some bbq sauce on each one here and then weare going to brush it again like we did earlier and your guests can just come and grab someribs.You can cut em up more too but the meatis gonna fall off as you cut it apart. I’llshow you that too. So you can see here howit’s together and this just falls right off so I can barely have to touch it and thereis the bone here and it just comes right out. So as you can see here we have these deliciousribs and you are gonna love them. So I knowyou all are ready to make these Ninja Foodi Baby Back Ribs now so I have all the informationyou’re gonna need down in the show notes and if you will subscribe that would be awesomeand you won’t miss any other videos. As alwaysyou can find everything on MommyHatesCooking.com. Thank you and I hope you join me again nexttime. Thank you again for joining me todayon Mommy Hates Cooking.Be sure to subscribeto the YouTube channel so that you don’t miss any new recipes as always check out MommyHatesCooking.comfor all the recipes that I mention here as well as many more. Thanks again! Hi This is Kristy Still with Mommy Hates Cooking! Today I’m going to show you how to make NinjaFoodi Taco Pasta in your Ninja Foodi Multi-Cooker in just minutes. Now first off I want to tellyou this is one of my first videos on YouTube of me actually talking and cooking. So barewith me I’m learning the ropes with this. I’m really used to Facebook videos that areshort with no talking so this is a new thing, but eventually, I would like to get up tosharing about 2 recipes a week with you.Asalways though, I share recipes every other day on MommyHatesCooking.com and if you arelooking for Ninja Foodi Recipes I have tons of them there. So, you can head there andfind more there as well. I’m going to putall of this information in the show notes below along with a link to the full recipe,so if you need any of that information to be sure to check out below for all of that. I’ll put anything I say here there.So firstoff I want to start off and say I’m using the Ninja Foodi Multi-cooker, now there area bunch of them on the market now that are all called Ninja Foodi this is the one thathas all of it so it does pressure cooker, air fryer, slow cooker, baking, everything,dehydrates even. So I’m using an 8 quart butyou can actually make this with 6.5 quart or even an Instant Pot if you prefer the InstantPot. So let’s get started with making this. The first thing you need is 1 pound of groundbeef, now we are going to put this right into the pot of the Ninja Foodi and I have it alreadywarming up on the saute function right over here. So I’m sauting this on high to get itnice and browned. Here is a quick tip withthe meat whenever you get the ground beef be sure to get something that is extra leanor you will need to drain it, if you do have to drain it that’s fine but be sure to usethe mitts to pull the pot out, drain it, then return it back to the pot.Um in this recipeI usually try to use 93% lean ground beef. Once the meat is browned, you are going toadd in the taco seasoning packet I didn’t have to add in any additional water but ifyou need to just add a little bit of water about a 1/4 cup or less to the meat so thatit mixes in really well with the ground beef, um you’re going for taco meat here. I’m justgoing to add the pasta right into the bowl, so I’ve got it right here on top of my meat.We’ll put that aside. So now we are goingto add 4 cups of water, so you want to make sure that this just coats the pasta, so itjust comes right up there and we’re going to stir it in just a second. So the next thingI’m gonna do is put in the tomato sauce, so I’m going to pour this right on in and somechilies. Now I’m going to mention to I don’tlike spicy food so mine is mild and isn’t all that spicy if you like spicy food youcan add in red pepper or really whatever you want to do. So now we are just stirring thisup. Now that you have all of the ingredientsin the Ninja Foodi, you want to stir it up and make sure that all of the pasta is underthe water it needs to be completely covered.It’s nice and stirred up. So now you’re gonnause the lid that comes with the Ninja Foodi not the one that is attached, this is thepressure cooker lid you’ll also use this for slow cooking. So if you’re slow cooking justa little side note you’re gonna want this nozzle to vent not sealed, so since we arepressure cooking though, we want it to be sealed. So I’m gonna secure the lid righthere so it’s all nice and tight and on. Then,I’m gonna make sure that my nozzle is on seal and I’ve already got this set on high pressure.So you’re gonna move it to pressure for 6minutes. Once it’s on that you’re just gonnahit the button and this is going to build pressure for a little while now it can takefive to ten minutes sometimes to build pressure so you gotta add that into your cook time. Once pressure is built it takes six minutesand with this recipe or really any pasta as soon as that pressure is built the six minuteshas cooked and that timer goes off you wanna quick release that steam, which means youwant to move this nozzle to vent and get all the steam out.If you don’t do that immediatelywhen you are cooking pasta you’re gonna open it up and you’re gonna have mush and trustme that has happened to probably the best of us. I’ve it’s happened to me I will goand do something not hear the timer go off forget about it and come back and dinner hasturned to mush. So you don’t want that tohappen so you really want to make sure that you listen for that timer and you get it quickreleased. So I’m gonna be back here and showyou what it looks like when it’s all done. Okay, so now you can see that it is cookingon high