in common and therefore welcomed your next German flip-flop exercises of the classroom task on a Esterman sport and fitness here’s your first index of vocabulary please copy this in and now I’d like you to practice the inflection with me and Ethan this is a separable verb there athlete admin the berth our home probative the outs of Breda this out ruin elastin with ridin zippy vagin deed of a goal d Bundesliga go back to the beginning of the session and see if you can guess the words before they appear in German this is your next roll of vocabulary pause the video not reproduce these n and tradition the pronunciation with me the doping scandal don’t work em miscarrying thus result via nothing on garden and shy didn’t nothing and covering the institution there are four fri thus our gay penis down Laban go back to the beginning of this slither and see if you can guess German statements before they show and your final schedule in this video pause the video greenbacks and imitate these down and now you’re ready rehearse accent along with me returned naman then there our vaccine ur da inoculate the extreme sport art does further fahad their devotee Ziggy fit hardly again going to go and see if you can guess German commands before they loom and some revision of modal verbs here are the modal verbs in their present tense form as you can see they are irregular and the first second third party singular and thereafter totally regular remember that these don’t use they don’t use the word sue in the cause and they send a second and or third verb to the end of sentence now they find themselves in the simple past tense there are no unlocks whatsoever used in this table and the conditional four of the verbs have them lots but virtually the same as the previous table

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