( chopping )( upbeat pop music) – Hi, everybody! Here, I’m in YouTube Space LA. You guys like Korean ramyeon? Please ask me. Ask me if I like ramyeon or not.( claps) Ready? Go! – Hey, Maangchi.( Maangchi chortles aloud) Do you like ramen?( jimmy shrieks) – He’s an actor and singer. – Hello, hello, public. – Jimmy Wong, and we gratified where? We congregated through- We match online.at YouTube Next Up, yeah.( Maangchi giggles) – We converge online. We congregated on OkCupid- Online, yeah.About three years ago.- No date , no appointment.( both laugh) – So three years ago, right, yeah.- Three years ago So, he–in New York. – Yeah, he was one ofthe YouTube Next Up members. We got together. At the time, I didn’t talk to you much because I’m reticent. I was shy. – Me too. – Yeah, you were? -[ Both] Yeah. – You were just surroundedby the really cute daughters,( Jimmy roars) “Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy! ” – Have you ever smacked Korean ramyeon? – No, I never have.- Oh no! I like Japanese ramen, Really? but I’ve never had Korean ramen.- Ever, I havepreconception about ramyeon, like a kind of junk food. – Yeah, yeah. – But, when you travelor disaster situation. All university student livingwith skeleton budget, they desire this ramyeon. So, I did a great deal of ventures. This is the best methodof how to cook ramyeon. Let’s start. – Let’s start. Look at all these fresh ingredients you have in front of us, so you got green onions. We have an egg. What’s in here? – This is kimchi! – Kimchi. Yeah, kimchi.I got really excited. – When you stimulate ramen, we just use this tin potty. Very abruptly boil it. Right.- Hot up well, a great deal of surface area on the bottom for the heat.- How is your personality? – You are like a tin potty? – Teen pop? – A tin flowerpot. – Oh, tin flowerpot.( Jimmy shrieks) – You are quickly stimulated! – Yeah, just like …( roars) – I’m going to make this for one fraction. One ramyeon.- One party. Two and a half cups.No three beakers or no two beakers. – No.-[ Both] Two and a half bowls.( Maangchi shrieks) – Hey! Cooking is a science, guys, with a little experimentation. How are you gonna do half?( breaths) Look at this! You have a smaller cup. – Yeah, this is half a goblet. – These are cute! I like the colouring. – Cheap, cheap one. – Yes. Affordable. – Okay, two and a half goblets. First, let’s boil water. – Let’s prep some parts. Let me cut some dark-green onions right here. – Yesterday, Korean grocery store, I noticed really cute green onions.- Wow, look at how small-scale, such is! – When you form flannel-cakes, so, so delicious! – Oh, I adoration Korean flannel-cakes! That’s my favorite part of going to Korean barbecue.- Really, actually, tomorrow I’m going to make.- Really? You are invited, yeah.- I “il be there”. – Chop it up nicely, beautifully. Like this.- There we go. Yeah.All the lane down? Yeah, yeah, yeah.Easy! Easy! – Be careful! Ooh, ooh. – You’re about to time all of it for me. Now “theres going”. -[ Maangchi] Are you cooking at home? -[ Jimmy] Yeah, my momtaught me how to cut. – Oh, my idol! That’s good! – Thank you. – Reminds me of someone that I assemble. He’s a professor, and he said, “Oh, I never liked cooking. “I can not cook.” But— Ah! Yeah, so I said, “Oh no! “Home cooking is good.” “But, I like to learn cooking.” So, he told me, so funny story. He said, he utilized his microwave oven.”Okay, I’m going to cook this one, ” so he raised something microwaveable. And then, abruptly, sooner or later, on fire!( Jimmy chuckles) And then, he “ve forgotten”, like remove the tinfoil( Jimmy titters loudly) or some of the string. – He didn’t take it all the way off first. How do I say I enjoy kimchi in Korean? -( Maangchi speaks Korean) Oh, son. Okay, say it again.-( Maangchi speaks Korean)( both speaking Korean) Very good!( both speaking Korean) Okay, good!( chuckles vigorously) – Yes, I speak Korean! I did it.- Now, sea is boiling. We are going to dumpthis into boiling water. – Make sure you don’t get the packets in there.- Oh, you know that! Can’t toss these in, yeah. – You said, you never hadKorean ramen, how do you know? – Well,’ begin every ramen has this thing.- Oh, okay.( Maangchi laughs) I haven’t had Korean ramen. I’ve had Japanese ramen, Chinese ramen, I guess.- So, can you open it? Yes, ready? – Yeah. – And extend! – Well! And— In leads the gunpowder. This is spicy. I preferred a spicy ramyeon.- Very. – I like spicy. – And then, we have toboil this one minute. Okay, one minute! Turn over the ramyeon to cook nicely.- So, it’s very floppy at this item, but take the whole thing and flip-flop it. – Yeah, and then, egg. -[ Jimmy] Oh, an egg in! I thought- Ooh! we were hard-handed boilin’ this.Egg. -[ Maangchi]( chortles) No, No! -[ Jimmy] It’s got it all in here.- We don’t need that. We are going to cook one more minute. Done! Remove from the hot and then– -[ Jimmy] Green onions in there.-[ Maangchi] And dehydrated vegetables that come with the package. -[ Jimmy] This is nice. Look at how beautiful that is! -[ Maangchi] So, this is for you, Jimmy. -[ Jimmy] Thank you. -[ Maangchi] You nevertasted Korean ramyeon. Usually, when we eat, we gobble this course. Jimmy, looking at me. This is a nonfictional feast. – Nonfictional feast, remedy. – So, this one, we generally feed this lane. – You feed with the lid? – Ah.( Jimmy chortles) – Okay, you feed this. – Do it, get it on, yourself! What are you talking about? – No , no, feed me, No , no! feed me! You are not my baby, okay, okay.( slurps)( Maangchi titters) Whoa! – That was good. – Okay, then.That was really good. Spoon and soup.( slurps)( Maangchi shrieks) – That’s hot! Spicy. Oh.Yeah, I love the spicy. – And the kimchi. And rice.- This is full-service food Yeah.right now, this is great. – Very good. Savory. That’s the word of the day. And a little kimchi to top it off too.- Yeah, it goes with kimchi, but if you don’t havekimchi, you don’t have to.Just stimulate ramen this acces, but add a lot of lettuce onion and one egg. – That’s good! Enjoy her recipe! – Enjoy my recipe! -[ Both] See you next time. – Bye!( upbeat pop music) – Yeah. – Ready? -[ Voiceover] Go ahead.( slurps) There “theres going”. – Get that, toward the end there, the( imitates slurping seem ). – Or colors bean noodles.( chortles) – Black bean, yeah, precisely. – Have you ever savor it? – No.Oh, people affection that Is it–black bean noodles, yeah. – My recipe, very popular.- So, a traditional Koren dish? – It’s a Chinese-Korean. – Ah, you’re welcome.- You chaps have Oh, that’s right.zhajiangmian, yeah. – You is a well-known fact that? Oh, wow, surprising.- Your accent was pretty good. – Zhajiangmian .( chuckles) – Zhajiangmian ..

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