hey guys Suz here welcome back toanother keto dinner recipes video today we are trying four different ketorecipes if you’re already a reader here youknow we do these videos every single week to give you a little motivation toget in the kitchen and get your keto meal prep and low-spirited carb cooking onlet’s go ahead and get into the video first up we’re trying the food doctor’slow carb moussaka we’ll have the original recipe linked down below i am probablymaking it a bit differently i have onemedium sized eggplant now and instead of using the whole thing i’m just gonnause half of it so precisely shaven the end offsliced it in half and then exactly to show you a kind of a immediate style to chop it upyou’re just gonna slice horizontally through it multiple timesand then you’re just gonna fix little vertical pieces into itkind of like in the shape of a follower the whole way around itand i’m by no means a professional chef so notgonna do this perfectly but really a little time saver tip for you all and then you’re just going to slice downand it’s going to give you um about the immensity pieces that it is necessary to andagain i’m just going to do this to half of the eggplant and lodge the otherhalf to the side to use in a different recipe some other timeall right so this is a two cup assessing cup but you can see it’s about the samespace there so i’d say i have two and a half to three beakers ofdiced up eggplant gonna use the same cutting processto roughly chop up half of a small to mediumonion it equals out to about a fourth of a cupto a third of a cup of chopped onion now in a cast iron skillet over medium heati am adding about four tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil formerly it getsnice and shimmery and up to temperature i’m gonna pour my eggplant into itand i’m just gonna threshes that around a little bit to go ahead and startfrying it up eggplant does suck petroleum pretty quicklyto that i’m adding a teaspoon of sea saltsprinkling it over it and i’m likewise scattering a half a teaspoon of groundblack pepper over that as well and now just arousing that around andletting that continue to fry up some now i’m addingthat chopped onion to our pan together with a heapingteaspoon of minced garlic and then this is where it gets reallyinteresting but stick with me a teaspoon of soil cinnamon atablespoon of simply regular paprika and a tablespoon of baked oregano theni’m just going to arouse this all in and continueto concoct it until it gets kind of brown in colorand to this i’m going to add one pound of anchor chicken now the originalrecipe that’s linked down below calls for a pound and a part but becausei’m too working space less eggplant to make this a lower carb dishi just started ahead with the one pound of grind chicken employing my handy dandy meatchopper upper i always have attached in the description box it’s like the bestfive dollar kitchen implement ever i’m just transgres that apartnot pressing down too hard-handed because i don’t want to pulp up all of myeggplant and once i have that undermined apart we are to be able precisely use our spoon tokind of mix it around and continue cooking it for a fewminutes until our chicken is cooked all the way throughonce it is i’m adding a half a goblet of regular tomato sauce make sureagain that you check your carbs on that i’m gonna mix this in until it’s allcombined and then really leaving it on medium heati’m gonna tell it keep stewing while we make our cheese sauce to go on top so ina separate tall saucepan i am adding three ouncesof cream cheese half a cup ponderou whipping creama half a teaspoon of minced garlic and a fourth of a teaspoon of ocean saltand then i’m just whisking that around until it starts softening before addinghalf of an eight ounce luggage of shredded goudai do prefer to use the non-smoked gouda whisking that in until it starts gettingmelted and then i’m adding about fourth of a teaspoon of sand nutmegand again exactly stirring that until it’s fully blended neat and melted thenwe’re gonna come back to our eggplant and floor chicken mixturegonna afford it one final whisk even out the top of it and thenwe’re just gonna pour our cheese sauce immediately on top of thisand try to get it as even as possible and i just use my wipe to kind ofspread that out and then we’re gonna take the second half of thenon-smoked gouda cheese again about another half of a beaker of thatand simply spread it out evenly on top of this then we’re going to pop this wholething into a 350 degree oven for 20 minutes until our cheese getsnice and brown this is what it looks like when it comes outand here it is plated up oh my gosh people this low carb moussakais the freaking best you should definitely try this recipe my husbandwas blown away how good it was because i couldn’t findthe cinnamon to start with and i’m like hey have you seenwhere i articulated the grind cinnamon and he’s just various kinds of like anchor chickeneggplant cinnamon what in the heck is going on in there he ingest three servingsof this which is you know not good for his macros butanyway make sure you give this a try next up i made an original recipe ofhomemade