Friends welcome back to main you tube channel today We will talk about serum Testosterone. Mint of testosterone Smile is Urologist and Myths, so in the next two series, the first of the two-part series Part and second responsibility will come next week. In this we will talk about serum testosterone Complete information about. We will talk. Where does testosterone be made What user is there in his torso? How destroys testosterone in the body If testosterone is low, what can you do to become simptoms? Testosterone How to check How does total and free testosterone differ? Ours How to test the testosterone report and talk about next Vijayant If testosterone is low or there is a relationship with deficiency from testosterone concoction What drugs are there to cure testosterone.How to make testosterone Can you start? Today’s topic will envelop what is testosterone Tests of testosterone first of all, let’s talk about what is testosterone . . So the testes imply testicles and steroids within 30 or so boys. Testosterone is a steroid that produces the body on its own. Normali The body does not need to eat out of diet for testosterone The regular we use cholesterol in diets.Cholesterol in nutrition They convert cholesterol to figure testosterone. Body There are basically two parts that realize testosterone. These two organs are the most Castor sugar forms testes or mens testicles where Naidu likes notifications Testosterone is a supported product and five programmes Testosterone makes additional basic There are basically two glands that are smaller than the top of our kidneys. These are Suparna Renal Gland is also spoken and super these glands are many different inside the body. Make hormones. Testosterone is also a common hormone. Testosterone ladies And testosterone yield in girls which add gland There are some other stings that likewise prepare testosterone in the mother’s stomach in childhood The fighters in the gut of Bhojali mother who is a child if he becomes a man or becomes a boy So their own bodies stirs its attraction but some testosterone in the mother’s stomach Which is necessary in the development of the child.The testosterone that is spawned in the testis Testosterone is then released into the blood and circulated throughout the body. these Testosterone is circulated in two ways. There are only 1 to 2 percent of it August Bose Hundred percent erosion is formed in the body throughout the day, then only 2 The percentile is a caries shelter called free testosterone. Who moves around in the body and evidences his action in his own region All the rest of the testosterone is some kind of protein ie albumin or sexuality. The report contains two proteins of the hormone bleeding global. Testosterone is not active Egg does not work Albumin which has a lot of testosterone than albumin has testosterone The control is also loose and for this reason, if boasts free testosterone reduces So this testosterone can also work in man but two sexuality hormones Vijayant Testosterone is fastened to the global line.This tie And it is of no use By going to the body level, this testis interrupts the testosterone and initiates it. Presents, only one to two alternatives of total testosterone assessment It works in Testosterone works in its organs and Testosterone is not the Vijayant phone that impels the testis adsorption, it applies testosterone The form has to brake to understand that if wheat is like wheat now Can not eat dirty. Wheat has to be made into grinding flour and then bread is made from flour. In the same way breakdown of testosterone occurring in the body.Select diode or in the laser and this which is a powerful testosterone joint timer, then it goes inside the body Show action. There are two creatures in their own bodies where testosterone is used Berklee One is muscles or muscles and the other is slap inside the testis Circumcision tests are where testosterone acts as its own. But if Vice is in the rest of the organisms like Penis. Cycles is such a man production Here testosterone flour and testosterone in activation flesh Does thing. If testosterone is producing too much in the body and cannot be used If you are going to testosterone, then you can convert body fat into estrogen.Goes. Accepted female hormone, so many times if bodybuilder testosteron fills Or testosterone is being assembled overly, then all those measures Govinda performs trouble by turn unborn, such as a chick coming out of the stomach, milk from the heart If you go to Chennai like Rasna and Female then the side effects of testosterone Effect can also occur if Vijayant Sharan The amount in the body becomes more. Now testosterone is the masculine hormone and it Manly and does a lot of benefits inside the body. It makes a man his Hair examination. Development of her chest whisker capsules. Sperm production. Penis length. Stress Inside Penis Stress Sexual Vijayant Libido Desire Muscle Growth In The Body Testosterone is a very important contributor to bone increment. Testosterone is very important. Apart from this, ability belly of testosterone is also very high Roll says that testosterone compiles person to husband then if testosterone that is Man happy in that brain.Libido sex desire in us is now a gather pasture Congregation Govinda Feel Good Hormones Also Speak Testis