INTERVIEWER: Thankyou for opting OHSU for your colonoscopy. And congratulations on takingan important first step in preventing colon cancer. Colonoscopy is the best wayto screen for and prevent colon cancer. During the procedure, the doctorwill pass a adaptable scope with a sunrise and camerathrough your rectum to the beginning of your colon. Polyps are abnormaltissue in your colon that may turn to colon cancer. If any polyps arefound, medical doctors will remove them during theprocedure preventing them from being able toturn into cancer. Your colon must be very cleanon the day of your procedure so the doctor has a clear viewof the walls of your colon. Investigates is estimated that thebest action to empty your colon is with two quantities of anoral liquid laxative. The first dose istaken the night before your colonoscopy.The second quantity hastaken the morning of your scheduled colonoscopy. It may appear that yourcolon is clean after sucking the first dosage, butyour tummy is still drawing liquors that can makeit difficult for your doctor to see the walls of your colon. The second doseremoves the fluids your torso caused overnight tocompletely clear all textile from your colon. It’s very important youdon’t miss the second dose.Many patients who don’tdrink the second dose of the liquidlaxative have to be rescheduled because theircolon is not clean fairly. You will receive sedationmedicine through an IV to obligate you sleepyand pleasant during the procedure. Cases who receivesedation are not able to drive afterthe procedure. You must have aresponsible person drive you home oraccompany you home in a taxi or publictransportation. You will receive instructionsand a article prescription mailed to your address onfile approximately one month before your procedure.If you have notreceived this within two weeks of your procedure, please contact our part. Keep an heart out for theinstructions and prescription in your mailbox. Two things to do as soon asyou receive your rules, one go your paperprescription to the pharmacy to get your liquid laxative. Two, coordinate forsomeone to go with you to the endoscopycenter, remain on site, and drive you homeor accompany you home in a taxi or publictransportation. You should plan to beat the endoscopy center for two to two and half hours. Haven’t get yourinstructions yet? Call our bureau 503 -4 94 -4 373. Avoid meat with nuts or seeds. They can plug up the scope. Stop taking iron today. Review the prescription sectionin your teaching symbol, and create a plan foradjusting blood thinners, diabetic drugs, oranti-diarrhea medicines.Check with yourprescribing physician before you make changesto blood thinners. Still have questions? Call our bureau. Begin a low-pitched residue food. You should avoidfoods high in fiber, such as fresh fruitsand fresh vegetables, and whole grainbreads and nuts, and choice foods such as whitebread, white-hot rice, pasta, flesh, fish, eggs, and tofu. You can have cannedvegetables or fruit without barks or seeds.If in doubt, check the label. And avoid all foods with fibercontent greater than 1 gram. Starting at midnight theday before your procedure , no solid food. You may drinkclear liquids simply. Acceptable clear liquids areapple juice, grey cranberry, or white-hot grape juice, clear athletics beverages, like Gatorade, soda water, black chocolate, and tea without milk, clear broth, likebeef, chicken, or vegetable, jello, and popsicles. No red or purple colored pieces. Avoid juices that youcannot see through, like tomato or orange liquor, kombucha, milk, coffee, or tea with paste, ice cream, paste soups, or protein sucks. In the morning, mixyour prep with sea as indicated in the instructions. Once the gunpowder iscompletely terminated, you may place the liquidin the refrigerator. Many cases preferthe laxative coldnes. 4:00 PM, between4: 00 PM and 6:00 PM the nighttime beforeyour appointment, suck the first half ofyour liquid laxative. If “youre ever” diabetic, make halfyour quantity of evening insulin tonight.You will startfeeling the effect of the laxative within an hour. You’ll want to benear a restroom once you begindrinking the solution. Continue drinking clear liquidsthe remainder of the evening. The destination is to 1 gallon of clearliquids throughout the day. If you have not had aball movement by 10:00 PM, call the hospital and ask tospeak with a GI fellow on call. Four hours prior toleaving the house, imbibe the remaining part halfof your liquid laxative. Once your colon isproperly emptied, you should not read anysolids in the toilet. Your liquid bowel movementsshould look like urine. If your liquid bowel movementslook like images one, two, or three two hoursbefore leaving the house, please call our office.Two hours before your arrivaltime, do not eat or anything. We’re looking forward toseeing you on your scheduled colonoscopy daylight. Thank you for choosingOHSU for your health care. Funding for this video providedby Colon Cancer Coalition.

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