spicy pimento cheese over low-carb zucchini pancakes now myzucchini flannel-cakes are inspired by the recipe that low-carb maven didof low-carb zucchini fritters so to start with i’m taking a pound ofzucchini i did use a kitchen magnitude to make sure ihad a pound and i sliced it in half where it would fit in my processor ihave this on the shred feature and i am justshredding this all really quickly now i’m going to take this and transfer itto a colander because we need to drain allof the excess moisture out of it to assist us in that i’msprinkling a teaspoon of ocean salt over thisand then i’m just going to use my hands to gently desegregate that in with thezucchini to make sure it’s evenly administered i’m going to sit this wholething into the sink while we make our homemade pimento cheeseand that will help draw this water out of the zucchini now for our homemadepimento cheese i’m starting out with some pimentos these arethe ones that i’m expending it’s just like a generic collect symbol i’m not sure howmany i put in there a pair fork fulls intoa mini processor chopped them all up and now i’m pouringthem in here to show you that it is a fourth of a cupminced pimento is what i use and then i’m exploiting an eight ounce block of extrasharp cheddar cheese that we grated ourselveswith a hand grater of course doing it this course saves you oncarbs it compiles it zero carbs the majority of cases but alsoit’s just a better texture and duties better for this recipei would not recommend making this with pre-shredded cheese to that i’m addingtwo ounces of paste cheese and i just brokeit apart it is softened room temperature swarm those pimentos in therethen i’m going to add some mayo i prefer to use this primal kitchenavocado oil-based mayo i’m computing two tablespoons of thatto that to give it our little spice i’m contributing my favorite garlicchili sauce this is a tablespoon of that i’m likewise lending just about an eighth ofa teaspoon ocean salt you were able to lend more if you like butcheese has a lot of salt in there already a fourth of a teaspoon groundblack pepper putting my paddle component on my mixer and i’m justgonna mix this on low-grade until it’s combinedand i did use a rubber spatula to you know scrape the sides and the bottomto make sure it’s all nice and combined into the texture we likeand i do like mine a little chunkier so there you go transferring all of this toa separate dish and then i’ll precisely adhere this to theside so we can get started on our zucchini cakesnow to a medium mixing bowl i am adding a half a goblet of almond flour twotablespoons of coconut flour a half a teaspoon of broiling pulverization ihave a teaspoon of garlic gunpowder a fourth of a teaspoon foot blackpepper and a fourth of a beaker grated parmesan cheeseand then i’m just whisking this all together until it’s amply blended andi’m gonna protrude this to the side now to another mediummixing container i am adding our shredded zucchini i justlet it drain in the colander in the settle and then i wrung out as much of the excesswater as i could with my hands and then with paper towels got the restof it out to that i’m adding two large eggs andthen i’m adding about a fourth of a goblet of choppedgreen onion i used the lily-white the sun greenand a little bit of the dark dark-green parts and then i reserved some of the darkgreen that we’re going to use as a garnish on this later mixing that alltogether formerly it’s mixed i’m including our dryingredient combination to it and likewise arousing that in really welluntil it structures various kinds of like the texture of almost like a biscuitdough if that procreates feel now over into a largeskillet over medium high-pitched heat i am addingprobably about five tablespoons of avocado petroleum to fry these in ijust kind of pre-separated my lettuce we’re making eight of these zucchinicakes I kind of separated it out into eight bullets and then i’m taking them oneat a time squishing them in my hand like a littletiny pancake popping them in that hot oil i’m gonna do four at a time and i’mjust fry these for about a instant on each sideflipping them over to the other side and then after those fry for about a minuteand they get neat and golden i’m just removing them to a paper towel linedplate and then you’ll really repeat that whole process for your other fourzucchini cakes now to plate these up i’m taking i havehere two zucchini cakes on the plate i’m gonna top each of them with about atablespoon tablespoon and a half of our homemadespicy pimento cheese and then too had a couple slice of bacon thatare fried and i’m just crumble a little bitof that on top of each and likewise surpassing them with a tiny pinch of the greenonions that we saved these are everything that you could wishfor they savor like they have so many carbs in themand they do not if you like these the original recipe for this will be comingto the website soon it takes me a while to get that onas i am a one-woman show and i do all of that nonsense myself sobear with me i’ll try to get it on as soonas i can if that’s something that you want to try we are also tryingthe food physicians moroccan beef now the