as make on this game I’m very excited to be back with Kinect Athletics season 2 it’s another remarkable event from the top-selling franchise on Kinect to date in Kinect athletics season 2 we’re bringing you six new Plays you’ve been asking for like skiing and tennis we’re too enhancing the experience by bringing you in competition enunciate and brand-new Kinect gesticulates playing boasts and video games is now more realistic than ever today we’ll be showing you football and golf and I’ll be teeing it up let’s rush right in with one of our brand-new gesticulates now you’re looking at the 9th pit in the course it’s a equivalence 4 let’s see how far I “re driving” down that fairway just a natural change like I went on the real golf course alright good berth there I’ll want to stay below the hole here 95 gardens to go now I’ll use my articulation to change club pitching wedge ready so as you can see the additive of in-game voice and brand-new full-body gestures genuinely promotes the experience here on the lettuce I’ll adjust my organization position to line up the putt stress on and connect boasts season to now let’s check out a team boast with Todd and Ron in video games of football okay Ron late in the fourth we’re down for we got one maybe two shots at this all right what’s the gambling Safety’s been quite late let’s go slant 25 got it why is our go-to play we got this okay there’s that safety alright just right in front of him all right here we go you’re killing you got to get open flowing like a kicker alright now we definitely got one shot at this alright alright what’s it gonna be this time streak 40 hour for this kid to show off the bazooka alright alright satisfy get deep alright you get open wrong I’ll get you the rock hey I’ll see you in the endzone that’s a quick look at footballing connect boasts season 2 coming this holiday thanks everyone thanks

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