Therefore welcomed medical fitness and health care, the expert periodical for health providers and physiotherapists. Prevention and health have priority in the interview with the medical explained FIBO boss Silke Frank on how she offers the world’s largest health care equipment Fitness trade fair wants to further optimize. More on this in the current issue. Sport is his school of being. Functioning teams give him strength and his educate saves him fit. Prof. Dr. Klaus Steinbach among other things one of the best German swimmers, Renowned athletics medicine consultant and NOK President up close in a personal portrait. read it yourself Around 1.4 million people in Germany live with dementia. Since this clinical photo cannot be dried, the issues to originates of acceptable preventive measures. You can read about the contribution fitness can clear to this in the current medical. If you haven’t received such medical yet, visit our publisher’s website at or subscribe to our online paths ..

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