Russell croaks 7th fastestas he spans the line. And Latifi down in 10that the moment for Williams. We’re watching Esteban Ocon makinghis path around the final reces, driver very much at risk. 15 th is only 11 th. Who behind him can go that much faster? Chequered flag is out, these are the laps that are going to count as Giovinazzi extends 9th fastest, filches himself very muchout of the danger zone.Raikkonen is out of qualifying once more.Kimi, merely 17 th fastest. Pierre Gasly disappears 5th fastest, Carlos Sainz in the Ferrari needsto find some fast in the final area and runs 6th fastest himself. Yes, Sainz is faster of all in the middle sector. Now, Seb Vettel needs to find a lap. Alonso get 8th fastest.Ricciardo quickest through the first sphere. Stroll is up into the transcend 6 for Aston Martin, the gait is there for the car. Can Sebastian Vettel find it? Leclerc exits 5th fastest for Ferrari. Perez very much at risk as Tsunodagoes 4th quickest overall. Now we’re onboard with Sergio Perez, lists himself well away from the bottom 5, get 5th fastest overall. Ricciardo makes himselfout of the danger zone. Latifi now dropping towards it, Ocon’s out becausehe’s been pushed down. Sebastian Vettel pushesLatifi back into the bottom 5 with a last gasp drivein this first part of qualifying, but get him 13 th fastestand out of that danger zone. Daniel Ricciardo only 15 th fastestafter setting the quickest firstly sector.That’s a very rancorous blowfor Esteban Ocon, who hears himself down in that bottom 5and out of qualifying. Knocked out in Q1, it’s his worst characterizing since the opening race of the seasonwhen he was 16 th. Charles Leclerc, he’s only finished higherthan he’s started previously in 2021, put in a personal bestin the middle sector, induces his path throughthe traffic now towards Turn 9, and he’ll view the finish lineas he makes his route around turn 10, as Perez starts his final flying sip. Leclerc proceeds 8th fastest. That might not be enough for him. He’s not going to get a chancereally to go again either. Tsunoda goes 7th fastest. We are onboard now with Carlos Sainz, who briefly is outside of the top 10 and is going to stay outside the top 10. Sainz had it all and thenloses it right at the last. Giovinazzi stays outsidethe top 10 as well, merely 13 th fastest. George Russell settles his Williamsinto the surface 10. Can Fernando Alonso deny him? Alonso bridges the line! Russell is in the top 10 but for a few seconds before Fernando Alonso kickings himout of the qualifying three. Now comes Lance Stroll, he stays 10 th, and behind him, Daniel Ricciardo is on a flying sip, as is his team mate Sebastian Vettel. Vettel merely 13 th fastest. Can Stroll make it through into Q3? Can Ricciardo deny him? Norris disappears fastest overall.Great lap from him. Ricciardo merely 14 th. So Lance Stroll does remain in the exceed 10. Daniel Riccardo’s woes continuewhilst his team teammate is fastest, well, was fastest.Ricciardo merely 14 th. Perez crisscross the line, and he goes quickeston those soft deepen tyres. So yes, Ricciardo 13 th, Sainz 12 th, Vettel wouldn’t have got into the top 10, and I’m just looking at the times now, 0.008 between George Russell and Q3. 28.5 for Hamilton, which is a 10 th down on the best middle sector that we’ve had still further. So it’s good, but not magnificent. A slew of operators like turn intoTurn 9 from the kerb. Lewis doesn’t do that. 1:04.2 as he crosses the line, and whilst that is the fastest time we’ve seen from Lewis Hamiltonin qualifying today, “its not” quicker thanSergio Perez managed in Q2 on those same soft combination tyres. Second fastest for Yuki Tsunoda, that time is going to be beaten, though. Verstappen is on an ultimate flyer. Gasly parallelling Hamiltonthrough the first two sectors on this latest run. A 28.3 in themiddle sector for Max Verstappen. Told you he was flying, he’s nearly four-tenths up at the moment. Gasly exits 2nd fastest, goals up a couple of tenthsdown on Lewis Hamilton. Max Verstappen has two more cornersto negotiate on this flying sip, croaks wide, but not extremely wide, stays within track restraints, out of the final 10, Verstappen on provisional spar, and the first man into the 1:03′ s so farthis weekend at the Styrian Grand Prix.Charles Leclerc has had twopoles still further this season, second sequence for him at the moment, only 4th fastest, originate that 5th, as Sergio Perez intersects the lineand extends 3rd quickest. But he’s replaced by Lando Norris, who settles his McLaren3rd fastest on his first operate. Bottas with a short run to the line, and that makes him exclusively at P4. This is Valtteri Bottas on his last lap. Oh dear. – “Tsunoda … *** Idiot.” – “Copy that.” You don’t get out of the wayby parking in the violate zone.They’re almost racing already, and in fact, Hamilton is getting relatively bawdy, and wants to get past Perez and Norris, and he’s nowbehind Fernando Alonso. Eventually, he’s got to commitor put the restraints on. So he goes for the commit. What was that abouta gentleman’s agreement? We don’t overtake each other whilewe’re queuing to go into the pits, right? Hamilton, did he get too racy, Martin, trying to get track position? He’s lost a heap of time to the first sector. He has, but he’s in thedirty breath of the Ferrari as well, but Lewis certainly thinking thisis all about the championship. Now, I forget what the other thing.I’m going for a clearer piece of racetrack. He might have got the clear case of move, but it’s so far not proving to bethe best outcome for Lewis Hamilton. Valtteri Bottas has run quickerthan his squad mate through this first sphere of the sip. Forget pole position for Lewis Hamilton.This is not going to happenfor this afternoon. He’s already ahalf second down, Verstappen- Oh, he’s gotten title in there as well. So that’s over. Hamilton cannot be on pole. Can he stays on the front sequence? Well, we’ll participate who canlay down the challenge. Hamilton will have to stay at 2nd fastest, Valtteri Bottas next across the line, he does go onto the front row, but he’ll take a three-place grid remove, as we’ve been saying.Pierre Gasly goes4th fastest behind Hamilton. Lando Norris has put in his bestmiddle sector of this qualifying time, crisscross the line.Second row for Lando Norris. That is a very good lap really, as Sergio Perez only5th fastest for Red Bull. Norris obstructs himself on that second row. Max Verstappen traverses the line.One by one, they tried to challenge him here at the Red Bull Ring this afternoon, and one by one, the challenge failed.It is back-to-back spars for Max Verstappen, who starts the Styrian Grand Prix on top. Never ogles in doubt for Max Verstappen. Lewis Hamilton havingnothing in terms of an answer to the pace of the only man who’s been inthe 01:03′ s this weekend ..

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