– At eight years old, our next guest is the cutest and youngestpersonal trainer in the world. – Straight. Straight.No weakness. Me , not know weakness.Me know muscle. And you gotta do dipsand everything. That will workand build up those muscles. Trust me.Rastafar. Me see ya later. – You’re eight years old, and you started getting intoexercise at what age? – Um, I started…eight.[ laugh] – Just recently. – Yeah.- What do you start? – What compiled me begin is that I go around the neighborhood and I … look to see adolescents, um, like, rehearsal, but I see thatother children bully them, so that’s whyI started activity, so I don’t get bullied.And I had a cousinwho was bullied about his sizeand his heavines, so then, I had to do something because, looks just like you realize on the TV, I gotta be fit and strong. – That’s right .[ cheering] Yeah. So–and you know there area lot of kids who aren’t into exercise. They’re just playing video games and they’re insidesitting on the couch not is everything, and you’re, like–not onlyare you exercising, but you’re motivational.Where time you get this vitality and this personality to tellpeople to be strong? – Well … It’s just who I am. -[ chortles] It just comes out? – Yeah. – All those thingsjust come out of you? – Yes.- And when someone’s exercising if they’re doing somethingyou just tell’ em what to do? – Yeah, I give them moreinformation, like, if they’redoing something and–like, they’re doing a push-upand it’s wrong, weapon twisted, I give them information.So, how you do it and, um, what it– how it helps your body.- Mm-hmm.- How you stay fit, health, and strong. – Mm-kay, so, how is the bestway to make love? Is a push-up–is that yourfavorite exercise? – Push-up and dips.- Push-up and troughs. Dips are the thing where you putyour arms back and you … – Yeah. Yes.- Lift yourself up. So those are goodfor what muscle? – Here, your belly, and including information on your calf. – On your calf.And push-ups are good for what? – Push-up are goodfor your gut and … – And bicep? – Muscle. Yeah. – I ensure. Okay. And so, how many push-upscan you do? Can you do a good deal? – Yeah, I did 60 in the morningand I ease off and then I do 30 — I’m sorry, back up.You can do how many ?[ laugh] 60? – 60 and then I ease off. In the afternoon, then I do 30. 30. – 60 and then 30? – Yeah.- That’s 90. – Yeah.[ humour] – You do 90 push-ups a day? – Yeah.- That’s amazing. – And do you–can other kidskeep up with you? Can they do 60? – They gotta take a, you are familiar with, they gotta take a little … breath–a water-break.- Yeah. They can’t do 60 in a row.- No. – A water-breakor something like that. Do you tell them? – No. – You don’t ?[ laugh] Good for you. You tell’ emto keep going, right? – Yeah.- What time are you gonna do when you get older? – I wanna be a personal trainer.- Mm-hmm. – Also, I wanna bea basketball player. – Mm-hmm. – And, you are familiar with, I liketrack–running. – Uh-huh.- So, I wanna challenge Usain Bolt in a hasten. – You wanna hasten who? – Usian Bolt. – Oh, you wanna–he’s fast, huh? – Yeah. – Do you thinkthat you could beat him? – Yeah, 100%.[ humour and applause] – You could beat Usain Bolt? – You’re say–you know, you can’t talk trash like that, and not expect him to show up and challenge you.Usain , where are you? – Trust me.[ rock music][ applauses and applause] -[ roars] What up? – What up? – Push-up. – Yeah.[ grunting] -[ titters][ merriments and applause] – All right .[ all laugh] Oh, so, wait.You’re gonna– you heard what he said.- Yeah, I heard it. – So, we have a trackset up outside. – Ooh.-[ laughters] – Yeah, don’t back down now. – You can’t back down now.- You can’t back down now. – We’re going outside.We’re gonna go race right now. You’re gonna start down there. You loosen and walk slowly. Save up your vitality. Precisely like that.-[ chuckles] – Come on, Usain, don’t bescared of me. – Oh, what is this? -[ giggles] – What is this? – Never expected it. -[ chuckles] Trash talking.- I know. He’s so calm about this. – Yeah, he’s ready though. – We went blocks if youwant’ em as an option or we can simply be disposed of’ emand you can start– – Blah, and it’s backwards, man.- Yeah, well.- You can tell who–people whodid not set this up– were not move people.- Okay, so, let’s lose’ em? – Let’s lose’ em.- All privilege, let’s lose’ em. Strike the blocks. Got that.- Backwards. – No blocks.- They’re backwards. – Okay, I’m gonna give you guys, “Are you ready? Set…” And then you’ll sound the horn.- Yeah. Hey, hey, hey.Wh–hey. – Watch the line.- Watch your foot–hey. What “are you doin “? – Watch the line. – Okay, my fault.- I want a carnival race. – Listen, fair race, all right? – On your assessment. – Hold on, hold on.Let me simply. – All right, stretching it out.- Get one elongate in. – All right, let’s go.- On your celebrate. Get prepared.[ breeze trumpet blows] – Wha–[ roars][ cheers and applause][ suspenseful music] – No .[ crying][ buzzer resounds][ claps and applause] – Ah, you almost had him. – He got lucky.- All of a sudden you had some– – Cramps. Cramps.- Oh, subject. – I came cramps.- Way to go, man. – Thank you.- Way to go. – I get cramps.- That was fan–you got a cramp at the end.- You were lucky, human. – Thanks.- I demand a rematch, though. – Usain, you got…- I need a rematch. – Yeah. You have somethingfor him, right? – Yeah, yeah.- All privilege. – Whoo.- Look at that. Look what you win. – It’s for you, male .[ claps and applause] – Thank you. – Keep working out, all right? – All right ..

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