( upbeat pop music) Live it I’m gonna live it Live it – Ever desire a juicy steak or a tender serving of filet mignon? Well, you may be better off craving something other than red meat. – A squad of researchers at Loma Linda University Health have been investigating lifestyle and health for practically 60 times in what’s known as the Adventist Health Studies. What they’ve met is those who eat a vegetarian diet have a lower probability for chronic diseases, which ultimately translates into longer, healthier living. – In our study, the vegetarians compared to the non-vegetarians do have a lower danger of chronic disease, a lower risk of high blood pressure, a lower risk of high cholesterol, a lower jeopardy of diabetes, they’re less obese, anda lower risk of dying from cardiac infarction, ultimately.

-[ Dr. Reeves] The researchers recently discovered that vegetarians are 22% less likely to develop colorectal cancers, the second largest preceding cause of cancer extinction in the United Nation. – So how can you start eating a vegetarian food and suffer the lifestyle assistance? If giving up meat entirely is too much, why not reconsider how often you eat meat? For instance, try devouring merely fish.Or, eat other meats only once a week to experience similar health benefits associated with a vegetarian life. The second tip-off is toeat fewer refined menus, like carbohydrates, desserts, snack foods, and fast food meals. – Instead, we should eat more whole grains and natural foods like results, vegetables, legumes, and nuts. – The closer you get tosome kind of natural state, ripening your garden, shopping at a neighborhood farmer’s marketplace, that can be very helpful. -[ Dr. Reeves] If you commit to following these tips, you can enjoy the benefits of lowering your risk for chronic disease and livingsix to nine years longer.-[ Patricia] There’s your gratuity for the day on how you can live healthier, longer. Live it I’m gonna live it Live it.


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