pressure, we’re down to about five minutes, it took about eight to ten minutesto build pressure so I’d say this recipe takes about thirty minutes to make from start tofinish umm including that time in there. SoI thought while that’s cooking I’ll go over a few quick questions that I’ve got on theNinja Foodi. Umm one is how does it do allof these things it’s a multi-cooker but how does it work? So I just wanted to go oversome real quick things.If you’re doing slowcooker recipes like I said earlier you’ll use this lid that is on it, it’s the additionallid that comes with it but you’ll put the nozzle to vent. Once it’s on vent you’re gonnajust simply put the dial or if you have the buttons I used to just have the buttons onmy other one you’ll set it to slow cooker and then you’ll put it on eight hours or fourhours whatever the recipe calls for so the great thing is that with this you can actuallyuse any slow cooker recipe that you love and just make it in here, it’s going to work exactlythe same way, as long as you use the slow cooker function and the right lid that you’resupposed to use for the slow cooker.So it’ssuper easy, we use this all the time for soup um I also love taco soup in this which I’llleave a link to that in the show notes as well. So the great thing with taco soup isyou can do it as the slow cooker which you can cook the meat just like I did for thisrecipe then add everything in and then you can put the lid on for slow cooker or if you’rein a pinch for time and you get to five o’clock and you’re like oh my gosh I didn’t put anythingon for dinner, you can cook the meat, add all the ingredients, stick on this lid andhigh pressure for four to five minutes and you’ll have the soup ready to go.So I meanthat takes less than 30 minutes and you’re dinner is ready. So it’s super easy to convertthe soups to slow cooker or pressure cooker either one. So that’s really a good option. Instant Pot recipes convert them just thesame, they’re all going to work the same with this. Um it’s essentially you’re just usingthe pressure cooker function same thing you’re doing in the instant pot.So you just haveto make sure you’re using the right lid and for the pressure cooker you want it sealednot vented and the other key there is watch the recipe because some fo them will say slowrelease that means you just let it naturally release um you don’t move the nozzle if it’squick release like for this pasta, we’re going to quickly release this. So we are going tomove the nozzle as soon as that timer goes off and get that steam out of there so thatour dinner doesn’t turn to mush. So the otheroption you can do with this is the air fryer air crisp is what they call it. That is mypersonal favorite, that’s what really sold me on this. Um this is the lid for the airfryer or air crisp and you can make so many things with the air fryer. One of our favoritesis chicken fajitas um we put the chicken in there, you don’t have to cook the chickenbecause it’s gonna cook in the air fryer, peppers, everything you want, turn it on inthe air fryer for about fifteen-twenty minutes and it’s ready to go.So that’s one of thethings you can do as well um with this. Umthe other thing would be the baking, you can bake in it. I’ve got a few recipes like anapple crisp on there, where I use the bake option, so you can do that. Um you can alsodehydrate there’s tons of recipes out there for dehydrating beef and making beef jerky,you can make apple chips, banana chips, I mean really a lot of options that’s one thingthat we enjoy as well and then you also have the yogurt option. Which is a big one I thinkwith instant pot they love the yogurt option on that. I’ve seen a lot of recipes of those. I haven’t personally done yogurt yet but youcan do that in there as well.Um broil ismy other favorite now with the broil you can for my personal favorite is our meatloaf wemake it in here what I do is I put it in the pressure cooker and then I will do the airfryer broil so that it gets real crispy on top and it’s so good so anyways that’s anotherrecipe that you’ll find on my website as well but I just kinda wanted to go over a few ofthose questions um that I’ve got is just how does it actually work. Um we love it, I’veliterally gotten rid of every other appliance that I have except for the coffee pot andI actually do use the Ninja Coffee Bar um that’s my favorite coffee pot too so I reallylike their products for some reason and that’s not sponsored, I just like them. Um anywaysbut that’s kinda what it does um in a nutshell but if you ever have questions you can alwaysask me or leave me a comment and I’ll try to get back and answer you as quickly as Ican um I have used it for well over a year now and I use it almost every single day soyou can do all sorts of things in the Foodi.The steam is all coming out. We are doinga quick release of the steam so that we can get it out of here. The other thing I wantedto mention real quick while this is finishing up releasing the steam is it does automaticallychange to warm or you can just click keep warm and it keeps it warm that’s really agreat feature it’s very similar to the slow cooker um we use that a lot because like Isaid I use this almost every night. Um myhusband is notoriously late coming home from work um he has a job where you don’t reallyjust get off work right on time so this is a great option um for us I can go ahead andfeed the kids, myself, and dinner is still warm whenever he gets home.It just worksout perfectly. So we’re going to lift up thislid. And let some more of this steam out andlet it cool for just a few minutes before we stir it up and serve it. So I just openedup the lid and look how