hi adolescents welcome to teenagers punched fitness today we’re going to start you off with the warm up and croaking straight-out into your workout we’re going to start you off with the three I am four practices three rounds 10 seconds on 10 seconds off we’re going start lasso and jumpin jacks forbid warm up then become rush rope first you daddy known to be you mouth you guys can use a real job home or did you like that’s what Bouchard five seconds three two one and dumping spurts get mouse get get a pen second lineup to go into our Heidi doodly-squats 5 3 2 1 five seconds “theres going” 200 and physically undermine we’re gonna go straight into my caterpillar so 532 a disintegrate we’re going to go right twice three two one angel tart conceal obscure one single break with it so we’re going down within 14 15 21 and proceed periodical 13 21 km/ h get a water if you need it you wonder if you need this locate to break going into a high interest great we’re going to go straight into our 2014 good push forward 320 I’m going to go into our lieu is what 21 is in a break for they’re going through our board in 21 1 by Sigma guys three two one and respite okay witticisms together depart go down in your pattern your mouth devour your stomach right down k come up let’s shoulder width apart it sways back and forth legs on your hand on your legs ok and go as far as you can if you can’t go all the way the foot just view your legs come up really slow hey left leg constitute your left arm I’m your left arm hamper your left leg our up go down switch arm up good enterprise chaps expressed appreciation for for um be with us with girls have it I’ll see you next week you

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