Rangoli Testosterone to Quite a Man Keeps happy and so is the man’s migration, which is the motive of the three men, the desire to work The desire to handle the family too comes from testosterone itself. if If testosterone is deficient in the body, then all these things start distinguishing the man Will happen. If testosteron insufficiency arises then gentleman converts from testosterone defect Like sadness, don’t feel like working, going to libido or hope for copulation and Women can flick them all. Penis tension erecting not short penis Nana, the nasal accomplish organisation, which is completely inside the penis, or the side which comes out Can come.Can go out inside the patient whose immensity can be small, can go to the muscles If you contend, you are a man, when you start taking a feminine form, a planned starts something. Why testosterone is low in their own bodies, so many of the testosterone is low in the body There are intellects we will talk about in Part Two. But approximately no Is an illness. Now the weight has increased too much, the food is not right. Age is increasing. If someone is hurt in the pills, when a person is comes hormones from outside, then medicines are given from outside. So any steroids are departed. Due to all these reasons testosterone absence can come in the body. If testosterone shortfall has come in the body and there is a change due to testosterone deficiency His treatment is possible and treatment likewise grows in many ways about which we Next will talk in the mandis. But today I will talk to them about testosterone status How to measure if your doctor sometimes you get testosterone Let’s talk to do a blood evaluation of measurement or testosterone.It is important to understand the first thing Is that testosterone positions reform often inside the body, so one Speaking Variation This variation is also dermal and is also Sessional. Early also wants Testosterone elevations are not stable in subjects. Keeps increasing The highest level of regular testosterone. Wake up in the morning when the guy wakes up If Yuri says that testosterone is not felt early morning empty stomach Best report comes. But it is such a possibility that the morning report can be forgery Morning testosterone is 300 monies in your normal reach and 300 is the measure The level of testosterone may decrease from 200 to 100. For these considerations, if testosterone elevations are very insignificant at times, it may happen that Urologist is going less than your ordinary tier throughout the day. Exclusively total testosterone Many times we is not get ideas by appraising. Total testosterone screening exam is Meaning if total testosterone robots are in the range of 500 600 then we know that If normal, then free testosterone elevations will also remain normal. If individual patients has testosterone Lack of tests and testosterone positions are in the middle range, then we are normal Do not get free testosterone because it costs and does not benefit well Picking up is Shivcharan Levels Lopez or testosterone statu is most important and Despite testosterone level being regular, cases still shortfall testosterone inadequacy In all such cases, in all such cases, we use free testosterone and total testosterone Get the nappies done.Not only to see that testosterone level is normal but The free testosterone that it is necessary, if we don’t have a very low level Testosterone is definitely set, it is a blood test. Normally it is measured in the morning. The report contains two ways in which there is a total in which the whole exploit is measured and one is Is free in which only those nutrition which is made from albumin or which is family Is accessible. It is very important to read its report, it is very important that four the picture is firstly It is important to know that the test in which the lab is mixed is normal inside the lab. What is the value. Maybe the normal two of that laboratory is 70 and. you and The testosterone that “youre on” but the doctor is talking low-grade If it is within the normal range, the MoUs that ought to have stirred said here today that if less than 300 If testosterone tier is low then it is very important to see the normal value report. The second important check is that if the testosterone cover report is glow, then does individual patients laden How Govinda’s System Those Who Are Science Of Testosterone or Not.If the patient is feeling very fit and has testosterone, then he Repeating the testosterone yaw is also necessary. Ever complete with a test Confirmation is not available. Testosterone Reports Normally If We In A Man If you are few and you can get a report in the normal range then one or two reports Today is a good decision before starting treatment to confirm We talked roughly about what testosterone is. How is it realized What are the users in their own bodies, what are the lack of resources and testosterone How are the tests done? Next issue will talk about side effects of testosterone About and therapy of testosterone in detail and in detail Accurate Scientific about Testosterone and Manly Weakness and Male Dysfunction Like my video for learning i am good for you for welcoming a direct I producing videos and good knowledge. Thank you ..

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