in our succession the united states of obesity we’re not only flooding the root cause of the the epidemic we’re also highlighting some of the biggest success stories from across the country like this one when I was six my mothers got divorced we all kind of used food as a consolation to get through the divorce my force really retained gradually increasing the older that I came when I was 18 we found out that my dad had stage four cancer I came home and my pa sauntered out and I didn’t know what was going on and he facilitated me and he said during my hearing he said John I’m toast I’m done they were giving him optimistically six months to live I would go to a fast food restaurant and buy a crate full of nutrient and that was my medication after his dad died his eating garbs went WAY worse my lowest part was the first time I’d gone for a physical since high school the doctor had to send me to a fish market because they did not have a scale that they are able to weigh me and they told me I was 540 pounds the doctor tried to tell me as plainly as he could that if I did not do something about this I was going to die at a young age that was enough for me to start trying I tried every kind of diet you can think of but I was still overcoming myself by the late-night overeats of something else there would be like stockpiles of coke cans and snack negligees cookies hidden in places and I was laying awake late at night on Facebook and I insured an ad for attaching a boot camp program I am starting this challenge for the first time tomorrow I made a video inserting myself and recording me emptying out all of the nonsense menu from our room he got through the first six weeks a bit rough and I didn’t think he was gonna make it but he hindered plugging away and it came easier and easier while I may be proud of what I attained I’m always looking to set the next goal absolutely that I’m going out there and not being fortunate or earth self-complacent before I’m out and before we encounter John here’s a remembrance of what he used to look like at five hundred and forty pounds I’ll tell you you’re not gonna believe what you witness John come on out and connect us draw yourself at home so how so how much load have you lost in total I’ve lost over 300 pounds and 297 of that was in the last 15 months yeah all through eating right and exercising and the stuff you hear your entire being when you started your pilgrimage did you you were able to take it this far absolutely not I you are familiar with I went to the the orientation for the first time for the gym and they had a class going on because it’s group activities and I almost went out because I was watching them do these aerobic practices and climbing around with heaviness and I was like yeah I’m gonna die if I do this there’s no way I can do this and I was this close to walking out but thank God I didn’t is that your suggestion to people you know I’ve learned so much better through this whole journey and there’s so many things that they are able to share and give advice and a lot of it is stuff like I said you hear your whole life and until you’re willing to articulated those things into practice those things aren’t gonna work for you and for me the key was procuring a community of people who are like-minded who have goals to lose weight and munch more effective and be healthier so that you’re not doing it alone and seeing that parish and acquire that group of people who’s gonna not only support you but likewise be doing those same things is the most effective accountable bullying and you acknowledge that awfully frightening to make that first step in there I want to ask because your wife is here and when you walked out I interpreted pride in your face perfectly what do “youre thinking about” all he’s reached I think he’s amazing he’s put in a lot of hard work and self-discipline he’s abode a lot of challenges and flops but he merely maintained trying continue trying and he’s finally obtained his success storey

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