Hey guys welcome to the ultimate weightloss guidebook this is going to be a three-part series we’re going to be learning step-by-stephow to lose weight and how to keep that value off so stop saying that from coming back here on so maintainingthat load all the information in this video is scientifically bat it’s all from the NHS and theBritish dietetics association which is great stuff because it’s safe and trustworthy now before webegin all of the information in this video is for adults whose BMI is above 25 so if you don’tknow your BMI i’m going to leave a calculator in the description below calculate it check it out ifit’s above 25 enormous we can start the plan together ever also speak to your healthcare professionalmake them aware that you’re doing this plan just so they’re aware they might give you some adviceand it could be really really important for you so here’s how it’s going to work i’m going to trymy best to induce these videos as simple as possible remember there’s going to be three responsibilities to thisseries there’s going to be three videos in total on how to lose weight and how to maintain thatweight so it don’t come back on so each video is going to be a three week challenge so nowsome information is going to pop up so in each week we’re going to do different challenges tomake it as simple and easy as possible to do now this is going to be quite a long video so ifyou want any specific information it’s all going to be time embossed in the specific characteristics below ifyou are looking for a more straightforward diet plan by the way i do have quite a few videoson these topics as well on how to lose weight i think one of them’s had over 8.6 million viewsand the other one over 5 million views they’ve helped a lot of people around the world those onesare a lot more simple to follow this one like i say it’s going to be a real challenge and we’regoing to do it every week but it is gonna help maintain that load as well and stop it comingback on but if you’re interested in those videos as well i will leave attaches them up now and in thedescription below so i’m gonna stop waffling now let’s begins with the diet propose so first of alli want to say a massive congratulations to you expressed appreciation for for clicking on this video you’vemade the decision that you want to lose weight which is great you clicked on that video youmade that decision no one else got your finger and saw you click on that video you did it all byyourself so big congratulations for doing that now the first challenge that we wantto talk about in this week’s video is parcel sizing so we’re going to go throughthat in a bit of detail now so what that intends is you need to be eating how much you need to eat toactually lose weight look it’s very simple to lose weight we know this this is a fact if you devour lesscalories you are going to lose weight no matter what the nutrition is if you ate less calories and yourrecommended sum you will lose weight so for women you need to be eating around 1 400 caloriesper daylight and for men you need to be eating about 1 900 calories per era if you want to lose weightthis is the advice from the nhs so if your bmi is 25 above 25 then this is how you need to loseweight some people this may not be appropriate for them if you have certain medical conditionstherefore this is why it’s so important that you do speak to your healthcare professional first andjust fix them aware that you’re doing a food just so they can advise you if they don’t want you todo this or if they’re happy for you to do it now a really good way to start portion sizing properlyis to start by choosing a smaller sheet or container for all of your snacks starting from today afew studies show this might not ever toil but there are many studies which have shownit can do it can make a significant difference eating from a smaller plate not only discouragesyou from overfilling it with too big of a portion but it’s also believed to help trick yourbrain into being satisfied even when eating little now when it comes to portion sizing for thatcalorie insufficiency that we spoke about earlier to help you lose weight one proficiency that ireally like to use is the fist size technique i do speak about this in my previous videos on howto lose weight as well it’s really good the reason that i really like it is that the fist is reallyindividualized to your sizing as a person and larger people will have bigger fists and smaller peopleare smaller fists so it’s really individualized to you now if you demand more information on howmany fists of carbs you can have a day and how many palm surfaces of proteins you can have a day andall of that i am going to leave a breakdown of it in the description below my other videos also igo in loads more detail about this fraction sizing proficiency so if you wanted to go i will leave linksto up now and in the specific characteristics below as well but i think you’ll be able to get the gist ofit only from the description another skill as well that the nhs recommends is weighing yourfoods but i always feel like this is a bit more difficult to do it’s a bit more difficult to fitin through your daylight especially at work but if you want more information on that as well i will leavethe information in the description now the section sizing technique is actually really really usefulfor you to lose weight i feel like we’ve all been kind of reprogrammed to have much larger portionsigns that are recommended for us for example fast food chains often give us big portionsizes sometimes up to eight times the recommended component sizing that we should be eating and thisincreased component size that we’ve all got used to has been contributing to the growing obesityacross the world so commencing with these big first steps is a great way to kick-start yourweight loss journey now another way to also watch your portion size is tv recollect don’t eatfood whilst watching television television is the enemy when it comes to eating food a lot of peoplewatch tv you watch netflix watch youtube whatever on tv whilst eating and it makes your thought offhow much you’re eating and how much of a large portion you’re eating please studies have shownthat this has actually contributed to increased fraction sizing gobbling because you don’t notice howmuch