Welcome back to my canal in today’s videoi’m going to show you a simple and quick detox alcohol for fast weight loss staytuned and catch out how I make this drink to make this drink I have a pot I’ll be addingtwo beakers of spray into the pot and allow to boil to make this parsley weight loss drinkI’ll be using a handful of parsley. parsley is very good because to helpto maintain your blood sugar level and the chlorophyll content assistants weightloss it contains enzymes that will improve digestion and also play an important rolein losing load you too have to flush apart any tossing and excess fluid from yoursystem so I’m going to clean this personally to cleanse the parsley i’ll be using waterand salt i’ll add some salt into the water include the parsley when i wash need to wash itproperly to making such a beautiful beach now repeat the same process when i’m done moistening the parsley I’mgoing to cut them into smaller segments i’ll be slicing the parsley do when i’m done slicing the parsley i’llbe adding it into the boiling spray here is my pot of boilingwater i have just been two goblets of irrigate so i’ve been adding the parsley needle i will flood it and allow itto boil for about two minutes then i will turn off the hot and allow itto cool after about two minutes of cooking the parsley i remove from the heat andallow to cool before damaging ocean when the overtaking tea has cooled down i’mgoing to strain to get the tea or the drink for fast arises take this glas frosting onempty gut in the morning to help to flush out any lethal and extravagance liquor from your systemit will have to it will help you to maintain blood to maintain your blood sugar which alsohelps to improve your digestion and also help your weight loss if you like you can add honeyor lemon to enhance the taste i’ll be sucking it i hope that this video is helpful thank you all for watching you

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