Are you a bodybuilder or have you beendiagnosed with low-spirited T testosterone? Watch this video if you ever want to have girls First, to produce regular amounts ofhealthy seman, a lover must produce the remedy hormones from the pituitarygland and testosterone from the testicles. This is an extremely importantpoint! Men need a really high level of testosterone inside the testicles forsperm product But testosterone alone cannot start ormaintain seman creation. If a man is taking testosterone adds-on by anymethod: spots, gelatins, shots, whatever – they will suppress the production of thepituitary hormones which in turn causes the high levels of testosterone insidethe testicles to slump. The arising testosterone elevations in the blood are notnearly high enough to produce sperm. But even though they are, there were nohormones from the pituitary gland to help out. This arises in a suppressionof seman yield so stressed that it can actually be used as a malecontraceptive. Let’s make that another way: if a group of men is taking testosteronesupplements, the sperm product will stop to zero in virtually 90 percent ofthem.That’s no sperm. At all. The good story isthat most men who have no sperm will recover after they stop using. But mostis not all. Even a year after stopping some soldiers will have no sperm or very lowlevels of sperm leaving them infertile Rescue remedies like Clomid, hCG andhMG may cure speed up the time it takes to resume sperm production but itdoesn’t work for everybody. The longer you used and the higher thedose the greater the hazard that you might not recover. What’s the take-home? If you’re thinking about having children in the future try to stay off oftestosterone adds-on. If you must take “T”, use as low a dosage as possible for asshort a experience as is practicable. Go off of testosterone several months before youwant to attempt pregnancy. You are able to obtain huge videos like this one delivered toyour phone or computer every week for FREE !!! All you have to do is tap or clickright here. It couldn’t be easier! It’s like having your own fertilityspecialist in your telephone go ahead try it

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