[ MUSIC] Yeah, I think they’d like tosee Miz’s face rearranged. >> Whoa ,>> That may do it. >> Look at this. >> The Miz. Miz, Skull Crushing Finale! Miz, Skull Crushing Finaleto keep the championship! And Zigler, two. >> What? >>[ APPLAUSE ].[ SOUND] And work out that pile operator. And.That’s not gonna affectthat heavily thick muscle. No , no! Clothesline. Kick to the mid area. Phineas down with a neck breaker. >> And Cena now from the top turnbuckle. Khali thinks he’s just wonthe Royal Rumble, look out! >> AndCena only ran right into a concrete wall. Clothesline! Good grief, what a clothesline.[ SOUND ]>> Helmsley, for the lay up, provides him up. Whoa, missed him with a clothesline. And a boot to the midsection, all over. Look, now “theres going”, yeah, Pedigree. >> This is not gonna last longer and longer! >> Pedigree coming right about, yeah! >> It’s over![ LAUGH ]>> No it’s not. >>[ APPLAUSE ].[ SOUND ]>> And there’s that turnbuckle superpower missile! Superman Punch! >> Wow! What a be complied with! Spear! >>[ APPLAUSE ].[ SOUND][ SOUND ]>> Look at this. Look at this. Look at this. >> The ogre is alive. >> No! >>[ APPLAUSE ].[ SOUND ]>> Triple H! >> Boom! >> A chair to the back of Kane![ APPLAUSE][ SOUND ]>> It didn’t even feign him. Kane can’t be hit by a sword chair.[ SOUND ]>> Luke Harper says now it’s over. Went for the clothesline, ran into the kick. >> There it is! There it is! New tag team endorses! Harper went him! Harper went him! Match up. >> His brother Jay. >> This is awesome.[ SOUND ]>>[ APPLAUSE] >> No! And it may end right there. Suplex of Yokozuna, that’s unbelievable. >> He’ll raise up, the man’s not human.See, discover! >>[ APPLAUSE ]>> He’s not a human being![ SOUND ]>>[ APPLAUSE] >> Strowman! Lesner grounds on his hoof. Going for the German suplex, but Strowman- >> Stood right back up. >> But Strowman get right back up. Strowman popped right back up andBrock can’t believe it. >> Lesnar looks like he’s seen a ghost.[ MUSIC ].

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