– The action to tell the difference between perimenopause and menopause genuinely has to do with awoman’s menstrual cycle. So menopause is defined as lack of a menstrualcycle for 12 months. Until that has happened, a woman is considered in perimenopause. So perimenopause we think of the years leading up to when themenstrual cycle lastly stops. During perimenopause you can have the exact same type of manifestations that you would associate with menopause. Nonetheless, seasons still can becoming, typically irregularly, but they still are coming. So the average age of menopausein the United Position is 51, and it’s thought thatprobably for three, four, five years leading up to whenmenopause actually happens a woman can begin to go througha perimenopause transition. But this is very differentfor each woman and can run. But certainly the years leading up to when the menstrualcycles stop for good a woman can definitely expect to start to notice some changes.So some of the manifestations awoman may begin to feel, especially in perimenopause, include having issues with hot flashes, light sweats, impediment sleeping, some problems with their sex perform, so abridged libido orpainful sex, also issues with decreasedenergy level and weight amplification. These are all classic evidences of perimenopause and menopause. But once again, thisis very varied in women and not every woman is going to experience all of these symptoms. Traditionally, the best treatment for menopausal or perimenopausal symptoms is hormone rehabilitation. The specifics of this is veryindividualized to the woman. There are also non-hormonaltreatment alternatives that a woman can look into as well as well as some supplementsor life-style modifications that she can try to pursue.The thing that I ever prompt brides when they begin theperimenopause transition is this is a very normal andnatural part of being a woman. And while these symptomscan be very bothersome, they’re not dangerous and they’re not life-threatening to have. So exactly solely havingthe evidences doesn’t mean you have to go on sometype of treatment for them. Women who have symptomsthat are bothersome enough to them that it’s disruptingtheir daily living, their quality of life, then it absolutely justifies coming in to talk to your OB/ GYN tolearn about treatment alternatives ..

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