check check check alright so project beloved doctor so Noah your blood work looks really so Noah I want to talk to you about your blood because some things that were a little funny on it what’s going on guys no no only checking in with the lovely doctor Erica’s elf and we are really lucky to have four connect us on this channel today because there’d be no other channel to get these kinds of exhaustive blood work talk to you so please everyone be ultra respectful and kind in the comments and attain her feel welcome otherwise I did that teaser video two weeks ago which pissed a good deal of beings off regrets we’re gonna go ahead and time talk about my blood work the stuff that more pertains precisely to testosterone placement regiman and then we’ll go ahead really talk about my blood work in general so stick around for whatever you would like to be a part of thank you for being now and let’s catch out if some things are gonna change if they’re gonna stay the same let’s let’s just get right into it I’m gonna feel like there aren’t three cameras on right yeah accurately okay huge okay well let’s um let’s just go in order of the things I went this stuff in sure so your blood count this tells me about your grey blood cells your red blood cells if your red blood cells have enough hemoglobin hematocrit pretty much telling me if you’re anemic on one goal or if on the other end your poly psych you Mack that’s poly security mingle so that’s when your hemoglobin and hematocrit are too high so your red blood cells are a little too good in a manner that was and that happens sometimes with people that are on TRT which is why I wanted to check that out and see if you had any of that proceeding means your Bloods mean too thick potentially was absolutely hansworth yeah but everything was normal now yeah I regular looks like for a wine blood cell right yeah yeah high-pitched ordinary but technically still within the normal range right likewise exactly taking a glance at your white blood cells these are the cells that do your immune organization make sure that you can fight off infections you have enough cadres to do that and those were well the normal range it doesn’t look like you have any signalings of a current infection or anything like that not that we were thinking about that but it’s just kind of nice double-check that okay your platelets are what procreates your blood clot or one of the things that contributes to that and those are normal as well so all in all a ordinary blood count this test is also called a CBC or a terminated blood count right okay so we had already talked about this but your metabolic body was super wonky and eerie and we did it so we just led onward and redid it because when I saw how spooky you know what maybe lab error perhap “youre gonna” dehydrated maybe it was because the blood draw made so long that I didn’t even want to start worrying about anything on there so we just redid it so we repeated your metabolic body and everything reviews just fine your kidney purpose gapes good these experiments here “ve been told” about your liver offices iams those look perfectly normal your kidneys are filtering just fine your electrolytes are in balance goldstar next metabolic board good enterprise obliged me proud expressed appreciation for mm-hmm and then we sent out for your cholesterol body and your hormone body so this is where things kind of get interesting right I attended abnormal in the portal Ferb yeah everything well not everything not everything and actually what I like that this lap does is they have a summary page that I’m gonna throw to for a few seconds where this is what your blood work was like in September the first editorial and then this is what your blood work was like this month in the follow-up and overall there’s actually know a lot of improvement it’s getting your cholesterol panel and yours flat or markers in your overall cardiovascular jeopardy sketch so even though some things are still in the borderline they used to be in the red what’s good does that make sense the dilated typically die staggeringly yeah what has not improved and has actually gotten worse is the hormone panel title not that your your body’s doing worse but that you’re just over medicated right and we’ll talk more about that right when we when we get there so when you get a cholesterol panel done at most doctors agencies this is all that they check is this box okay so you know they often want to know about your total cholesterol I personally don’t really harp too much on this numeral because it “ve been told” how much bad Plus how much good so you have a lot of good cholesterol that figure will be falsely promoted so you are familiar with and yours was borderline so maybe that entails something maybe it doesn’t but some 214 mm-hmm and the stray being what is the range right there I’m 200 to 40 they’d like to see it under 200 here i am I don’t know if this is true but I discover from kind of an older wiser doc that it used to be normal was under 230 and that they lowered it to 200 for the wishes of pushing more statin stimulants okay I don’t know if that’s true or not conspiracy conspiracy theories I don’t prescribe statins generally anyway so it’s kind of a moot point for us but but broken off of that total how much is good how much is bad so the direct LDL see this is it passes us a general sense of your bad cholesterol and that’s that was elevated so your direct LDL C which gives us a general appreciation of your bad cholesterol that was 161 which is promoted we want to be in the 100 we want to be under 100 under 100 for that one yeah so am I would be expected to do about that we’re gonna talk about that yeah and then your HDL which is your good cholesterol I visualize H is H is happy so you want it to be high you want that number to be nice and high-pitched adroit you’re at 44 is that really bad it’s borderline I like to see it above 50 so what this is telling me is of your total cholesterol which is high this is high because your bad is high not because you’re good as high-pitched so we had to address that yeah yep gotcha we’re already doing things to address it and what I’m like munching as clean as I’ve ever feed in my whole live precisely so if you gape if you look at where you are at in September all of these values have improved because your total in September was 221 I mean that a huge mount but it has gone down down your bad was 174 the good is barely gone up yep what’s always been good is your triglycerides which is the cholesterol that your torso wishings so oftentimes people who have diabetes sure their blood sugar inequalities they’ll have a high triglyceride and your triglycerides are great they’re 75 and I