you’re eating because your mind is on the tv another thing as well that the study is supportingas well is feeing fast try not to eat too fast it takes about 20 to 25 hours for the receptors tosend those information to the brain to say look i’m full my tummy has expanded too much you needto stop eating so if you devoured slower you’re going to be able to eat a smaller portion size and feelreasonably full from it as well now moving on to challenge number two it’s all about bulking yourmeals when i’m talking about bulking your banquets i make bulking it with veggies salads low-pitched caloriealternatives vegetables are not only a great source of vitamins and nutrients but they are alsocomparatively low in calories and they help bulk your dinners up veggies are likewise a great sourceof fiber which not only is it good for your heart health and your overall state but material is goingto reach you feel fuller for longer fiber is quite hard to break down by the body it also absorbswater which causes the bowels to expand a little and then it’s going to send those signals to yourbrain to say actually i’m quite full this is going to mean that you’re going to snack less andyour portion sizes are going to be less as well and fiber is plainly readily available in lotsof fruit and veg but also if you want to introduce more fiber into your diet you can look at gettingwhole grain alternatives for example your bread if you’re getting regular white bread you could getwholemeal bread this is a great way to get more fiber into your system other examples includingbrown rice or brown pasta like i said wholemeal toast is a great alternative to white bread ifyou can start trying to make this switch this week you should hopefully find yourself feeling a lotfuller and losing pounds time don’t munch too much fiber all in one go as this can cause constipationinstead gradually increase the amount of fiber that you gobble so that’s week number 1 done we’renow gonna move to week number two but satisfy do let me know how you got on with week one alsomake sure that you’re taking your weight make sure you’re saving a enter of it and let me know ifthere’s any changes in the comments below i would love to know also let me know in week one whichone you encountered the most difficult which one you saw the easiest it was obviously two challenges which oneof the new challenges did you find the easiest so now let’s get on with week number two and week numbertwo the first challenge that i want you to slowly insert is exercise and i’m not expecting you togo for a six mile extended or go to the gym or anything crazy like that you can build it up slowly howyou like that’s the most important thing do it at your tempo you don’t need to go straight into asix mile roll or straight-from-the-shoulder into doing 100 pull-ups or anything like that make love at your tempo it couldbe just going for a small walk or instead of using the lift consuming the steps inducing these little minichanges and starting an active hobby can also be a great way to start exercising swimming cycling andgardening are all enormous ways to burn calories in a entertaining practice one thing that well don’t want youto think to yourself is oh i don’t have access to a gym or i’m at home most of the day because i’mworking from residence but that’s great as well because there’s loadings of exercisings that you can do at homeas well small little mini activities and pulls that are all considered practise by the way and ido have quite a few videos on these topics as well so if you are interested i will leave relates themup now and in the specific characteristics below all on little mini workouts that you can do at home rememberthe nhs recommends for those who are aged 19 to 65 “youre supposed to” do about 150 hours of moderateintensity exercising every single week so this probably intends about 10 to 20 minutes of moderateintensity practise today you are eligible to just do two short ten hour seminars at home for example and slowlybuild up by the way you don’t need to go straight into this slowly build up at your speed that’s themost important thing moving on to challenge number two for week number two you need to stay away fromfrying food look there’s so many different ways that you can concoct favourite foods without fryingthem now a good example would be grilling look if you enjoy a fry up like a deep-fried sausage this canall be grilled instead this is a quick and easy method and doesn’t use any solid another examplewould be if you cherish a good stir-fry there’s lots of good ways to bake delicious stir-fry saucesmeats and veg and organize something splendid try using the behavior that it’s cooked within yoursearch calls when you’re searching for google for recipes so for example cooked friedstyle chicken or grilled stir-fried veg these are just a few specimen and there aremany more poaching steaming and steaming are also great alternatives to frying and they are muchhealthier without the calories without all the oil without all that excess force amplification look thereare so many different things that you can do that is the second challenge for this week soremember week two you need to stay away from the friar so with week two done we’re now going tomove to week three of these action plans but before we move on to that satisfy do let me know how you’vebeen getting on how did you get on with week two how did you get on with different vogues ofcooking also leave some comments below or some good recipes and some good cooking optionsthat you found that are really helpful for you because other beings will thank you forit now in week three your first challenge isn’t anything new but i just crave you to keep upthat exercise that’s the most important thing you need to stay caused and keep up that exercisethis is going to help with the weight loss and it’s going to help with stopping that weightgain later on but we’re gonna get to that later in the coming few episodes try to acquire the exercisefun for yourself as everybody is different if you don’t like exert alone try an exercisegroup with people who can support you or if you don’t like groups or the gym implement your residence or yourgarden to do workouts now like i said earlier we are all different and we can all handle differentintensity of employ and this is