– Seriously you need to drop this heavines. It’s killing you. I cried, I cried all the way home. I said, “Okay, I’ll do it.” I’m stimulated to go through this surgery because I believe on the other side there’s so many benefits to that, that some years ago I would never have thought of it that way. We’re good on time. -[ Receptionist] How are you today? – Fine, okay honey expressed appreciation for. – This system here is forany kind of family member that you want to be able to call and talk to the medical staff. -[ Interviewer] So how are you feeling? – Good, I know this sounds crazy, but I’m departed, more excited to have a drink of sea tomorrow. I exactly wanna been through, get on the other side, get out of surgery, get up start amble. Time start that process, you are well aware, of things getting better. -[ Surgery Tech] And then sir you can have a seat there if you like.-[ Pamela] Is it gonna betougher because one is the … – Hello, how are things? – Good! – We’re here! – I performed it this time.- You did. – How you feeling? – Good. – Are you nervous? – No. – I feel like you shouldbe a little bit excitable. – No, I’m agitated to getthe picture on the road. – I convened Pamela when she wasinterested in the program. Medical doctors had suggestedthat she conducted an investigation into bariatric surgery andso she “ve been given” a announce. And from the moment that individual patients calls is when they get startedwith me and the process. And so she called the website, watched the online seminar.We had her investigate the surgeon in his office to make sure that hethinks this is a good suggestion, she’s a good nominee. And then from there, that’swhen we start the education. So that’s when she hadher first appointment with myself and the dietician in person. – Okay bye bye, I’ll seeyou on the other side. Oh is this the operating room? Wow, right here! Dang, I supposed I’d goclear down the vestibule. – Everything led immense, she did just fine. – Thanks good, I knew she would because of her sentiment. – Yeah, she’s a good person. – I’m glad she’s gonna be okay then. This looks like it’s gonna be a approval’ compel she’s gonna get rid of her CPAP. She’s gonna get rid of her diabetes. She’s gonna lose theweight and that’s just all the other benefits, losing the weight’s just a bonus to her. When she started on her insulin I told her insulin exactly positions on the load. Nothing you can do about it really. Some beings it’s that’s way.I informed her I genuinely don’t, I didn’t care if she weighed 850 pounds or 50, she’s still my wife andher mention is still Pam. It didn’t matter, shestill had the same heart. So I’m her bariatric surgeon. I’ve kinda been the point person for her as she starts this whole journey. She’s had a lot of medical problems over the course of herlife and weight loss is a solution to preventanything worse from happening as well as to treat some pre-existing difficulties that she has. Her diabetes is probablygonna be the quickest thing that is impacted by thesurgery,’ reason with a gastric bypass notonly does the weight loss help with that, there’s also a metabolic constituent to it extremely thatis pretty immediate behave. So I’m hoping that we won’t have to restart her insulin at all. Post surgery, Pam knows what she’s doing. That’s kinda the elegance of this surgery. She’s very well educated for what happens after the surgery as well.So the most difficult thingthat I are dependent upon her on, is just following her post-operative diet, remaining to those rules, because they’re very important as she does heal things up and also very importantto her overall success. I mull within a year’stime it’s pretty reasonable that we’re gonna see arounda 100 pound weight loss, but we often envision peak weight loss somewhere between 18 and 24 months. -[ Pamela] It’s calming down some.( giggling) -[ Amanda] Okay, youguys “re gonna have to” 470? Okay we’ll see you down there.- How are you feeling today? – Pretty good, considering all things. There’s really no grief. I is a well-known fact that I’ve had surgery, merely the space my belly feels. I make I’m really excited now to see,’ cause it was 24 poundsI was down yesterday. I’m anxious to see how it comes off, you know that type of thing. – Good morning! – Oh, good morning. – How are things in here? – Marvelous. – Some beings just liketo pour’ em in their cheek however merely little bitty blue chaps. There’s no spice or anything to them. – Oh heaven, this is heaven. – There you go- Right here – So the object of thisis that we’ll have you munch on these chaps, you can suck on’ em, you can crunch’ em ifyou’re an sparkler cruncher. If you notice that after you do a few, your belly starts to spasm a little bit or you start to feel a little discomfort precisely slow down and giveyourself a little bit of day. Since they are cold, it might originate your gut act a little bit.

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