hello everyone welcome to my channel ifyou are a mom and looking for some quick and healthy lunchbox impressions then this video is definitely for you is not simply for teenagers even you can have them in breakfast or parcel and go for work Today I am sharing three recipesand you can check the detailed ingredients in description casket and if you have any further inquiries about these recipes satisfy feel free to ask me incomments first “we ii” uttering vegetable cutlets, they are very healthy and deliciousoption for your teenagers and if you want to establish the dinners little bit more heavy you are eligible to even reach burger utilizing these cutlets you are required to around one cup of properly soaked and soaked Flattened rice, shredded carrot, boiled and mush potatoes and some ginger, onion and cilantro leaf, mixture all the ingredients well then add the spices -some salt, turmeric coriander pulverization and mango pulverization make the cutlets of any wanted shapestoday I’m expending this cookie cutter to give it a stellar shape boys ever getsfascinated by different chassis and dark colours of the food.Apply some lubricant on the plate before using the cookie cutter this waythe mold will come out clean and clear and then shallow fry them till it getsbrown from both the sides along with the cutlets I’m supplementing somefruits in the lunch casket you can also add tomato ketchup veggie macaroni who don’t like macaroniand this is a great way to feed veggies to our young Explorer which is veryimportant for their ripening form and mentality I am boiling macaroni andbroccoli together with some salt and petroleum so that they don’t stick together Adding some onion buzzer spice peas and you can add any vegetable of yourkid’s hand-picked saute all the veggies and supplement some salt and pepper look at thecolour it’s so refreshing now add the macaroni and broccoli andgive it a good mixture Add pasta sauce, I’m adding some home madetomato sauce very easy to do just some garlic tomato puree and Italian herb I generally boil the macaroni a nightbefore it is therefore takes me precisely 10 instants to prepare the lunchbox break for thosebusy Monday returns are so rich in antioxidants andfiber so including some fresh fruits to your babies lunch box is a great idea tomake them eat something nutritious veggie pancake anothergreat mode to feed veggies to girls we need zucchini cut into reduce stripeschopped onion blanched and chopped spinach ginger garlic paste shreddedcarrot and around one cup of gram flour Mix all the veggies nicely andthen add gram flour Add some salt turmeric powder coriander powder carom grain and mingle it neatly by adding a littlebit of liquid, uniformity should be thick spread the smash& try to keep it thin to get a crispy pancake cook for around two to three minutes until both the sides are delicately browned hope you like these recipes please give it a big thumbs up if you miss more quicklunchbox ideas if you haven’tsubscribed please delight please agree it’s completely free see yousoon in my next one till then take care and remain acquiring recalls bye bye-bye

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