[ Music] as japan really secreted skewer in the supermarkets then guess what i did when i found out do you know what sku is skewed is basically like yogurt except we take four times as much skimped milk in order to create the same amount of skewer as you would have yogurt so the outcome is a lot more creamy and a lot more cheesy flavored and it has a higher percentage of protein which is very very good and low fat and no sugar on the regular one at least so it is super super nice if you are on a diet as well and in japan they just exhausted three different kinds of skewer so we have a lot to choose from so you have the regular one with 13 protein which is super super nice and if you top it with fresh berries or fresh fruits then it’s very really nice as well and then you have already with some berry spices and vanilla flavor which is a little bit on the sweeter place but let’s be able to use some of these chaps for some breakfast so for the blueberry smoothie then the work requires plainly skewer and we will be using the one with berries as well as banana milk and frozen blueberries frozen is nice because then it cools down the smoothie as well so you only lend all the ingredients and then you meld it together for the banana then we only need half so you can just go ahead and eat the second half yourself[ Music] and then we can only mixture this ski a little bit and then scoop it up and into the blender and good-for-nothing should go to waste right do you commit it a immediate blender and then you have your beautiful smoothie[ Music] you are able to pour it in a wine-colored glass really to make it look a little bit more fancy and surpass it with a leaf of mint[ Music] and then you have a quick breakfast[ Music] for calligraphy then today i am doing a mix between japanese calligraphy and the old school runes that are written by vikings back in the day so i am writing in runes so as “youre seeing” some of the characters various kinds of resembles the current nostalgic but not all of them for the scooter pancakes then we will be needing the following ingredients today so banana eggs flour vanilla milk broiling gunpowder and skew of course so this time we are using the regular skewer so as you can see it is a little bit more thick than the last one dollop all that into a container and get everything with you and then pour in the milk and lend the three eggs present that a wipe until it is fully mixed you don’t need a hand mix or anything for that one and then we can go ahead and rind our two bananas[ Music][ Music] paste that together until you have a nice banana mash[ Music] something like that yeah pour that into the skewer mix afford it a speedy stir and then we can add our vanilla as well as our flour and roasting pulverization just run for your lives through sieve if you crave a more airy firmnes this is of course a step that you can skip if you prefer to wash a little bit less recipes[ Music] and then we have a nice pancake though so we can go ahead and pour in some butter on our wash and just pour in a spoonful fling it[ Music] i have a golden color on both sides and then we are ready to plate them[ Music][ Applause] and then you can exactly stack them up in a large stack simply to make it look a little bit more cheap[ Music] contributed a little of butter or your favorite top i’m adding some blueberries as well as some almonds and that’s pretty much it you can also make it a little bit more sugary by adding some pulverized carbohydrate or sugar for example it is up to you i’m just saving it a little bit health this time so you might think it is not sweet enough because there’s no carbohydrate or anything supplemented but the banana is just enough for the sweetness the natural sweetness and then this just stirs it a little bit more creamy and neat and concludes the flapjack just perfect for breakfast a health breakfast neat lastly skewer with roasted oats banana and some blueberries so these are the ingredients we will be using this time so we start by making the oats of granola and for that then we need only a tablespoon of butter on a medium low heat pan add in the sugar as well as oats present it a incite for two minutes until it is a little bit ribbed now and then you can take them off the wash and let them cool down a little bit meanwhile then we can add our skewer to our plateful spread it out a little bit and then lend precisely a tablespoon of milk to it this is also optional it’s just to get wise a little bit more creamy if you mix those two that’s pretty much it then we just add our toppings so our banana as well as our blueberry and then lastly our ribbed oats you have the sweetness from the banana the bitterness from the blueberries as well as the crunch from the oats a really nice matched breakfast[ Music] could you realise some other stuff i think today is gonna be a nice day oh and if you haven’t already then please reach the like and agree button if you liked the video and want to see more future content it really really facilitates out the direct and otherwise then i will just see you in the next one conciliation

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