How to Survive Your Mothers Menopause. They dont call menopause the changefor nothingits converted your sweet-tempered mom into one big, sweaty feeling swing. Heres how to deal. You will need Understanding Self-control andpatience. Step 1. Ignore her wildly fluctuating depressions. Who cares if shes chortling one minute, sobbing the next? Her hormones are in a state of tremendousflux, and announcing her a psycho is not going to help.Repeat this mantra: This is only a stagemoms going through. Its is ended. This is especially supportive when she comeshome all gothed out and asking how she appears. Step 2. Keep a sweater handy. That behavior, youll are drawn up when Mom throwsopen the window on a frigid epoch, or lowers the thermostat to 60 degrees. Step 3. Be patient with her memory lapsings. Learn how to put yourself in a Zen state asshe tells you, for the fifth time, the funny thing that happened at work last week. Step 4. Draw a nightly bath for her to help her fallasleep. Insomnia is a common question with menopausalwomen and, trust us, you dont want her losing any sleep; shell be grouchy enoughas it is.Brew a bowl of chamomile tea for her beforeshe turns in; its a natural sleep inducer. Step 5. Encourage her to exert. Studies show that women who work out regularlyare less bothered by menopausal symptoms.( Exercise with her and it will help you letoff steam, too .) Step 6. Instead of croaking about your edgy momma, why not help her celebrate this milestone? Make her breakfast in bunked, give her heydays, or precisely write her a sweetened note.Itll be a gesture shell never forget. Did you know The average age for the onsetof menopause is 51 ..

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