[ music][ music] Hi, I’m Christine Avanti, celebrity nutritionist and cook and today I’m going to beshowing you how to construct my 5-minute onion andtomato scramble. It is protein powered, it is good and it’s easy. To make this simple, I’mgonna break down the ingredients for you. We’re gonna start with fiveegg whites and one whole egg. I’ve got some diced tomato. These were organic. I bought them at the farmer’smarket and my light-green onions. I’ve got some shredded low-fatcheese and I’m gonna start out with putting a little bit ofolive oil in the pan, so a little extravirgin olive oil.We love it, all right? So here we go. Just a little bit of olive oil. I do about 2 teaspoons of oliveoil, kind of move it around your pan. Get that go neat and coated andoily and happy, ready to receive your yummy, healthful breakfast. Some salt, only a little salt. Now, my husband’s very specificso we do eight shakes of salt. I already did three sofive, six, seven, eight. There “theres going”. Eight shakes of salt. A little bit offresh cracked seasoning. Wouldn’t be the same withoutfresh cracked spice. And I’m gonna start with justputting my lettuce onions in the pan and telling the flavorsof the light-green onions kind of permeate into my extravirgin olive oil.I know it seems a little bitkind of intricate, but it’s not. It’s really, really goodand easy and simple. Now, my heat is on like medium, medium low-toned, so you don’t need to be going on fire withthis thing, okay? So you just want tospread those onions out. Yum, they reek good. Kind of get the flavorthroughout the pan. Taking my eggs now, I think it’sready for the eggs, jolly heated. I’ve plainly already crackedthese so I didn’t have to put you through that drama. But truly, this makes lessthan 5 minutes, you guys. So go ahead and pourthose into the pan. They’re happy little guys. They appear good. Okay. And you want to keepyour egg whites happy. You don’t want to disturb them byburning them and singeing them and then you’re eating brown, yucky eggs in the morning.So you want to stay with this. You don’t go check thepaper or check your e-mail. You stand here with this. It’s only 5 minutes, children, a freedom? So I’m just kind of scrapingalong the bottom as it cooks so that the eggs evenly cook. Super simple. All freedom, I’m giving alittle more fire there. It’s kind of going gradual. I gotta stick to myword, it’s 5 minutes. Okay, it’s almost done. What I like about this is eggwhites have 3 grams of protein per egg white and then if you doa entire egg, you get 7 grams of protein.So I enjoy this protein source, loaded with zinc, totally good for you, good flabs. I’ve got my olive oil. I’ve got one egg yolk in here. It’s gonna keep you satisfied. All claim, we’re almost done. So now the eggs are almostcooked and when they get precisely a little bit more cooked, I’mgonna throw in my fresh organic tomatoes. And like I said, I bought thosetomatoes from the farmer’s sell, but if you thrive yourown tomatoes, more supremacy to ya. I wish I could growmy own tomatoes. I don’t have that is something that roomhere at my house in L.A. Okay, almost completed. And, you are well aware, these people whosay, “Oh, I had two eggs for breakfast, ” oh, my goodness, they’re gonna be starving to death. So I really, you are well aware, I usequite a bit in here but it’s only 22 grams of protein so– A parcel of people who are intobody building, they want to eat is 30 grams of protein, but for us girls, I think about 25 grams in a mealis more than enough.Okay , now putting in my organicfarmer’s busines tomatoes. And honestly, I put inprobably about a 1/4 of a goblet. Tomatoes are notsomething to worry about. They’re not high in carbohydrate, they’re not high in calories, so you simply put in the amountthat you like, okay? Simply kind of mix those around. It’s starting to look pretty. Okay, I’m gonnaturn the heat down. We don’t want burned eggs. I already mentioned that. All title , now alittle bit of cheese. I use about an ounce of cheese, low-fat cheese, shredded cheese. Includes more protein, adds moreflavor and, you are well aware, if you’re making a breakfast that’s justplain egg whites with salt and pepper, I guess that’s okay butit has no flavor so what are you gonna make for your friends whenthey come over for