amazing this looks. Right? Do you see that [laughs] it just steamedup, but in 6 minutes roughly we have this delicious pasta, that is ready to eat so weare going to just serve it up with some cheese and call it dinner. So we have our plate ofdelicious taco pasta that my husband and I are totally ready to eat right now. So thisis great to feed the family and like I said I will be back with another video, I’m hopingto get that up later this week and I’m thinking it’s gonna be for Ninja Foodi Bacon WrappedJalapeno Peppers, which will be perfect for all the football games and things coming uum I’m also going to share one on spinach dip as well that you can make in the NinjaFoodi, it’s Spinach Artichoke Dip and it’s amazing you can make it in the oven but Irecently discovered you can make it even quicker and easier in the Foodi.So be sure to checkout MommyHatesCooking.com. That’s where allmy Ninja Foodi Recipes will be along with every other recipe I’ve done. I’ve actuallybeen doing this for ten years so you’ll have recipes for days. So thanks again for joiningme, see ya next time. Thank you so much forjoining in to this video by MommyHatesCooking.com. Be sure to check out the show notes belowfor all the important links and details about this recipe. Thank you and join me again soon. Hi there and welcome back to Mommy Hates Cooking. Today I’m going to show you how to make NinjaFoodi Blueberry Crisp. It’s very easy to make gluten-free too ifthat’s a need, but it’s totally up to you. Let’s get started. The first thing we are going to do is createthe topping. For the topping you will need the 2 cups ofblueberries maybe a little more, we are going to cover the whole pot of the Ninja Foodi,1/2 cup of granulated sugar, 1/2 tbsp flour or gluten-free all purpose flour, and 1 tspof ground cinnamon and nutmeg.Plus the 1/2 cup water. First you are going to start by pouring theblueberries evenly in the pot of the Ninja Foodi. Now you are going to combine the topping,the sugar, flour, cinnamon and nutmeg into a small bowl. Evenly pour this over the blueberries. Once you have that evenly over the blueberries,go ahead and evenly pour that cup of water right on top. Now we are going to do the crumble ingredientsso you will need 1 cup old fashioned oats or gluten-free version, 1 cup flour or gluten-freeall purpose flour, 1 cup brown sugar, 1/4 tsp baking powder and baking soda, then 1/2cup butter softened.Now you are going to combine all of thoseingredients, mixing it together, and adding the softened butter last. I find it’s easiest to use your hands andmix it all together because you are going for a real crumbly mixture here. So you just kind of want the butter workedin, not melted but softened, because we want it crumbly. {music playing} Now you are going to takethat crumble or crisp mixture and put it all evenly on top of the blueberries, make sureyou do this with all your mixture. This is going to get you that crisp crumbletopping. {music playing} Right before you shut thelid you can spray the top with coconut oil spray, you do not have to but if you preferyou can. Once you shut the lid, set the Ninja Foodito the “bake” function for 40 minutes at 350 degrees. Remember to use the lid that is attached tothe Ninja Foodi. After 40 minutes, you should open it up toa nice browned topping that’s sitting on top of the cooked blueberries. We love to serve this with a side of vanillaice cream or frozen yogurt.It’s the perfect summer dessert! I hope you enjoyed learning how to make NinjaFoodi Blueberry Crisp. You can also do this in the oven too, thereare recipes for that on my website MommyHatesCooking.com as well as the full recipe for the Ninja FoodiBlueberry Crisp. Thanks so much for joining me today, I hopeyou join in again next time! {music playing} Hi there and welcome back to Mommy Hates Cooking. Today I’m going to show you how easy it isto make Air Fryer Cinnamon Rolls in 8 minutes. These can be made in your Air Fryer or NinjaFoodi. The first thing you’ll need to do is coatthe air fryer basket or air crisp basket of the Ninja Foodi with cooking spray. I usually use coconut oil cooking spray forthese cinnamon rolls but you can also use olive oil cooking spray. The next thing you’ll do is go ahead and openup that can of cinnamon rolls. For this recipe I just use a can of PillsburyCinnamon Rolls, we found those are the best ones to use, they stay together really well.Some of the other off brands don’t reallystay together quite as well. So we place those in the air fryer basket;however, they will fit in your basket. The next thing you need to do is go aheadand cook these. You’ll cook them at 360 degrees for 8 minutesin the air fryer. Or if you’re using a Ninja Foodi it wouldbe the air crisp function. Now remember with the air fryer they all heata little bit differently so I would normally check on these around 6-7 minutes to see ifthey are done for your air fryer, mine always takes 8 minutes. Sometimes you may need to add a minute ortwo or take away a minute or two depending on how your air fryer heats up. In 8 minutes they’re done! They are gold to be golden brown on top andnice and soft inside. Once they are done, you can carefully removethem and get ready to ice them.That’s it! You’ve got them all done and ready to servein just about 8 minutes. This is one of the easiest ways to make cinnamonrolls. You can find this recipe on AirFryerFanatics.comand MommyHatesCooking.com both are full of delicious recipes. Thank you so much for joining in today tolearn how to make these Air Fryer Cinnamon Rolls. Be sure to tune in next time for another deliciousrecipe..

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