Hi Guys Previously I have shown countless soup recipes in mychannel, some were hard to make and some were easy but this 1 is the easiest. I have also featuredmany oats recipes in my path so this is a mix of both, and I am talking about Oats Soup. Itis 1 of the most wonderful oats recipes that you can try for a speedy breakfast or light-footed dinner.It’s delicious, healthful and nourishing. So let’s get started-Take a red-hot wash and lent 1 tbsp of olive oil.Next, add 1 tbsp each of finely choppedgarlic and ginger. When they start to turn brown, contributed 1/2 bowl of oats. I am use rolled oatsin this recipe. If you are using quick oats, then the process will be the same and if you areusing steel-cut oats, then roasted for 3 minutes. Now roast the oats for 1-2 minutes. Next isthe time to add some veggies. I am supplementing 1 1/2 goblet of desegregated veggies whichare carrot, nuts, peas and corn. Saute them for 2-3 minutes. Then lent 3 goblets of irrigate and cook until the oats and veggies are cooked.As the oats will coagulate the soup, so you can add more sea to get the consistency you wish.Now I am lending dehydrated herbs like oregano and Italian salt for flavour. Now supplemented somesalt as per appetite and mashed black pepper. Now I am using Himalayan Pink Salt.Now include some handful of chopped Coriander Leaves and desegregate well.Shift the soup to a bowl.Lastly, squeeze in some fresh lemon juiceand disperse some red chilli flecks. And now our Vegetable OatsSoup is ready to be served 🙂 Few arrows are- Fine chop the veggies so that they cook faster and evenlyYou can use any veggies of your choice. Roast the oats else theywill turn out to be sticky. Let the consistency of the soup be runnyinitially as it will thicken with season. Dont skip oregano and black pepper asthey open a great flavour to the soup.Have this soup warm, and I am sure you aregoing to enjoy it. This soup is safe for all including PCOS, PCOD, Thyroid, Diabetics, Pregnant& Nursing Mothers etc. PCOS, PCOD& Diabetics should avoid corn and optfor rolled or steel-cut oats instead of quick oats. And Thyroid patients may use gluten-freeoats and eschewed nuts and use seasonings instead. The soup enriched in soluble fabrics which helplower cholesterol and glucose absorption. It will likewise hinder you full for a long time andreduce food itches. Oats have beta-glucan which conjures the level of a hunger-fightinghormone in our organization, thus helping us removed a few extra kilos. I typically have this for mydinner and I feel immense, It retains me light and it’s so yummy that I eagerly wait for it. Trythis and let me know how it turned out for you. Hope you like this video. Do punched like and expressed support for my path if you haven’t already. Also, scan these icons to follow me on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK andI will see you soon with a brand-new video, till then get some oats as they are neutral in savor hence start them as appetizing as you can.Bye! :).

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