original recipe they madelow carb psyllium straw tortillas with it we’re not going to do that but i’ll linkthe original recipe down below if you want to try it so in a large crock pot isprayed it with a little nonstick spray chopped up about a half a bowl of onionstuck it in the bottom topping that with a two to two and ahalf pound crown round roast scattering that with one teaspoonof ocean salt and now here’s where it gets a littlesketchy well believed maybe they had a misprint on this recipe becausethey’re lending four tablespoons of garam masalaseasoning and most people that concoct with that only uselike a one-quarter of a teaspoon or so of it to merely dust their meat with at the endbut i became ahead and figured i am only hand it a shot and if it was wrongit would be a fair warning to you guys who may come across this recipe but itturned out enormous so i’m supplementing four tablespoons of that to the top ofour roast and i hope i’m pronouncing thatcorrectly garam masala seasoning popping the lid onto that andi misled a little and cooked mine instead of cooking it low-grade and slow foreight hours i cooked mine on high for four hours first go around flippedit over as “youre seeing” the onions are on topnow and then cooked it on low-grade for another three hoursand then i am really exploiting forks to shred this meat up so the seasoning can getall throughout the meat now i’m gonna employ the lid back on and justcook it on low for another four hours so i did a total of high four hours andlow four hours and then here it is plated up again i opted not to realise thepsyllium husk tortillas but the original recipe is associated down belowand “youre seeing” those there if you want to try yours that road i plated mine juston some napa green i had leftover in the refrigeratorthat i wanted to use up i think it would be really good served with like ahomemade tzatziki sauce as well the seasoning is not overpowering at alland it stimulated the house smell so great when we were cooking it lastlythis week i shed together a banquet of flags of convenience just with stuff that ihad on hand i needed to get rid of and i was craving something that wasvery healthy and nutrient rich and so this is a chicken feta and kaledish if you don’t like kale you will hate this recipe but “i m loving” itit’s just very simple so in a large pot over medium heat i’m lending a coupletablespoons of extra maiden olive oil to that i supplemented a fourth of a goblet ofonion that i just chopped up and i’m mixing that around till it startsgetting soft now in my refrigerator i had leftover if you watched ourvideo last week we made a pot sticker soupand for the broth we strained out ginger spice flakes and garlicso i had a couple tablespoons of that in the fridge that i decided to savei threshed it in here along with about half a bowl of roughly chopped lettuce bellpepper and i’m just mixing and conjuring allthis for a duet minutes till it starts going soft and nice and fragrant tothat i’m adding the leftover remnants one pound of pre-cutraw chicken breast it’s already cut into one inch to inchand a half chunks seasoning that with probably a fourth of a teaspoon sea saltsome soil black pepper and then i’m just stirring this all togetheruntil our chicken starts coming neat and cooked through to that i’m adding afourth of a teaspoon fennel seed fourth of a teaspoon coriander and againstirring and cooking this until our chicken is cooked all the waythrough to that i’m adding i think this is like a 12 ounce handbag of frozen kalestirring from the bottom we’re gonna cook this until our kaleis all nice and wilted so just on medium hot sounding a lid on thereletting that cook 10 or 15 instants once all of our kale is wilted to the texturethat we want we’re again precisely whisking it alltogether and then i am topping it with about a half a cupof deteriorated feta cheese and just letting it sit on thereyou know over medium heat still for a marry minutes for that feta to getwarmed and softened and here it is plated upagain if you don’t like kale you will not like this recipe it tastesjust as healthy as it examinations “i m loving” it kale gives me so much energyand sometimes when i need a little pep in my pace i like merely having a simplehealthy dish smacks enormous leftover again if you don’t like kale you couldactually use something else in it i don’t know if i’ll was put forward an originalrecipe for this or not unless you request it because it’s justlike thrown together stuff that “i probably shouldve” in my fridgebut remaining it real around here that is how we did it this weekso there you go guys that’s our keto dinner recipes if you built it this fardo me a praise subscribe to our canal so you never miss one of our weeklyvideos share it with your friends if thisinspired you or you’ve got anything out of it and open it a thumbs up if youlike it that encourages us to keep spawning these videos go ahead and checkout this playlist that is relation on this end card right here and you can see awhole bunch of keto dinner recipe and dinner intuition videos and until next timebye people

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