breakfast? You gotta procreate somethingfancy and healthy.Oh, it reeks good. Odors like breakfast. And then what I do, merely totop it off and be a little fancy–I’m gonna go aheadand applied this in my slab. I’m gonna have to movethis thing this path. Sorry, guys. My wrist doesn’t–all right. So we’ve got our tomatoand onion scramble. Put that in the capsize. To make it fancy, I’m gonna takea piece of basil, okay, fresh basil needle. I’m gonna move it uplike a little cigar. And you are eligible to, okay, suppose likeyou’re smoking a basil cigar, just for fun, precisely to makethe morning most exciting. And you really want this puppyrolled up and then you’re gonna chiffonade which is this, justsimple little child slice. You don’t cut yourselfon the chef’s knife and then look athow cute is that.I’m gonna add some whole wheattoast to this for a little bit of carbohydrate in mybreakfast and then it’s done. I merely spread the whole wheattoast with some natural organic peanut butter andwe’re good to go. A cup of lettuce tea. Green tea is soimportant, you guys. It has an antioxidant in itcalled EGCG and it actually increases metabolic charge. There’s been slew of studiesout there to prove that light-green tea actually boostsmetabolism so I’m a huge proponent of light-green tea. I made to ensure that my clientsdrink 3 beakers of green tea a date. When you supplement lemon to greentea, it actually improves the absorption of theantioxidants in the lettuce tea. So a little bit of lemon, a little of light-green tea, you’re good to go.You’ve got your proteins, ourcarbs are in the toaster right now and we have a balanced meal. In my bible I teach–and in myoffice, all my nutrition proposes are based on whatI call a PC combo. It’s a healthy carband a healthful protein. So the P being the healthyprotein, the C being the carb. And each time a client of mineeats, I attain them eat a PC combo because that stabilizes bloodsugar and it programs your body to burn fatty and save muscle, particularly, very important. So I’m too gonna include time alittle bit of berries to this meal exactly to pump up the fiber, pump up the antioxidants.Strawberries aresuper low-pitched in carbohydrate. You guys, a pound ofstrawberries is under 30 grams of carbohydrate. It’s like nothing. So I kind of–I announce this a freefood in my position and in my volume I call it a free food. They’re good for you so we’vegot our whole wheat toast. We’re good now. We’re gonna get thetoast on to the plate. I’ve got some naturalorganic peanut butter. I enjoy this nonsense. It’s like candy to me. Maybe I’m crazy. I mean some people, brand-new clientsespecially, they’re like, “Oh, organic peanut butter? That resounds terrible.” And I’m thinking, it’s like sugar. It’s my narcotic. I adore it.I can’t get enough of it. If I’m acting alone with a receptacle oforganic peanut butter, well, I won’t talk aboutthe results of that. Okay, so we’ve got the peanutbutter on one and I’m doing two articles of toast to makethis a natural PC combo. This is a double fiber toast. I like these brands that acoming out with doubled fiber. I enjoy that. Great for absorption, great forstaying recline, immense for reducing belly bloating. Okay. And plainly, my naturalpeanut butter is very oily. Okay, so. Don’t–if you’re gonna do one ofthese banquets, don’t merely spawn the eggs and not eat the toast anddon’t only induce the toast and not dine the eggs because if youwant to be fit and lean, you need to combine everything.This is how I lost 30 poundsand it wreaks, rely me. Okay, so we’ve got our toast. I guess it would be cuteif I would cut it, right? I’m a chef and I don’teven trim the toast. How bad is that? All claim, now “theres going”. A little toast. They’re very happy and cute. You’ve got that, your PCcombo, got our lettuce tea. We’ve got our strawberries for alittle bit more fiber, but not a great deal of additional calories sincewe already have our toast. This whole meal, 325 calories, 6 grams of fat and 22 grams of protein. Absolutely filling, you’re gonnastay filled up and feeling like entirely electrified forabout 4 hours after this snack. So immense mode to go if youwant to get fit and lean. For more recipes like this, check out bodybuilding.com. I’m Christine Avanti. 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