I went through early menopause and I was just 28 and I’ve been dealing with the effects of that for a pair times early menopause is any menopause that starts before persons below the age of 40 the average age of menopause in the United Country is 52[ Music] I’ve always had an erratic point when it started when I was 11 it would be really ponderous for two weeks at a time and it would stop and then come back again in two weeks so it wasn’t every 28 dates like it was supposed to be as I came older towards high school it would just be like a month and a half to three months it would come and not come so I have enabled us to things being curious with my round when I was in college kind of evened out but college is when I started having cramps they were insane it was like not just abdomen it was my back my legs my weapons and I had really intense migraines with aura maybe a year or so after college it went back to being ignited and just whenever it wanted to be so I was like this is just how my stage is whatever and I didn’t really think anything of it and I was like wow that’s light-headed so I don’t care just whatever and I think it’s important be mentioned that I was never on any sort of birth control so that wasn’t messing with my hormones “its just” my mas being crazy the last time I retain having a period was when I was 28 February of that year I was 28 years old and then later on in the sink it started getting cold so the first night I turned the heat on I wake up in the midst of the darknes and I’m like merely sweating pails I’m like this is weird but I was like it’s just too hot in here the next light the same thing happened I was like I’ll precisely sleep with little coverings on so I woke up in the middle of the night and I’m not exaggerating when I say I was afraid that someone had broken into my apartment and jabbed me because I was like there was so much liquid on my body I might be lying in a fund of blood it was insane and I was like what’s happening I was like do I have a fever then it happened again and it happened for four to six months I questioned my mom I was like momma match him going through early menopause and she was like no because she didn’t none of the women my family did to my knowledge[ Music][ Music] during this time I’ve gone to an OBGYN and I was telling her I was like some weird things have been happening she made a statement and she said she had to use the smallest speculum because one of the things that happens during and after menopause is stiffening she was really contemptuous she wouldn’t take me dangerously she didn’t ask me any follow-up questions she didn’t wanna hear any of my questions I was like okay well this is not helpful so I kind of just let it go trimmed to a duet months ago and I start noticing my surface is drier than regular and again I attribute it to being it’s winter so it’s cold auras baked that’s all that is there I started knowledge some seam pain this isn’t normal but I’m a really active person so I was like oh I just like took too many categorizes the working day or I rolled too far whatever and the thing that really let me know that this is this is probably emphatically menopause is I started gaining load in ways that I hadn’t before I’ve had a really fast metabolism my totality life and then it got to get a station where I just like would gain weight and it made me so long to get wise off or even like maintain a value that I was happy with and so then I departed and did a ton more research and I was like oh no no I definitely have knowledge menopause and it’s been over a year if you have gone more than 12 months without a date then you’ve had menopause and I went to see a couple of other doctors and I was like hey this is what’s going on with me I have a history of autoimmune cancer for myself and my family maybe can we look into this can we talk like no no really dismissing me and not taking me severely they wouldn’t move any exams I genuinely think that’s because of the bias against pitch-black women in the medical community because it happened three different times and I still haven’t been formally diagnosed but I know this is what’s happened to me and it has been a little bit crazy so is in accordance with my early 30 s going through well twenties when it happened 30 s now was a really strange experience there was a point when I was gaining heavines and I was certainly depressed because I merely felt like my form didn’t look the route that I wanted to I feel like I wasn’t in the best shape that I could be in so I certainly didn’t like to go out and I know that sounds like the skinny person and the like support group on this is us but it was so different for me that I was like I don’t I don’t want to wear any robes because all my jeans were too tight and I only was almost like all I could wear were sweatshirts and it was just like oh I have no control over myself anymore and then when I tried to talk to medical professionals and they didn’t believe me or want to talk to me that was forestalling because I’m like I know I’m not crazy and I’m not making this up these things are happening on the plus area I really really really really do not want children so a great deal of parties would be upset about that I know a lot of women who if they have some sort of reproductive health issue they would have to go through in vitro and all those things so I won’t worry about that it’s weird to know that it’s not an option at all so some wives have preferred to do hormone permutation rehabilitation while or after they’ve gone through menopause because when the estrogen leaves your torso you are at higher probability for osteoporosis and heart disease and stroke so there’s all these reasons why you wouldn’t want to estrogen to be there or at leavin be simulated I haven’t done it because no doctors have entertained me about what’s going on with me it’s okay because there’s a lot of controversy about it so I did a lot of research so I’ve made black cohosh instead for the past few years it’s the root of this herb it time kind of works with your organization and you’re less at risk for those things and I’ve just been really vigilant about my health I’ve been drinking water and exercising and really being various kinds of mindful and trying not to do as many things as I used to do or at least like be careful of my knees because I love to run and something that which is ridiculous hearing me say but I signify I time decided like I have to take care of myself because I’m the only one who’s gonna do it one of the stigmas about menopause is that you’re no longer the status of women when you can’t induce a child and I obviously don’t believe that but it’s something that I haven’t really talked with a lot of parties about because I know they’ll must be considered me differently I don’t want girls for a plethora of reasons but now there’s the supplemented reality if I like I can’t using them a lot of men will kind of be like oh no like you can’t catch menopause it’s like you’re fine and it’s an interesting thing to kind of navigate when I’m congregate person brand-new like when do I say that oh by the way I can’t have any children like did you think we were gonna have some like no I know I didn’t but I’m just letting you know so one of the things that has come out of this is I’ve been a lot more self-sufficient so much more aware like how my body is in the world because all this was happen I’ve missed out on all that I guess troubadour activism with like the thanks panties and the eco-friendly tampons but the plus area is I don’t have a age anymore so I don’t have to expend like tons of money every month on those produces there is this silver lining and I imply I foresee everything is bearable if you just like do your research and have positive parties around you so but likewise no periods[ Music]

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