pride myself and my provokes might try to close right you should like gave a bumper sticker on your automobiles and they need wreckless right there I should be so nerdy and then like parties like me all five of us yeah non hdl-c this is pretty much all the cholesterol except for the HDL so the non hdl-c is all the cholesterol except for the HDL which is the good HDL and that chap is borderline also you’re at 170 in the lab reference range is 130 or the danger of these being borderline/ hi worst-case scenario is what what’s the overall gamble of it why fret well there’s a heart attack stroke yeah yeah and it’s not heart attack or stroking tomorrow it’s you know if you hang out in this place a little you’re on you’re a young chap now we’re kind of getting away with it now but if you if you let it go it’s it’s a risk factor am i talking weird is this okay no I loves as you’re talking okay yeah merely be yourself okay you all right I don’t know what am I like this you’re informative and and smart but you’re also merely down there exactly mellowed you’re doing great okay I’ll chipped all that out okay and you got a little something right here I only put on you right now through the door maybe that’s like a 13 time age-old yeah yeah that’s not okay let’s continue I also merely “re saying” overall step back this is by no means the worst cholesterol panel I’ve ever seen sure it’s not even in I was 20 I see red so yeah I would call this a moderate yeah yeah lowering bad cholesterol grow good cholesterol massive dietary forces there right gigantic I don’t skepticism I actually am curious to see what this what your panel would have been like before that 21 -day sugar detox you did and after those because I actually have a feeling that you emptied all of this up within the last month oh I’m sure you’re doing I’ve been eating clean for about oh freedom but we did this so yeah oh yeah we did it it was like a month yeah I’m really curious about that extremely really yeah and I convey the kind of rule of thumb is you want to repeat cholesterol panels no more than every three months but I actually think it was that three weeks yeah sure that did a lot of the alter though that was the most extreme thing I’ve ever done in my life diet-wise ever I’ve never cleaned up my diet to that ability for that long I’m still healthier it’s weird yeah keeps eerie well when you when you put in that initial asset you feel the difference and then it’s not that hard-bitten no no it’s definitely not that hard to anymore really feeling cruddy is hard mm-hmm and snacking vegetables is not it takes two yeah prepping them not yeah them getting used to prepping like parts enough to fill you up like that’s been the hardest place yeah it’s how to prepare enough in bulk with enough collection to not get a little bit later hey mate let’s stay on it anyways you’re doing good work so keep it up bless your do you um now we have your inflammation exams so I really like to see an inflammatory markers for a few cases concludes the big one being is half of all people who have heart attacks have normal cholesterol status interesting yeah which 50% is a lot that’s kind of not okay that we’re missing that’s like astounding yeah so the medical community is kind of scurrying around being like WTF what is this what is WTF stand for when the frankincense from the frankincense yes when the freaking one is going on long since wondered what the babies were doing yes yep so so now now the dream is that that missing patch that 50% is inflammation which is part of why anti-inflammatories are in every behavior mold and chassis becoming more trendy and medication now so these evaluations tell me precisely about rash in the heart and in the blood vessels we have an H s CRP so CRP in general is an inflammatory marker the HS tells us more about the cardiovascular system okay and that one is great you’re perfect you’re in the green there then there’s LP PLA – that one promotes vascular irritation and it also oxidizes the LDL that you have so the bad cholesterol that you have it fixes it even worse oxidizing it superb that’s great bulletin based on the fact that it’s mostly high risk it’s 234 in a variety of 200 to 35 so yeah I’m basically increased risk for the worst thing to be high risk for you’re gonna tell me how to fix this right yes not gonna die on your I’m not I’m not gonna give you a bad news and then kick you out and tell you to never come back well good luck with you yeah well and leave my tradition before you have a heart attack you acquire my staff and career so the LPP la – that’s carried on a prow B and H so a bowing B as we talked about is what infiltrates the vessel wall and that was borderline on you as well right so these two things are connected does that make sense that obligates appreciation so the cool thing about all of this is if you step in and start nourishing one balance yeah yeah it’ll Domino and help the others your diabetes research are great no no real issues there thank you yeah your haemoglobin a1c this tells me an average over the last three months worth of blood sugars so this tells me that you didn’t exactly clean up your food for a week before your blood evaluation that oh yes three months on average it’s been good cool so things that lower bad cholesterol and elevate good cholesterol include things like fish petroleum you’re already on do I take more or is that not how that works we might want to talk about your dose do you know how many I can inspect it up but do you know how many grams are taking right now I take one tablespoon of the key lime pie okay okay we were able to want to bump it up to two the exert which you’re doing cutting out sugar and carbs which I’m which you’re doing I make I move rice dessert taters yeah I’m cutting out all simple gondolas yeah yeah I miss them sometimes I are aware of their weight reduction which is sort of happening yeah lost 16 pounds in last-place nine weeks oh wait said here today that again I lost 16 pounds in last-place nine weeks that’s awesome thank you I didn’t know that really yeah well I knew that “youre gonna” looking Speltz but I didn’t realize it was 16 16 um interesting thing that can help with thyroid excuse me that can help with cholesterol I only leaved out the punch line is to support the thyroid so when your thyroid is low your cholesterol “re gonna be all” we’re going to talk about my thyroid last-minute we’re gonna talk about your thyroid mm-hmm interesting uh-huh and potentially lowering your testosterone quantity too you know what you’re implying there doctor Wow let’s just reduction to the chase yeah let’s go to the let’s look at your hormones

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