-[ Claire] We always say this, I know, but these are actually the best brownies you’re ever going to have. They’re gooey, they’rechocolatey, they’re fudgy. Oh, they live up to every apprehension you think a brownie is advisable to.( lively music) We made all the tips-off and thetricks from the internet, from our old-time gramma’s recipes, from homes we’d worked, to find the best recipe that we are able. Throw out every other recipethat you have for brownies. This is the one you will use going forward for the rest of your life.( lively music) I’m not trying to beep our own cornet, but beep beep, you know.( lively music) All title, guys, as always, prep your tin. You know what to do, butter and parchment. So the first cooking jobthat I ever had was working for a pastry chef and he madethese incredible brownies. When you start working in kitchens, they always say write down the recipes’ make you’re gonna forget them last-minute. And of course, I should not do that, but there are a few things that I recollect from his recipe that I certainly wanted to incorporate into our brownie recipe.Obviously, good browniesneed good chocolate, and the chocolate table youwanna employ is dealer’s choice. You can go for something truly mellow like a milk chocolate baror go into something certainly, certainly dark, like an 80% pitch-dark chocolate would work really well in here. We’re gonna double up onthe chocolate so we’re gonna employ cocoa gunpowder as well. Because we wanted a reallyrich, dark flavor and pigment, we became with the dutch treated. You can be utilized regular cocoa pulverization now, but we’re always lookingfor that intense flavor, that intense color. The one on the left usedregular cocoa powder. It’s kind of drier ontop and nearly extremely dense and fudgy on the bottom. We’re adding a littlebit of chocolate pulverization here. We’re gonna computed even more later. Espresso powder justdoes a really great job of enhancing any chocolateflavor in a recipe. If you’re worried about the caffeine, you can get a decaf powder as well. It’s not gonna tastelike chocolate or espresso, it’s really time another spice enhancer.When we supplement the hot, meltedbutter to the chocolate, chocolate pulverization and espresso pulverization, it’s gonna help melteverything down and melt, which is gonna help keep our brownies genuinely fudgy later on.( lively music) Sugars, we have granulatedsugar, and then when deciding between light brown and dark brown, the real differencehere is that dark brown has more molasses, ergo more flavor. I don’t even know what ergo means. Again, just wanted to knock your socks off with the spice here and dark brown was the right one for the number of jobs. And we’re also gonna lend a little of salt as it brings out theflavor in any roasted good.( lively music) So we’re gonna have six eggs. Ever crack your eggsinto a separate bowl in case you get any shell.Best space to alleviate thatis to use the egg shell. It undermines the surface tensionand is the easiest way to get eggshell out of your eggs. You can start by addingone egg to the sugar just so you don’t make a huge mess. Once you get onto travelling though, you can add the rest of’ em , no big deal. You don’t have to be supercareful like you would for a cake for instance. So working for that tart cook, one thing that he did withhis brownies is he would beat the living crap out of theeggs and carbohydrate and actually, genuinely incorporate tons of breeze, so much so that it would look like a super thick pancake batter almost. This is what happens when youdon’t beat the sugar and eggs, various kinds of really precipitates actually flat, right.The huge thing about beatingthe eggs and the sugar is you create a really solid footing and you don’t have touse a chemical leavener. Then you’re gonna pourin that beautiful ganache that we made. Oh my God. Actually, when we were shooting this, there is a crowd ofpeople around us’ generate we couldn’t get over howinsanely luscious this looked. Fucking – god, I just, I can’tbelieved we broiled these. Honestly, I could’ve justeaten the batter myself.( lively music) I’m really upset that America can’t get on the metric organisation, but like fine.If we’re gonna utilization goblets, always scoop and degree, to make sure we have theright amount of flour. If you just take the cupstraight into the flour, it’s gonna be denserthan you need it to be. And you’re going to sift theflour and the cocoa pulverize into the mixture to makesure we have no lumps and just make sure that we’re really quickly incorporating itinto the rest of the batter.( lively music) And fold.Because we beat all thatair in with the eggs, we don’t wanna absolutely deflate that, so simply get the dryingredients incorporated as quickly as you can.( lively music) Pour the ended batterinto your prepped tin, smooth it out to make sureeverything’s pretty degree.( lively music) And into the oven it croaks. So these are gonna rise quite a bit. After about 20 minutes, we’re gonna make them out. This is my favorite tipof the whole recipe. Take the brownies out and slamthem on your kitchen bar. It’s gonna hit the top aswell as evens out everything and you get a much moreconsistent texture. These are the same recipe. The one on the left is notwhacked, right hit. At this stage, we’re alsogoing to add a bit of sea salt, optional but further recommended. Lends a little salty bite, sweet and salty, ever good.With a lot of baked goods, you’ll deposit a toothpick in and no smash remains, then you’re good. It’s kind of not thecase with these brownies. You will have a good amountof fudginess that comes out on the toothpick. Trust us, they’ve been inthere for like 45 instants. They’re obviously cooked through. They’re just fudgy. When they do cool down, theyalso will collapse quite a bit. It develops in a really eventexture all throughout. Again, I can’t say fudgy enough. I don’t even like fudge, little known thing about me, but these brownies are insane. I need to cut these delightful. They need to be a good, excellent square. It’s so satisfying to see a perfectly cut batch of brownies, obviously .( lively music) Oh my gosh, a little tip extremely, is to clean your pierce after each trim. You’ll find a little bit ofthat fudginess comes off. They’re fudgy but they’re not dense.( lively music) And that is it. I make, look at that texture. Look at it! This is like your go to brownie batter. It’s amazing as is, but you can also mix inanything that you want, more chocolate clumps, potato chips, pretzels. This is like a phenomenalstandard brownie recipe but feel free to go crazyand mix in whatever you want. Making brownies from scratch, you know, there’s other options outthere the hell is easier, but it’s one of thosefundamental broiled goods that doesn’t take a ton of technique, but they too go witheverything and every event.You know what I intend? Like you have a break up, brownies. Birthday, brownies. Like, they kind of work for anything. Just one of those feel better, mobbed pleasing deserts, that’s just always a triumph. Okay, that’s fine. I’m just gonna keeptalking and we’re leave it and it’s gonna be fine. -[ Male] You’re funny, Claire. -[ Claire]( laughing) Stop. -[ Male] You’re so funny. -[ Claire] You’re so funny. -[ Male] You’re funny. -[ Claire] Beep, beep. -[ Male] You’re slacking. -[ Claire] I guess.( camera clicking ).

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