We have just had a huge delivery ofShoei GT-Air 2 and they’re going to be available at a nice discounted priceso let’s take a look at what’s in the box. So the GT-Air 2 has been out for about a year now and it’s really reallyimpressed us it is taken over from the original GT-Air as Shoei’s premium touring helmet. Shoei have exerted the same shell type as the X-Spirit IIIwhen spawning the GT-Air 2 this is called their AIM+ comparedto the rest of the Shoei range it has another layer of organic material whichmakes up this beautifully sculpted fiberglass shell.The shell is sculpted in this way for improved aerodynamics and to keep thenoise levels low-spirited although being a touring helmet it doescome with nice big ventilation to keep you cool. What Ireally like is something that Shoei are calling their first location with thevisor mechanism it makes it possible to simply crack the visor which allows to defogthe screen and also get a little bit of airflowwithout the visor having to be up too much.From thisfirst position we have multiple adjustment levels that we can set thevisor at all the way to fully open and thenyou’ll identify we have this nice dark hue visorthis is on a really smooth cable operating mechanism and not on somethinglike a springtime it’s something you are able to expect from apremium manufacturer and this is smooth as butter.And like I registered you earlier you get a pin lock in the box so that can befitted continuing your visor shadow free and at the top we have thislarge central vent which is easy to open andclose with a gloved paw that feeds air through and out throughthese weary panels what’s really cool is when you look insideyou can actually are presented in the multi-density EPS liner we have somenice directs cut off which will effectively flow the airthrough your mane and rounding out the bottom we have this nice big chin ventnice and wide comes lots of air in but likewise exactly a lovely thing to use it’s gota nice little cutlet for your thumb to pull down really well design bit of kit.Moving on to the bottom of the helmet we have this nice close-fisted cervix rolling butwhat’s more important is around the rim of the helmetwe have these little triangle mold thingsnow these pop out and what goes in this place the Sena SRL2 bluetooth intercomkit you still have to fit the speakers andthe microphone yourself but it’s an absolute doddle because Sena and Shoeipartnered up when designing it so it all fits innice and smoothly.If it’s something you’re not confident in do yourselfyou can always drop into one of our 15 diverges and the team they’ll be happyto fit it for you instead click the link up now andi’ll tread you through step by step. And this lovely colour is the crossbar Ithink it’s a lovely looking graphic neat and simple but alsovery effective in its style it comes in two other colourways we also have theconjure I think it’s a polar antonym but i think it’s very charm as wellthat’s available in two colourways if you check the link in the descriptionbelow we’ve got superb savings on so check it out.And that’s the Shoei GT-Air 2 in a nutshell almost a perfect boasts touring helmetyou might say well for this price point you definitelyget a lot of slam for your horse now if you so wishes more remember to likeand follow our youtube path and thumped the buzzer icon if you want to benotified when the videos come out.I’ve been Tom from Infinity Motorcyclesand this is the Shoei GT-Air 2. buy one of these helmets because it’sreally good if you don’t have one of these then you probably shouldShoei GT-Air 2 get wise on your bots I should do slogans.

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