I think it’s time for us to talk aboutthe diet myth. The food belief is a permeating illusion, and it’s one that Ifell into for a unusually, very long time, until I learned a few cases things that I’dlike to share with your right now. The first is that the word “diet” isunique in our use for humen. This is what I entail. You construe, animals in the wildernes have a diet. Human go on diets. This may seemlike a small change of semantics, but I want to really get into it with youhere for hour, because it’s important. You meet, the original propose of the word”diet, ” the age-old Greek and Latin utterances, what the fuck is meant were lifestyle.So diet was something that someone had as a lifestyle.It was not a temporaryalteration to their eating patterns in order to fit into that outfit for aspecific event. It was not a temporary change to their ordinary habits.A diet was something that they lived into and lived through. Now, we’ve take that words and we’ve altered it, and that stimulates allkinds of problems. Like I said, every animal in the world hasa diet. Elephants have a diet. Cheetahs have a diet.Leaf-cutter ants have a diet. Mosquitoes have a diet, don’t they? Think about it. Like an elephant’s nutrition is chewed 200 kilograms of grass and fruitand husk and that sort of thing, and cup about 70 liters of liquid daily. That’s their diet. If they’re on it, they’re more healthy.If they’re off it, they’re not. If you look at something like the cheetah, you’ll find that thecheetah’s diet is to eat about 2.5 kilograms of fresh flesh every day.Their nutrition is so specific that they won’t even eat meat off an animal that’salready dead, say, like a hyena will do. Their diet is quite specific.And the leaf-cutter ant’s diet is not buds, you might be surprised.What they do is they go off into the jungle and they collect up leaves and theybring them back to their home and then they use those buds to farmfungus, because they’re fungivores, they feed fungus.What I’m trying to sayhere is that every genus on Earth has a diet, and we are no exception.We have a diet. And yes, there are some subtle differences betweenpeople’s metabolism systems and men and women and that sort of stuff, but here’s what we’re really wanting to say, right, everybody needsvitamin C. Everybody needs calcium. Everybody needs iron.Everybody needs specific overweights. Everybody needs specific proteins.Our needs are consistent across the categories. We might want tomake insidious modifications within those needs, but our needs are consistent across thespecies. And so when someone clowns us into or manipulates us into going into atemporary nutrition, what they’re really doing is asking us to create imbalance.Most nutritions work on the basis of creating imbalance. For sample, soul gone on a diet and then they gobble less food and they start to starvethemselves. How long is that going to work? For some people, a day or two; for some people, a week or two; for some people, a month or two; but in almost every case, they’ll end up slingshotting back andputting the weight back on plus some.Other foods rely on procreating imbalancethrough focusing on a particular food, a particular food that may well stimulateweight loss, but that special single food is not fill the full spectrumof nutritional requirements that a human needs. And so the diet worksfor a period of time, until eventually, the body is screaming for the missingnutrients and that initiations itches, which then go out to create a problem.And that trouble is the yo-yo diet. What I want to be very clear about is weare now in an senility that it is time to move beyond the nutrition. And we’re in an agewhere it needs to happen soon. Look, these days, there’s all thispolitical debate about universal health care and how it should be funded andshould the government be involved. I want to be really clear with you.We do not, in the developing countries, have a health care crisis.We have a self-care crisis.What does this mean? Look, areyou going to eat better so you can live forever? No, but what aboutyour quality of life right now? Would you like more power on a day-to-daybasis? Would you like your memory to work better? Would you like to sleepbetter? Would you like to have a more powerful sex drive? Would you liketo have more force in the afternoon, when everybody else is getting tired? Would you are keen to health more frequently? And how about this? This is kindof sad but genuinely think this through. A century earlier, cancerand coronary thrombosis weren’t even near the top 10 gunmen in the westernworld. And today, they count for 66% of demise, 66%. One in three parties thatyou know, unless “theyre starting” originating some life change, one in three peoplethat you know are going to die from coronary thrombosis, and another one inthree, from cancer.This is not something to put over until next year. Thisis not something to put off until tomorrow. This is something to thinkabout now. So what does that mean? It makes starting to get rational.It planneds starting to get versed. It intends starting to take stepstoward improving your nutrition. And that does not mean worryingabout cutting out all kinds of things. It makes worrying about getting your needsmet. You receive, your state is far more determined by getting your nutritionalneeds gratified then by removing the toxins. When you’re really well-nourished, your figure has a tremendous capacity for purging itself of poisons andwhen you’re really well-nourished, your mas doesn’t desire a lot ofthose nonfunctional menus anymore. And so the steps that we need to takeright now dramatically increase your intake and your quality and quantityand variety of fruits and vegetables. Results, maybe a little more rarely; veggies, in an unrestricted behavior whenever you can. Get high-qualityproteins from the highest possible informants you are eligible to. Make sure you’re boozing lotsand lots of water. It’s the only thing you need to drink.And if you want to havea little bit of herbal teas, go for it. Once you’ve achieved all of that, you might find that you modify your relationship with some of the lessfunctional nutrients. That’s fine, if it happens. It’s not the most importantthing. The most important thing is that you get what you need to be healthy.

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