Ji Hyo with the most clear-cut feature is the main vocal of Twice She had lost over 15 kg after the debut. How on earth could she lose so much weight? When you look at the pictures of Jihyo around her introduction era, she looks a little bit different from now. To be honest, she couldnt help but lose weight. She had worked in JYP entertainment as a trainee for ten years. She had been working hard for a debut for a long time but as her debut went to sections a couple of times, her stress was intense. Thats how she started to binge. With other Twice members so scrawny and slim, her aspects stood out even more. There were some difficult times not long after her introduction. Once, at a devotee meet-up, a fan answered weightlifting to a few questions Whats the type of plays that suits Ji Hyo the most? These status must have been really hurtful to Ji Hyo. Maybe because of these situations, she tried so hard to lose weight.Her way to lose weight is very simple, but now everyone can follow it First, she started with an intense diet at the beginning of her expedition She exactly didnt dine. Thats how she lost weight around the debut era, and later on, she focused more on reducing the amount she feed rather than adjusting her food that consisted of carbs, protein, and solid. For pattern, she only ate half of what she used to eat. Ji Hyo likewise worked out really hard. At the heyday, she even used to work for four hours a day. Ji Hyo is just so strict about working out stirred other members admire her. Even after she just got off from the overseas schedule, “shes gone” straight onward to the gym Now, let me introduce you to the method of losing the belly fatty, which was most effective to Ji Hyo.She said that after a 1-minute board, she moved her waist left and right 30 days. With the method used, she said she was able to gain the body she has now. After a constant workout, she evaded a food that was too intense. Here, you must note that she did not quit watching her diet. This is a must if you want to lose weight. In fact, there are some meat that trainees are not allowed to eat. First , noodles. Somi once confessed that she and Chae Young from Twice ate Udon in the lavatory without allow anyone know. It was because Udon was made out of flour and was prohibited for trainees.

White flour is represented refined carbohydrate. Bread and noodle, which are made out of flour can increase the blood sugar in your form really fast, promotes insulin secretion, alters the grasped blood sugar into body solid, and has a bad influence on your form by increasing the internal lipid. To lose weight, one must forestalled devouring menu with high-pitched glucose that can quickly increase blood sugar, but reducing the amount of food extremely intently is rather unfavorable. It is recommended to eat healthy overweight, protein and veggies originated from nature. Second, it is jokbal. Tzuyu from Twice formerly said in a TV curriculum, I genuinely adoration jokbal from Korean food but Im not allowed to eat it.” “Back in my trainee dates, I used to hide” “behind the CCTV and said jokbal with other members. Actually, jokbal itself mainly consists of protein, such as collagen and elastin, and also has a lot of vitamin B, which is great for nutrition and skin health However, then there cooked sweet and savory to make it even more delicious.Eating the sweet and savory jokbal cuisine can impel the body swell and gain weight very easily. Also, countless jokbal places in Korea combine pates and jokbal together as a organize, but again, ingesting pates that are made out of flour can lead to weight gain by promoting insulin secretion and an increase in blood sugar. Jokbal itself is a great ingredient for nutrition and skin health. So I hope no one misreads. The reasonablenes Twice representatives were not allowed to eat jokbal was because of the sauce jokbal was made out of, which leads to swollen face in the morning. Thanks to this strict management of the body, Twice were able to create such a conglomerate and healthy mass. The core of Twices weight loss was diet and the amount of activity. So, heres how Twice representatives lose weight. Its nothing special but I dont think theres any other way that is more particular than this How about all of us try Twices action of losing force ?.


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