normal so please don’t beat yourself up about it do what youare cozy with that is the most important thing and gradually build upon it you’re goingto see as the weeks go by you’re going to get better you’re going to get more stamina and thisis really rewarding it’s a great feeling when you start to see that improvement and reward yourselfyou don’t have to wage yourself with snacks and food so the remunerations that i’m talking about arenon-food reinforces so for example if you feel like your workout drapes are a bit rusty now that youhaven’t bought any brand-new ones buy some brand-new exercising clothes buy some brand-new running shoes buy some newtops this is going to make “youre feeling” immense because you’re rewarding yourself as well and the brainloves a good compensation ever remember that so as i mentioned earlier you need to be aiming for atleast 150 times of moderate severity utilization per week now i’m likewise going to add in 75 minutesof vigorous strength activity per week you don’t have to do them both by the way it’s either or buti think it’s a good time in week three to start introducing a few different energetic intensityactivities as well if you can handle it that is and if you miss more information on what theseare there’s gonna be a box here which is probably appeared by now which tells you the differencebetween the two but try and fit in a bit of severity intense exert as well and this isgonna cure as well moving on to challenge number two of week list three the next thing i wantto talk about is a nice health breakfast gape if you’re someone that misses out on breakfast thisis a big no you know that they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day well theymight be right because there are some studies that prove that beings that have a good breakfastin the morning are less likely to snack through the working day and are generally lighter so they areless likely to be overweight which is great news so you need to be fitting in a good breakfast inthe morning now i know you’re probably studying i’m gonna say abraham i’m too busy for a breakfasti don’t have time i do xyz in the morning so i don’t have time to have a breakfast so then i missit and then i have dinner i have lunch whatever you need to fit it in you need to be organized getyour breakfast ready the night before if “youre supposed to” do but you need to try and fit this in this isgoing to be really important for our weight loss journey and for maintaining that weight this isthe most one of the most important things that you need to do now there’s many different breakfastoptions that you can choose from which i will leave in the description below but here’s someideas perhap pairing some shape of whole grain like wholemeal toast porridge oats muesli or wholewheat cookies with return it’s a magnificent direction to satisfy the sweetened lusts and give youthat sustained intensity some other examples include porridge oats and berries low-fat yogurtmuesli and bananas whole particle cookie cereals with semi-skin milk and raisins the listing goeson if you demand more information it’s in the specific characteristics below eggs are also a great source ofprotein which you can is available in the morning however please have them boiled or poached maybe on somewholemeal bread so you’re getting that fiber for that longer lasting intensity the most importantthing is that you’re not having fry up so when we’re talking about a good healthy breakfast we’vespoke about the examples we don’t want to fry up we don’t want fast food breakfast or anything likethat it really needs to be home-cooked stuff now as i mentioned at the start of this video pleaseremember if your bmi is 25 or above and you’re an adult you can follow this guide you can follow theadvice given in this video furnish you got no medical conditions please please please howeveralways speak to your healthcare professional before you do start anything like this it’sreally important you simply get their opinion on it that you get the thumbs up from them to go aheadwith it that’s just the most important thing delight remember this advice the information thisvideo is not is ideal for beings with particular medical conditions or children or if your bmi isbelow 25 because you don’t need to lose weight your weight is at the different levels that we need it tobe and please be reminded that not everyone needs to lose weight look if your bmi is between 20 to25 or even less than 20 you need to speak to a healthcare professional if you’re still wantingto lose weight if you don’t feel happy with how you glance it’s really important that you do speakto a healthcare professional about this and i think it’s definitely important for us to discussthis kind of stuff so i’m going to leave a bit of information here if you have any of these kindsof evidences satisfy do speak to your health care professional about it because that is the mostimportant thing please speak to them they’re there to help you no one will adjudicator you i promise youhealthcare professionals are all there to help you and they are always there to help you so pleasejust speak to them so that is episode one of this three-part series of how to lose weight and how tomaintain that weight so you don’t employed it back on i hope you located this information helpful that’sweek one two three done so we’re all done on that please let me know how you get on please leavesome comments below i love reading these comments i love reading if it’s helped you please tellme what you witnessed difficult what you acquired easy and leave some tips below for other beings thatare watching because i’m sure they will be very indebted extremely in the next bout we’re going togo through the next three weeks of the challenge as well and again in the third episode we’re goingto go through another three weeks the challenge so every single episode is going to be the three weekchallenge and eventually you’re going to become this pro and you’re going to learn everythingthat you need to do thank you for watching i really hope that members can discovered this information helpfuland like i always say always remember you’re magnificent and i will see you next week hey guysthanks for watching this week’s video make sure to click 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