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left and lowers element 2 tv talk talk talk in the capsize should do that We make sure that our upper organization is erect in the in the horizontal so more in the vertical arrangement is not given off in the position that is exactly the same he is glad the whole sole of the paw touches the ground and then we deliver Do not removing the trendies in front of the ballad so pay attention to the back verse that it is not be an increase yy nicole richie si[ Music][ Music] st[ Music] the assassination 1 ddp there arise so high every every client jukic was like I said we can see that from this stage yes i like[ music] bye Munich guru si[ music] Hey I[ Music] be regional divinity save the chew repeats itself over and over At first, the student said insubstantial, we understand the bank back[ Music] if you make good progress, you can also get on with the remedy final proficiency and good good technology hey yourself field until she was like that stay set you want to make sure that we are not the class actually i want their own families be it often the generic message comes to us if you can still go on with the repetition I want to first of all the gigs give may May fishing operations one room or the other and then do with the money[ Music] chipping cookies then schiller heek because so ok ok perfectly solace that goes in the shoulder comes forward in the back in time is as lively as we are now that we support our hips forward april back now we practice turning our hips off sit the one thing that the on-site stars are so rich completed not now as he is on have stood at the end have once manufactured marketings have been growing praise exerted times it has now become a matter of coordinating those on and with me saw they close[ Music] fifa.com rambo that I come out on the side that is not that either do not suffer from Bavaria I Vienna then such a perpetrator is slowly coming no[ music] I i I no, there I have it so stylish until 10 decided because I her hey so changes said that you just as well in the combining everything okay these appropriations At the end of the working day I just know that it is a more difficult route[ Music] do you want kpmg[ Music] the Yes, there are I am okay[ Music][ Music] with gps the markit[ Music] I when can I get you to the 1st whether diack so caused brutality thought kolek tree next the coast is fine again I depict things that could talk freakishly It was simply yes there are practices because I make them be heard faster I advised[ Music] so fits bye once i eventually stood for the first time to pull up towards my dresser po admired it right watch and we consider the crying for grandchildren the diverse apps was stopped briefly at the point of touch so in any case do not tackle as close as it gets and as high as it gets shs weekend of the monastery uk feet tightened possibilities with their own borders dance sentences then mentally and frighten us as far as is possible now the same thing was that the left leg was constructed forward and delivered directly and very long a slim exiting being de l’homme et does that to the maximum stiffened and the buttocks backwards and bridgestone as much as you can take flex go as well as the place of the tsunami marge is not possible forward accept it but truly get it on precisely along the two sides, do it and learn like edwards as much as you can and keep retrieved as the next angle because the balance is required, the disturbance we make that the buildings where left leg did perfectly the last thing in the ground grasping the outside and digest cannot come so far forward here, more to hold on or to function depending on the position of his table shall be responsible yes and taken away from and the other side ok the fervor already had why get it on in brggen[ Music] and yes no take a short respite determine alex grown up as the following exercise we that one is in the same position one is now investing over the debt Seeing our buttocks two officers hard-bitten and yes never Doctors work out a one final usage for the wrists then there is a requirement to set our hands on locate and change hands the moment makes the sand in the palms of our hands barca entirely the fingers and now try a little bit backwards to which the gas is wide open Going a little until then is actually really gone, but now that we have a little strain extreme possible the wrists evenly and and background here as well go backwards a little and likewise with a little bit and finally the thumbs OK Has and the additional exercise is so big

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