Hi Guys, today I am going to share a Master Cleanse Diet, with which you can lose up to 5 Kgs in 1 Day. Yes, 5 Kgs In 1 Day( Lose 10 Lbs In 1 Day This is a saltwater flush diet which is super effective and it makes each time. You can watch this video in English, on my other direct “Versatile Vicky” I had published this video in English and there are plenty of success comments. You can check the comments from the link, given in the description box. So let’s get started. The first step is to take 1 litre of drinking water in a saucepan. You have to take liquid which you can drink To this, lend 3 tsps of Himalayan Pink Salt or Sea Salt merely. Remember to use salt without iodine simply. Now switch on the gas and hot the ocean Salt without iodine is used in this flush as our torso does not absorb water which contains salt without iodine. Simply like sea water our form cannot absorb.If you use a different salt or salt with iodine, then this redden will not work as said or your load might even increase. Hence do not use regular table salt or any salt with iodine. Best buying links to buy salt without iodine can be found in the description box. Keep stirring until the salt terminates. This process can take 5-7 mins. Follow this food on a period when you are not so hectic. Do not follow this during or near your spans. Swap off the gas and let it come to a drinkable temperature. Now computed 1 tsp of lemon liquid for better feeling And now our Salt Water Flush Drink is ready. Drink it on an evacuate belly If you think you cannot stay hungry for the next 8 hours, Then you can take your breakfast before having this drinking Have proteins in your breakfast like eggs, tofu, chicken etc. Wait for 2 hours for breakfast to digest Then have this complete 1 litre guzzle Have it in one sitting. Take a delay if like but is an attempt finish the ended sea in 30 mins.

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