hey guys i am nisa homey and welcome back to my direct and today i’m sharing and easy and healthy full day summertime diet plan for weight loss the dinners I am sharing will help to keep your body heat down and likewise becomes you feel fuller this is a altogether gluten and refined sugar free diet program without any refined oil but if you have the garb of having tea or chocolate for breakfast you can have but avoid carbohydrate this healthy and healthful dinner contrive will remain you fuller and also help you to lose weight in this meal plan I am sharing three small-scale meals and three large meals so there is no question of you being hungry also you can mix and coincide from my other banquet schemes following this colorful banquet project will too give you a glowing and beautiful skin this is more of a detox diet project as there are no refined oil sugar or processed food start your epoch with lemon and chia seed suck and this is a power-packed antioxidant rich drink chia grains are among the most nutritious nutrients on countries around the world and starting your date with them would be an ideal choice for a healthy start chia seeds are laden with fiber protein omega-3 fatty battery-acids along with many other micronutrients they likewise constitute you feel fuller after this go for a 30 to 40 instant gait now for breakfast I am providing a bowl of seasonal fruit like mango pomegranate grains and oranges right now mangoes are here in season along with pineapple and watermelon feel free to use any return of your select like sliced bananas apples etc since many of you required a banana free diet program I preserved bananas apart in this plan always try to use seasonal fruits of the place you live in make sure there are some color in your result bowl additive of kiwis would be an ideal choice for a doubled vitamin C lift for a mid-morning drink I am helping a outcome imbued liquid with basil grains basil seeds remains your body cool and it is a great idea to add drenched seeds over your summertime boozings you can make this fruit infused sip onward and chill overnight so that you can take it to work the next day so to make this drink into a glass contribute in 1 tbsp pomegranate seeds 2 to 3 mango fragments and instead of mangoes you can add watermelon slicings kiwi wedges or apple slicings supplement in 2 to 3 rind orange portions 4-5 pineapple hunks 2 stems of heap leaves half of a lemon which I have sliced thinly a stem of fresh curry leaves now fill the pot with about one and a half to two bowls of ocean and then squeeze in half a lemon compute in 2 teaspoons soaked basil seeds and give this a mix basil grains or sabja grains abbreviate body heat and is one of the best ingredient to use in summers “its also” rich in staple and helps in weight loss and weight management now this fruit infused colorful suck can be carried on the go just make sure that you close the lid tightly moving on to lunch I am performing a bowl of cooling and crowding curd rice I have previously been shared the recipe and the links will be down below for you to check it out as a affix snack jug I’m acting a glass of light-green chutney buttermilk and the recipe link will be down below in the description box so satisfy do check it out dinner is advisable to had by at least 7 pm and I ever recommend having a light dinner dinner is a bowl of chickpea or channa salad with moringa leaves its a power-packed nutrient-dense salad and will fill all the necessary nutritional requirements of the day in this salad I squandered chickpea but you can use simmered rajma or any dals or legumes of your selection this salad is not only filling but also has essential natural flabs much needed for a health thyroid and for weight loss apart from these meals keep yourself hydrated by imbibe abundance of irrigate do try this dinner project and share your results with me if you like to see more such videos make sure you hit the subscribe button so that you can keep updated when I announce brand-new videos thank you for watching and until next time take care bye bye

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