Sadhguru: Of all the things, a groundnut, you are well aware. Im peculiarly heartfelt about the groundnut, because there was a period of mylife when I merely lived on groundnut and banana, thats all. Because it has everything you need. Just robbed groundnut, one handful, so much better of groundnut drenched overnight, one banana myentire daytime would go.I am perfectly active, more actively involved than most people will everimagine. It has everything to sustain you. Its a ended food by itself. If yousoak it for over six to eight hours, it takes away certain aspects which are calledas pitha. You know whats pitha? Allopathic doctors dont look at it, but the Ayurvedais based on this ushna, sheetha and pitha. It takes away the pitha and making thissoaked groundnut, chewing it well and chewing Precisely make sure it is not somegenetically engineered nonsense whatever. One thing is it could be genetically modified. They are no more showing which is modified, which is not. Another thing is, youre pumpingin fertilizers and pesticides to such an extent, the groundnut is no more a groundnut.Just make sure its more organic thing. If you crave breakfast, you miss a recipe, tch, you take a handful of groundnut, rob it in sea to six to eight hours, situated it in the mixie, if youwant to add some fruit, you contribute a banana, what it is you like, banana goes well, you can add anyother fruit.If you want thrown some sugar into it. Two times, you have excellent breakfastready. It takes simply two minutes to make love, and if you want it little watery putmore water into it and just booze it up. You crave it like porridge, youmake it thick and you eat it, you will see readily it will remain you for fourto five hours and it is highly healthful ..

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