Good morning, I’m back with a DIETVLOG video These are still familiar slices of whole-wheat bread for every breakfast It’s just that I will change the mode of cooking today Put the margarine in a red-hot pan, wait for the butter to defrost, then leant the meat in, the slouse that has a hole impaled Then filled with an egg, this dish announced eggs in food And the dough was cut off and you don’t know what to do with it, put one over the egg and you’re done, don’t lose any slice Add extra toppings as you like, I contribute ham and cheddar cheese Sprinkle a little ketchup for more attractive dish( I bought ketchup low-spirited sugar) Add a slice of bread again, if eat only one slice of dough, so hungry I grind more blueberry banana smoothie to suck with toasted eat Milk in Germany often has no sugar, but is classified by the percentage of fatty in the milk, so I frequently choose the least fat type of 0.1% fat Finished fried dough Draw a smiley face for joyful sunday Crispy toasted bread and soft-fried eggs intertwined Part of filling is soft-fried eggs, so it remains flowing, a bit difficult to hold by hand So I made the spear and forking to eat, it examined more genteel This is my snack today, High Protein Caramel Pudding Pudding is low-fat, sugar-free and has lots of protein( 20 g/ Pottle) The dessert is smooth, the caramel smell is very clear, like eating Caramel-Alpenliebe candy I feel fully completed when I munch a receptacle of pudding like this, because it is very thick I sliced 100 g of beef into big patches I will marinated garlic powder and pepper for flavour beef robbed Today I will compile mingled rice, I’m abruptly praying for it I fry an egg mingled with rice I fry eggs in a large pan so I can fry eggs while stir-fry beef I took out the eggs firstly, if not overcooked 130 g mixed rice from brown rice and konjac rice, I have cooked it before This time I will take the plate upside down , not pour it straight into the plate like last era Last-place nighttime I wielded the late transformation, taking advantage of the time when I went off work to stop by the supermarket I bought a luggage of salad-mix with 50% discount and placed it in desegregated rice so as not to wither I cleaned a little more carrots to establish the dish more colorful I don’t add any spices other than a teaspoon of Korean chili sauce Normally, I would apply everything in a large bowl and then use the rice pad to mingle it all together But in order to record the video beautifully, I demonstrated it to the disc I didn’t add salt to the beef, but the beef has a rich flavor Mixed rice with Korean chili sauce does not need any other spices Add lettuce and carrots to likewise luscious this morning I’m going to draw super simple tortilla wraps I’m slothful to fry the chicken so I’ll employment substitute inhaled tofu Actually this is my first time eating smoked tofu, it searches pitch-black I make a sauce to spread it on Tortilla two teaspoons of fat-free sugar-free mayonnaise compute a teaspoon of low-sugar ketchup for a sweetened and sour taste I use the whole tortilla, I feel like devouring it is chewier than the one made from corn Now spread the sauce evenly on the Tortilla Wraps filled with lettuce, a lot of salad included paprika just now I have sliced add two more slice of inhaled tofu, I plan to add more but I am afraid I can’t flatten it I too included a few slivers of refined chicken breast ham with honey you can eat without heat on the wash I like to eat a tortilla shell that is a bit crunchy so I fry it I’m afraid tofu isn’t suitable but it is delicious Crispy, fresh loot and paprika been presented with strong flavour chicken breast ham I feel that pan-frying through the wrappings will smack better , not too soft My friend went to the supermarket and bought for me a strawberry yogurt cereal I have already tried it, last-place season I dine mandarin feeling with apple and cinnamon Strawberry jam is slightly sour, served with sweet coconut cereal in harmony, I worried about super dessert strawberry jam Today I will cook meatballs noodles I chipped white radish to cook broth for noodles can add shiitakes, but I merely cook a bowl of pates, so a small piece of radish is enough I generally buy a 1kg carton of ground meat, then partition it into each snacks This meatball I have steamed before, stored in the freezer I use baked pates made from quinoa, rich in protein I weigh 50 g of noodles for 1 helping Now I lowering the noodles straight-shooting into the cooking pot add a little carrot to clear the pate bowl appear not tasteless season 1 teaspoon of fish sauce to make it fragrant Chives cut into segments , pates are nearly ripe then drop in I left the radish The radish to smolder the broth is delicious, but it’s rancorous to eat it This noodles is delicious, but now I can’t find it in the supermarket I bought low-fat ground meat so it’s a bit dry I was just wondering if cooking this noodle with beef and park choi is suitable or not, I have to try it next time I have to buy a special bread knife I spread quark cheese, the category mixed with green onions today I compile smoked salmon bagel my cat aroma the fish, he is walking around my feet Today I’m at home so I’m not afraid of bad gulp, add onions to taste I mix banana soda( banana juice desegregated with carbonated mineral water) a mouthful of a piece Solid intestine bagel, sprayed above sesame I will dine the blueberry yogurt, first articulate the frozen blueberries followed by a container of low-sugar blueberry yogurt Topping is half a sliced banana and a chocolate oats I bought a pouch of frozen blueberries and feed forever out Yogurt is so delicious, next time it’s discount, I have to buy more I weigh 50 g entirety wheat pasta, tonight to draw tomato sauce pasta I’ll concoct the pasta with paprika and zucchini diced zucchini and paprika I was about to cook pasta with sausage, but I recollect I still had meatballs in the freezer the cooking succession is likely to be: onion, paprika, zucchini, then supplemented pasta, meatballs, tomato sauce Because I give only a little oil, I compute more spray when frying so the veggies won’t dry out I use pureed tomato sauce with basil

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