Three hundred sixty-five days.Three hundred sixty-five messages. The names are written.The daytimes are not. Three hundred forty utterances from now, What will you have witnessed Who will be more transformed? In three hundred twenty-five days Or three hundred commands. By the end, Who will I be? Will I still be here? Will I make it to the end of this video? I have been locked away my totality life.My form is a cage, laid in gold EnviedAdored But I am the MinotaurMy reflection, I are presented in the glittering rails of golden, is warpedwrong.In the darkness of the labyrinth, Grotesque swine swim in my psyche. Creeping faces behind impossible shrouds. Is this the face that moron them with a glimpseAnd burnt the horrible disguise I secreted behind? Without my cover-up, The false costume is gone But with it, protection of rights, a forcefieldof comfortable conformity Now I stand bare for the world -Asking the crows to peck at my bark. Within the walls of the labyrinth, withoutmy disguise, I am starving hysterical naked. Drowning in the cave measureless to follower. I made a pact and took the road less traveledby Now it’s time to cut free the chainsand venture out of the woods A wild trouble disposes before me, orchestratedby the awful, who close in like vultures – their noses filledwith posey. But soon, I will soar like Daedalus with wax backstages of my own creation, lighting in superhuman ecstasy. Mounting over and beyond my past, Upside down bright blinding adventurou endless orange. The stone fortress blown to piecesBy the firecracker boy who took his sadness with him.So “youre telling”: Carpe diem I say: Carpe noctum. Because at night, we dream. And I will abduct my dreams.Hold them close to my dresser, So tight in my fists, They erupt through the bone, light up my veins, Crawl up to my intelligence and become my new reality. And now my explanation is laid before youA new beginning One yearof GrowthChange TransitionIn Three hundred sixty-five daysOr Three hundred sixty-five paroles.

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